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1593 Niagara Falls Blvd, Amherst
(716) 836-1002

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andrew tompkins

A decent throwback to the retro era. The dining room is fun and playful. The service was good and expedient, our waitress friendly. Price was decent for the quality and quantity. The custom burger was made exactly as requested and was a few cuts above fast food. Bmy only really complaints would be some of the fries were left in the fryer for too long and came well past done and the size of the salad was small compared to the amount of fries. Over all a good place to bring the kids or to remember times gone by.

Oliver (Subawoo)

We went to Cheeburger 2 years ago and loved it... unfortunately we haven't gone back because of the closure of the Canadian American border. We were thrilled we were able to go go back today...everything we loved about Cheeburger is still there... great food and son did the 1/2 pound burger challenge and Blaine, our server, cheered him on all the way to the end (Blaine was also very efficient, professional and friendly)... can't wait for our next visit to Cheeburger!!


The burgers are great and a nice place to bring the kids to eat, prices are ok and could be cheaper other than that it is a place that I can go to daily

Tracy Gilmore

This place used to have the best burgers. The meat was amazing, you could tell it was fresh and a great mix. My last two visits the burgers were awful. Something has changed and it is not good.

Mark Koeppel

Well cooked food and friendly service.

Debbie Hahn

My husband wanted Cheeburger tonight. We did pick up. I knew it was a mistake before we even did it. This is one place that the food differs from dine in to take out. Our burger itself was somewhat dry. The rolls were definitely not soft. Very stingy on the tomato. One thin, small slice. The cheese was so transparent. That’s how thin it was sliced. The only reason I’m giving 2 stars is because of the milkshake. They are still great! I told my husband from now on if either of us wants to have one of their burgers we will dine in. They are much better in that area. Wish I would of had my Mexican food instead. It’s always good dine in or take out. Eileen is a server who has been there from the beginning. She is great!


This is nothing about the food or the place, it’s one of the servers, I think her name is Ann. She is totally racist!!! She shouldn’t be working there! Or in any restaurant!! Went there for takeout, ordered a kids meal and decided to dine in since my 2 yr old daughter is with me and she is hungry for the food. They refused to give us a table saying that it’s a full service area, dine in not allowed if we already ordered. Excuse me? I was going to order more food so I can eat with my daughter, she mentioned “full service” + tip couple times, I laughed, r u worry about not getting the tips? Did you think I don’t know I need to tip when I said I want to dine in instead? I own restaurants as well I always welcome my customers no matter what! Ok I am not coming back until she is no longer working there! I guess if owner doesn’t care one of his/her employees is turning there customers away, I don’t care either. It’s not my restaurant anyway

Michael Sobol

Awful food, go to 5 Guys instead

Francisco Rodriguez

This is the first time me and my wife have been here not a good first impression we ordered the loaded tater tots my wife found plastic in them it's pretty pricey overall not very impressive all the first thing my wife said was we can never come back here again

John Hinshaw

Tasty burgers available in any number of combos, great shakes, awesome sides, and so many other options if you aren't into hamburgers, including vegan options. Reminds me of Johnny Rocket's, but better!

Adam DeLuca

Food is pretty solid, milkshakes always leave something to be desired :(Had I imagined I would ever get a reply,I might have given some more detailed feedback.The burgers are always delicious honestly, had the sweet potato fries with the meal which were also good.But I've gotten a milkshake every time I've gone there and it seems like the shakes are watered down, they look good enough but just don't really have a ton of flavor. I've gotten the cheesecake one and some chocolate ones, all middling :(I am raising my rating to a 4 star as I feel it was a bit harsh


Went here and Ilene was my server. She was amazing. I don’t get out much with my daughter so dining in was a bit hectic but she was very patient. I think my burger was good but I don’t remember because I was so impressed by her genuine kindness. Fries had too much salt for me so I would suggest asking for lightly salted fries. Good customer service has seemed rare lately, thank you Ilene.

Kathy West

I’m not sure what is happening but I spent $51 tonight on 3 burgers, a loaded tot and steak fry. Both Buffalo burgers were tiny, no cheese. Loaded tots had one small drop of sour cream, steak fries had just a slab of steak thrown on top. We spend money to support restaurants and tbh….I haven’t seen great quality good in a long time. Won’t ever order again and that’s a shame because this was our first time.

Daniel Bethin

Burgers and sides were prepared to perfection.

Kurt M

To be honest, it used to be alot better. The only reason why I'm giving it 2 stars is because, the shakes were awesome other than that...we ordered 2 build your own burgers both with some pink, 2 shakes, and they charge extra for a pretzel bun, and some other things. Both burgers were pretty much raw, the topping of them were slim (I got sautéed onions, had like 3 pieces on it) also the burgers had no flavor at all!! Just plain meat. Like I said it used to be better a few years ago, but wow it went down hill. I don't recommend going here, ( if you do, bring your own burger seasoning) I will not return! It's over priced for what you get.

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