Shake Shack

1 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn
(347) 435-2676

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Lauren M.

Shake Shack tends to get chaotic, especially during high traffic times. I've been to many locations around New York that simply can't get it together. However, this location was well organized. I stopped by one Sunday afternoon during the pandemic. There was a lot of people in line, but ordering went fast. It took a bit for the food to come out (20-30 min) but it was due to the high volume of orders. They were also properly enforcing CDC guidelines with masks and social distancing. The staff maintained organization and professionalism despite the crowds of sweaty, irritable customers. And I applaud them for that.

Killian Krueger

Would surely recommend trying out this place. Awesome ambience, yummy food, fantastic service. Kudos.


Mast Brothers Chocolate & Brooklyn Brewery beer. Layer shake mash up with Big Gay Ice Cream, Ronnybrook Farm Dairy & La Newyorkina a few years back. And by BK bridge! How much more NY can this be?

Brianna P.

I only visited this Shake Shack once but it was a really memorable experience! The environment is the first thing you'll likely notice when you first enter this Shake Shack. It gave me a sort of modern take on a classic American bar style; it's surprisingly "homey" (the best word I could find)! It is needless to say nicely-kept/clean and the seating area is plenty. Next, I have to talk about their 'Shroom burger. It was different for me to order this type of burger instead of my usual meat burger, but I'm glad I took the risk. It was very juicy and tasty, not really like anything I've tasted before. The sauce was also a nice complement to the burger and the cheeses on top weren't too heavy. It almost made me feel that I could order another one! I also got fries with my order and those were well-made too. Overall, I had a great experience at this Shake Shack and would visit again.

Michele Frazier

If you go, make sure to keep an eye out on your order because the guy who gives the bags just puts them to the side. Calling out the order would be more helpful.

Felicia Fales Cacace

Great burgers and awesome shakes

Lexii Camacho

Line was super long & people were skipping each-other & they took forever to call me and my friends order. It seemed like they called everyone but us and people who were clearly after us got their food first so I don’t understand. Food was good thou but I don’t really understand the hype over it.

Brock M.

Took about 45 minutes (and me asking about it 3 times) to fulfill an app order. I'm pretty sure they gave it to someone else...just wish the first person I asked - or the second person - actually checked on the order instead of telling me to wait.Good food, though.

Michael Reynolds

The meals and service were ahead of my expectations. I truly loved the vibes of this spot. Extraordinary spot to take the family out for dinner.

Drew Roberts

First-rate ambience and super affable service. The food was fresh and delicious. Will easily recommend this place to anyone. Fair rates and big meals. Keep it up.

Briana Michelle

Love the food. Prices reflect the location so eh. But overall I guess it's worth it.

Sumin C.

Got a takeout and the staff taking our order was very friendly and nice. You get a text when your order is ready and we got ours faster than the estimated time that we were told which was around 20 min! I got the mushroom burger with fries and they were both yummy. The only downside is that I asked to get the shake shack sauce on the side but they forgot to put it in... I realized it only after I already left the spot, so I couldn't go back. I hope they pay more attention to the requests on orders.

Lucy L.

Cutest Shake Shack I've been to. Too many tourists, though. Limited seating.There are better places in the area.

Fisher Monroe

I visit this place a lot since I work right next to it. I got to say the service is always great and they keep the spot well organized at all times. Rates are convenient and they serve big portions.

Niv Niv

Good Burgers. Prices seemed to be decent for NYC. I didn't like the fries though that much. I was in Shake Shack near Brooklyn Bridge. I'd recommend eating in nearby Time Out Market instead for a bigger variety of food.

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