Pecking House

244 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn
(718) 269-3452

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Korean fried chicken has been my pick for fried chickens in the past few years, but @pecking_house definitely brings a very interesting twist to the food with popular flavors in Chinese and Taiwanese restaurants such as chili and salted egg.I preferred the salted egg fried chicken because I’m a s***** for all things salted egg!Favorite side dish was actually the corn bread - it was so good and different from the usuals with that apple honey taste! Dirty fried rice comes in second for me!

Kyle Fuhrmann

From the pictures I was a little worried there would be a line, but I was happy to walk in and while there wasn't too much seating available, I was able to order and find a spot to sit.I've had salted egg items before, but this was the first time I've seen it with fried chicken. 10/10 on the flavor. It was perfectly salty, savory, and crispy to the bite.Coming from the west coast, I often find corn bread lacking, but the corn bread here was deliciously soft and the included honey added the perfect flavor to it. Great choice of beers on tap as well.


Excellent customer service. Great atmosphere. Staff was professional.Chilli fried chicken was absolutely phenomenal - as advertised. Chicken was fresh. Highly recommend.Anyone giving anything less 5 stars is a hater. You're here for fried chicken and that's what the specialty is, and it is very good.

Roland Chang

This spot is the epitome of a passion turned into food, where there is love poured into each dish. Chef Eric and team have created something extremely special, taking traditional fried chicken and creatively redefining it. The bold and spicy flavors have been expertly crafted for a cohesive hearty meal.

Arvell Starling

Mediocre at best. Not much flavor to accompany the heat. The crust on the chicken was just awful and crumbly. Sides were Good. Green Garlic Ranch was GREAT! Orange Pepper Wet Wings were probably our favorite of whole meal.1. 2pc EXtra Hot w/Dirty Rice2. 2pc Chili w/Yukon Gold Potato Salad3. Orange Pepper Wet Wings

Kristen Hom

Unbelievably delicious fried chicken. As someone who likes my spice mild at best, this chicken had such complex flavor profiles, with just enough heat and kick. Chicken was super moist, the sides were phenomenal! I definitely want to go back to try their sandwiches. 10/10 would recommend stopping by and making this a go to stop if you are in Brooklyn, or NYC for that matter. Amazing place all around!

H Poo

It was my birthday so I drove out of my way from long Island all the way here because I wanted to try this place. I ordered every flavor of the chicken to try.The flavors of the chicken were good. Original tastes great. The salted egg was good too, but I felt it needed a stronger flavor than the hint of saltiness. The spicy one is definitely worth trying. It was good in that it was more about the heat than spiciness, which allowed you to enjoy the chicken instead of just tolerating the spiciness of it.The potato salad side was good but nothing that stood out. Cornbread was good, nice flavor but nothing extraordinary. Rice was decent too, nothing amazing.We also had the duck Bahn mi. Nothing special and confused on what I was really eating.Good came out fairly quick. Staff was professional.Overall food was good. But at $18 for a 2 piece and side... I felt that was too much. It wasn't life changing chicken. I would just spend the money to get more with KFC, Popeyes, or castle Chicken. It feels like high end prices for a small niche of food specialized in all that is chicken. Menu wasn't too big to have enough choices to accommodate for everyone with different palates. It's hard to make plans with a big group because there just aren't that many choices of food. I wouldn't make the effort again to go there.I bid the restaurant good luck.

Eva Gil

We order 3 pieces of chilli fried chicken. Was really juicy and tender. The spicy level was good,not too much but you can feel the hot. For sides we get cucumbers, we're ok, and turnips, very good. The service was fast. The only thing is that the plates and utensils are all one used only.

Jasna Acharya

We enjoyed their spicy fried chickenSandwich! The food is very flavorful. I would recommend this spot.

Jie Li

Honestly, this is wayyyy overrated. The chicken is crispy for sure but it’s way below my expectations on how good fried chicken can be. The chef also had no idea what Szechuan mala flavor is, the coating is just a bunch of weird “Chinese”seasonings. Seems like the restaurant only wants to appeal people who never tried authentic Szechuan food before but are somehow attracted to their vibes.

Aviral Asthana

I had heard amazing things about this via IG/TikTok and I was very excited when I happened to run into it walking down from Barclays Center. I saw the deep red, saucy fried chicken as a heavenly invitation to see what Pecking House had to offer. I ended up getting the spicy chicken sandwich and was slightly disappointed with what I received not aligning with expectations. Although still a great meal, the chicken sandwich I received seemed to be rather average fried chicken with some chili crisp/chili oil laid around the outer layer. This was unlike the deep red, spiced chicken I was expecting and I ordered the more spicy variant of the chicken sandwich options offered as well. I will certainly be back to find the spicy, flavorful chicken I was searching for but I must say the sandwiches are somewhat underwhelming for the price and hype. The rice side was also underwhelming and felt like it was simply plain rice with peas and little additional flavor.

Jasmine Feng

Flavorful and crisp fried chicken. I ordered takeout and they packaged the food well. I tried the chili chicken sandwich on milk bread and my bf got the PH chicken sandwich. I did think the chili chicken was a bit oily but considering it's flavored with chili oil it kinda makes sense. The chicken was fried extremely well and flavors were really interesting. Next time I would like to try the salted egg yolk fried chicken with sides.

Gabriel Lopez

Very delicious and juicy chicken. I really liked the taste of the chili sauce on the chicken, and the cheddar cornbread with the apple honey was the cherry on top. The vibes inside were great and they had sparkling and still water while you wait or while you dine.

Judy C

The hype was real, the heat was so real! So many flavors in each bite that I was transported to spicy heaven ?? I got the 3 pc chicken along with the sides potato salad and dirty rice, and the spicy fried chicken burger to share. Everything was so delicious esp the star of the show, the fried chicken. I’m a spicy addict and it was the perfect amount of spice to enjoy and hot and crispy. 10/10 recommend! ? would def wanna try the cornbread next time

Kat de

The best chicken I've ever had. Arrived perfectly flakey.

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