Nice N Natural

351 Old Country Rd, Carle Place
(516) 333-1678

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Kenny B.

Stopped here for a quick lunch on Friday. We called our order in which elimnaited time waiting. The smoothies were really delicious. They tasted extremely healthy with no extra sugar added. The sandwiches tasted fresh. Kind of wish I had ordered an additional sandwich since they are kind of small. Overall, we will be back to try some different items on the menu.

Daniel R.

Pink berry smoothie is so good my favorite smoothiebon the menu 10/10 5 star drink its pricey for the 12 oz but worth the price.

Joanna C.

If you're in Westbury and want a healthy snack, you should visit this store. They really put together each order with care. Everything was delicious! They were very kind.

Theo W.

They by far have the best juices. Most juices are hand-pressed so it does take a little longer. But it is worth it. I recommend the simply veggie juice. It's light and yet press well enough where there isn't much pulp (for lack of a better word) left in the cup. If you're looking for something sweet the simply juice is amazing. Apple orange pear all hand-pressed. I'll leave more tips as I try more drinks at the moment I haven't gotten over how good these two are yet.

Rebecca Marie

Excellent place for juice, smoothies, & little healthy bites. They even have a little supermarket section. I’ve had plenty from their menu & it is all fresh & made right in front of you. The owner is a sweetheart too. Support this business!

Samantha .J T.

Got the Mamagua Mamma and the Nica Bowl....They were both sooo good. I will definitely be coming back for more..Service was great too.

Callie Aimes

Owner is so nice and he always helps my daughters pick out good selections

Erin C.

This is one of my favorite places to get a smoothie that is full of fruits and vegetables and not fillers. They also have some really great other options like HU bars. Recess drinks coming shortly.

Justin Bayoneto

Underrated establishment if you're looking for great, fresh juices. They offer a great variety of selections which are juiced fresh on the spot. Friendly staff and good prices!

Cal H.

I really really wanted to love this place. Having a job that keeps me on the road a lot I'm always looking for a healthy option for lunch. Came across Nice N Natrual on Yelp while searching for smoothie options in the area. While the smoothie, and service were great...the food just wasn't. -Green Energy Smoothie: 5/5, this was delicious. Perfect blend of leafy greens and fruit. Very "Nice N Natural" ;) -Vegetable Dumplings: 2/5, I've had veggie dumplings many times so maybe I was expecting something else, but for lack of words these were pretty gross. Tasted like they were just filled with bland half cooked rice. After soaking them in soy sauce they became bearable. The fillings just didn't work, if there was some tofu and vegetable chunks maybe they would've been better. -"Sushi" Roll: 3/5, consisting of mango, rice, and some other vegetable these were alright. Better than the dumplings for sure, but really just kind of tasted like sesame seeds and rice. The wasabi & soy sauce saved it. Overall, I would definitely recommend and would come back here for a smoothie or fresh juice. But I personally won't be opting for the food again. Super friendly & helpful staff, and great fresh juice/smoothie menu.

Jared S.

Lately, I've really been focused on my mental and physical health (newsflash Jared.. they're so connected!) and have been making my own shakes, smoothies, and juices. One of my best friends and I hit the gym together recently and he suggested we grab a juice before go. Now I'm often weary of getting juices because of all the added ingredients that tend to get thrown in and because they're often not organic (hence why I've been making them myself) BUT I checked out their Yelp page and their website and was blown away by their attention to detail. I immediately saw that they were organic by reading reviews from fellow Yelpers and from their "From the Business Section" on their Yelp page. When I clicked through to their website I became even more excited when I read their "Promise" and "Juice Bar Pledge". I've copied and pasted both below: "Our Promise: We promise to love all of our customers as our own family. That means we will always use the best possible ingredients in our juice bar and foods, and the most considerate methods. We use: organic produce whenever possible alkaline water (pH 9.5) as our soup base biodegradable cups, bags, and straws Juice Bar Pledge: We keep it 100% natural in our fruit-base organic juice bar. And if we add ice, it's filtered. We never add any dairy, artificial sweeteners/syrups, preservatives, or pre-mixes to our juices or smoothies -- ever.* We keep it 100% natural in our fruit-base organic juice bar. And if we add ice, it's filtered. *Unless directly asked to add something, such as a scoop of vegan protein." --- end quote I immediately told my friend to step on it! Ok just kidding, he obeyed the traffic laws and drove their safely. Although once we had our juices in hand, we keep each other a very dangerous high-fave... and by dangerous I mean extremely gingerly (he's nursing a sprained wrist from a recent basketball injury). He ordered the green energy and I got the Acaii smoothie. We both had a pretty darn good workout and I would totally get a juice or smoothie from them again (and probably should explore more of their menu). Cheers!

Lawrence R.

The juice here is A1. Really, really fresh and delicious. Their cleanses are very good and reasonably priced. The store itself has all types of things from vitamins, food, vegan items, etc. Service is always friendly and fast.

Sean Carter

Super over priced and they are not welcoming at all.

Gardner Prosper

Great customer service from the staff!! Lots of healthy options for snacks, food all the way to natural body care products (Its like a mini whole foods). Would def reccomend to my friends

James Daya

Best place for fresh juices. All of their juices are very tasty and worth every penny. I go all the time and never had any complaints. Very clean and friendly staff

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