Just Pizza

2319 Niagara Falls Blvd, Buffalo
(716) 568-1000

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Mark F.

Every so often you go someplace and you're like how's this place in business we'll this was one. We stopped to get a slice of pizza and a drink, simple tight?? Nope they had a few options for pizza we look at the drink options a couple of diet ginger ale and mounts dew in the 20 oz bottles not our drinks of choice but they did have 2 liters Pepsi and diet so we figured we'd get that and a lice we asked about cups they said they didn't have any? They also said they didn't have any paper plates either.. The lady said they were on a boat somewhere? I know there are some supply chain issues but this was the first time I've heard this one. Anyways do yourself a favor and read the reviews

Justin B.

I come literally everyday and this Just Pizza has nothing but greatness when you walk in. I'm greeted by the amazing owner of this store and always leave smiling and laughing. They know my order every time. Also they always have slices fresh. The employees behind the owner make sure that the restaurant runs smooth. I just am so happy with the service and connection I get from this place. Thank you guys so much for always going above and beyond to make your customers and me happy.

Carol Wojciechowski

The pizza’s we bought would have been better if they had sauce on them. Very dry

April Chatmon

Good pizza and delicious cake, cookies and pie. The tattoo spot next door is artistically amazing!!

E. L.

Called to report pizza made as if someone in a hurry, ordered a large pepperoni pizza, some slices had no pepperoni and others had multitudes, pizza was cut some tiny tiny slices and others huge slices. Reported to manager and was told it was door dashes fault! NOT,

Willy M.

We received coupons for 2 free slices of pizza and a drink, which had no expiration date. However, they told us that the coupons were expired and refused to honor them. This is terrible business practice.

Ken dox

I always like the pizza! I stop in here all the time love the chicken fingers covered with garlic parmesan.But the old woman behind the counter is probably the rudest person I encounter. Don't know if she's been having some off days but makes me really want to skip going there.

Joe Privitera

My family's go to for large party orders. Mary never disappoints. The food is great, large portions and always on time with our deliveries

Michael B.

I don't know anything about the quality of the food because I never ate there. This review is about customer service. We received two coupons for pizza and a drink from our Oct 23 visit to the haunted house in North Tonawanda. When we went to use them on Nov 11 we see a sign on the door of the place that says the coupons are only honored through Nov 6. The coupon did not have any indication or wording regarding an expiration date. We talked to the counter people but essentially their answer was too bad, it is our prerogative to decide when the coupons expire. Fine, but put something on the coupon if you want to do this. P.S. regarding the food, from the other reviews I can see that the food is not that great nor is the customer service. Good luck in staying in business- you are going to need it.

Lenore S

Love their food, but the last 5 times I've tried to order, I'll call and they aren't open, their hours state they should be. I understand the state of having adequate employees at this time. It would be nice if they had an answering machine or changed their hours online.

Michael Silla

My family just spent 20 minutes trying to call to place a $200 pizza and wing order. No answer at all. (8/26 @4:30pm) i finally just called Franco’s across the street and placed my order. Out of curiosity my family is still calling just pizza and still no answer 45 minutes later. We already have our Franco’s and it’s delicious.

[email protected] Antoinette71

Best place around. Food is always fresh and outstanding...great service and friendly employees!!

Amoro poop

I used to work there. They have a rodent problem and the rodents would eat the sub rolls when the roll guy would drop them off outside before anyone was there and Mary would throw the rat chewed rolls away, not the whole rat chewed package. Thats only one gross thing.

Raymond Komorowski

I only had time for couple slices but they added mushrooms and banana peppers, put back in oven...tasted great! Wing selection looked awesome ...I grabbed menu! Can imagine how good fresh pie would be, just tough decisions!!!


The food is good! But this place gets 0 stars if I could because the customer service is always horrible. The only reason I continue to give my business here is the good wings, but other than that I hesitate ordering from this location because the staff is so rude. They aren’t friendly at all, it’s like a bother when you call or come into place/pick up your order. I’ve never seen a company with such terrible management.. employees are a reflection of the manager. And clearly this place isn’t run professionally. So if you want to walk into a bad attitude and negatively run establishment this is the place! Train your employees on customer service!

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