Pedro's Mexican Bar & Restaurant

73 Jay St, Brooklyn
(718) 797-2851

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Miriam W.

I don't really understand all the negative reviews but anyways we enjoyed dining here. The drinks were strong and tasty. Burrito was well seasoned, flavorful and filling. The grilled chicken tacos were alright but needs improvement as it lacked flavor and tasted super basic. Our waitress was super friendly and enjoyed the service. We'd come back and try out more from the menu.

Aurea G.

My visit here yesterday afternoon was the most disappointing one I've had. The server was not attentive, friendly or inviting. We were seated on a double table and at some point during our meal one of the servers came out of no where and dragged the table next to us without warning. We were never served the complementary chips and guacamole and every time the server came to us he seemed in a hurry and not interested at all. The bathroom had no actual hand soap. It was dishwashing liquid that was finished and filled with water. Not sure I will be going back and I will not recommend this place to anyone.

Elizabeth V.

Food was good. Servers were not so good. They looked unhappy unattentive and rushing us almost. Bathroom was not how it should be during a pandemic. I think they could at least provide real hand soap and papertowels! Kind of shows how important their customers saftey is.


Great place. Amazing food and the drinks are a little sip of heaven. Stumbled across the restaurant as we were sightseeing, and pooped in as we didn’t want a “branded” meal- and we were not disappointed. Thank you so much

zuri reed

This place has to go!!! There was a cooked bandaid in my quesadilla and when I brought it to the manager, he refused to give me a FULL refund plus accommodations!! Terrible customer service. Sticky walls!!! Dirty countertops!!! And so many HEALTH CODE VIOLATIONS!!!! DO NOT EAT HERE

Pat Pugh

I would NOT eat here! During a recent visit my friends quesadilla had a band aid in it (which she chewed by accident) and they didn’t want to issue a refund or believe her (despite physical evidence). Idk about you but during these times its so important to keep up on the basic hygiene requirements. If there is a Band aid in the food, what else are they cutting corners on?

Crystal Salgado

Omg!!! I can't get enough of they food ? so tasty yummy..

Richelle Kota

My friend recently ordered from here and her quesadilla had a cooked band-aid in it. The restaurant claimed she was lying and would not refund her. Mind you, it's during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. Disgusting place of business

Marden P.

My friend ordered from them and bit into an old dirty bandaid In her quesadilla. Don't take your chances.

Zuri R.

this place is disgusting!!! there was a cooked bandaid inside my chicken quesadilla!!!!! the manager took 30 minutes to come, then when he arrived he told me that it was hard to believe. he offered a refund for the quesadilla and wings only and when we asked for a drink for the wait he refused. terrible customer service. disgusting walls, stained counters. dirty seats. bandaid cooked inside of a quesadilla!!!!!!!!!! i will absolutely never be back. you should not either!!!!!!

Anton T.

Pretty on the outside, rustic and decorated. But the food is sub-par. We Americans have been so used to our burritos having quacomole, melted cheese, onions, etc. The burritos here consist of rice, beans and meat...that's it. This burrito was so dry, made without queso fresco, and lacking spices and herbs. I think they may have had a bad day because the photos on Yelp look good, the tacos look good...but the grilled chicken burrito was disappointing.

Briana Michelle

Food not worth it. Such Small portions for ridiculous amount of money. Rice always under cooked and no one willl get your order right , even when you repeat it multiple times weither in person or on phone. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt since I live close by but I shouldn't have to re-season my food when I receive it.Definitely not Mexican food, so gentrified and for the tourists its gross. How is this business even still open. Also How are they only doing in person orders during a pandemic? Very unsafe. Seating outside is NOT 6 FEET APART. MONEY HUNGRY MUCH? SMH

Julian Lopez

Best place to go if you're in the area of course

Tekla T.

The experience I had here was the worst I've ever had in the entire NYC.Those people who work here don't have their crap together. Our waitress couldn't even speak english, so it was impossible to ask her things about the food in the menu.After ordering, we were waiting for the food for like 35 minutes, their excuse was that there was a big table on the corner, so they have to made dishes for them FIRST and then they would take care of us.Finally food arrived. Very small portions.Drinks were in a plastic glass.They immediately gave us the bill to pay (We weren't even done eating, nobody asked for it).Me & my friend wanted to split the bill. We knew the waitress couldn't understand english so we asked another waitress to help us. We ended up charging more than we were supposed to pay.Manager doesn't gave a single damn about what was happening.The only reason I gave 2 stars is that the food was okay.Otherwise, THE WORST experience so far. Absolutely not recommended.

Jennifer Guzman

This is one of the best Mexican restaurant ever, and this is coming from a nine year old. I recommend all of the food here. This is my first time . I will definitely come here thousands of times again . The food here is fresh . The service here is wonderful. They treat you like family and the drinks are amazing. So I highly recommend eating at this destination. ☺️☺️☺️????

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Pedro's Mexican Bar & Restaurant

73 Jay St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 797-2851