Wholesome Farms Market

108 Jay St, Brooklyn
(917) 909-1537

Recent Reviews

Jazmin Brown

Wish i could give zero stars. Ordered from here twice the first time They waited 40 min to cancel my order for no reason. Second time i had a roach in my food DO NOT EAT FROM HERE

Andrey Vladimirovich

Good food and grocery selection.

Cameron Johnson

What a great Urban grocery area.I was extremely surprised at the subtle and discreet shopping area as you get into the bottom area of the shopping center. it's almost as if you didn't even know it was a grocery store to begin with it really reminds me of a trader Joe's. we were able to find some good selections on me and cheeses for family dinner that night it was a great experience.

Zafar Choriev

Price gouging of hand sanitizers! Not cool!

Paul W.

Not really a wide selection of lunch places in the area but this place always helps me out in a pinch, which is most days I don't remember to bring my lunch. I stick to paninis and turkey burgers, but pretty affordable. Paninis are best when ya catch em fresh, otherwise maybe gets a sandwich. Lil expensive, but not terribly overpriced.Always enjoy their turkey burgers though and not bad price wise. Would love if a pickle came with the burgers though like they do with paninis if I could pick out anything I'd change.If you're looking for lunch in the area this place will meet your needs.

Johanne Vermeer

I ordered a sandwich at the grill and one of the workers cleaning the kitchen vent hood at the time, spread out Windex all over my sandwich... don’t they know that you apply Windex on a rag first and then wipe it on the surfaces?

Rob Burgos

Good selection of products. Slow behind the sandwich counter. May or may not be going back there soon.

Brian Tanner

Avoid- the people that run this place are incompetent and rude. Better options in the area

Ryan Sess

After trying a couple other spots in Dumbo, I found Wholesome Farms to not only be the best tasting but also the quickest service, friendliest staff, and fairest prices.

Brian T.

Can't believe how many ways these guys can screw up an order...after the 5th/6th time that they screwed up an order FOR COLD CUTS!! I said something and not they make fun of me when I come in- beyond incompetent. Guy behind the counter is zero help. Avoid and go to the new wegmans or the grocery store on front street around the corner

Rebecca Ann

This place is so good! This is not your typical grimy NYC market. It is always super clean, the food storage/preparation is very well organized and the food always comes out fresh and so flavorful. They are also very reliable with late deliveries. I work and live in the area and choose this place over anywhere else 4-5 times a week. People complaining on the pricing need to calm down, this is very comparable pricing to other healthy spots in the area and NYC :)


Expensive.Poor Deli food quality.Coffee tastes bad.Not recommended.

Michael Schneider

These are literally the best fries I’ve ever had.

Ezbeidy B.

Worst slice of cake I've ever had, as soon as I took a bite it was stale, tasted gross and it was hard. Don't trust the food here

K. J.

I am reviewing the Wholesome Farms Market at 1306 Atlantic Avenue because it appears the Yelp page for that store has disappeared. I believe the store is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood - a dream come true in a way - but would point to a few issues:First, the store does not accept the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card, even though its location on the border of Crown Heights North and Bedford-Stuyvesant means many local residents may not be able to shop there. And that is a shame, because people who use the EBT card must then buy their organic food at Whole Foods Market in Manhattan or outside the neighborhood in Brooklyn.Second, I rarely see organic chicken with skin at the store - usually I see only boneless breasts and thighs. I wish there were more selection. Finally, I used to love listening to the soft jazz music being played in the store. But lately, the music has been blasting. The employees also seem to be reacting by shouting to each other over the music. The employees are generally kind and considerate, so this is aggravating.

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