Dog Haus Biergarten Clifton Park

7 Southside Dr, Clifton Park
(518) 373-3647

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This place was awesome! All sorts of neat food that you don’t find at the regular restaurants, excellent service; thanks Josh! Speedy service as well and tons of beer options!

Christine S.

O.M.G. Portions are huge and food is delicious! Trust their menu items Bc they are actually more delicious than a make your own! Great tots! Don't order with your eyes because you'll never finish it all!

Vinnie R

Interesting quirk when ordering burgers at this place. The impossible burger is $6.99 which includes cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, raw onion and secret sauce. That is a lot for $6.99 right? Well try ordering the same burger without everything above except the cheese and add caramelized onions. That will now cost you $8.57 plus tax. Simply by asking for the same burger with cheese and caramelized onions you add $1.58 to the price. Tough joint!

Donald S.

Unique presentations of sausages and burgers paired with a full bar makes this place an absolute winner.

Dog Haus

OG CHOLULA BURGER by Cholula’s brand chef Jessica Bograd–angus beef patty, white american cheese, cholula brown sugar bacon, cholula onion jam, fried egg, cholula mayo on grilled king’s hawaiian rolls

Dipti A.

Food is pretty good but not great. I didn't feel like it was worth the price which really adds up with drinks and sides. It is really filling so be prepared and don't over order. Nothing special and I;m not sure I will be back. Servers were nice.

Kris M

Very filling. Loved the bread! Haus chili has a subtle heat on the back end that is perfect to the hot dog. Pricey, but worth it. Will definitely return to try each option.

Nikki Marie Simon

Literally my favorite place to order from for myself and coworkers. Always have had very attentive employees, food has always been phenomenal, and Benjamin the manager is great and always so pleasant. Great job

Jim P.

We just got a door dash meal with DogHaus. The packaging was such all meals were fresh, and in perfect condition. I wish I took a photo- it was that good. Bravo! We got 2 Hangovers, a cheeseburger and the chicken sandwich. NOT CRUSHED! Too many times you get delivery and the food is crushed. Wrapped too tight or not as fresh as in person. Not this place!

Lee H.

Excellent. Service, food, beer...they do a great job. My son got a corn dog and downtown dog. Loved. My wife and I got cheeseburger and The Mensch. Excellent. Growlers to go. Great idea. Help support these guys. They really do a great job.

Hannah V.

I think this place is awesome! I see in other reviews that the set up is odd but i like it, you buy your food there or to go without all the waiter/waitress stuff. They also have a nice bar set up. Food is very good and the people that are complaining about the salt?- Cmon people burgers, hot dogs and sausages are always salty! same with fries, so y'all can chill and go make your own stuff without it at home and be grumpy. Staff there is very friendly. I definitely recommend! I went on a Thursday and it was low key and nice but have heard that it is lively on the weekends so go then if that is what you're looking for. I had the Holy Aioli burger and the cheese tots-THE BEST.

Christine Scotti

Dog Haus Biergarten was so cool! From the variety of local and interesting beers, to the atmosphere, and free arcade games, we didn't want to leave! Our bartender John was super friendly and allowed us to sample some of the beers. We were visiting, but if we end up in the area again we will absolutely go back. I highly recommend you check this place out! Although we didn't have the food, it looked really unique.

mA kAz

Great food. Great service. Always changing beer menu. Dogs & Burgers served on Hawaiian rolls. A girl could get used to this if she wasn't trying to watch her figure :oP

Phil Quandt

Food was great Beer selection is awesome!!!! Wait staff very good!!!

Lydia S.

Food is ok but not sure the price is worthy. Kind of an odd set up with a bar in a fast casual place

Eduzrdo J

The Hot dogs were a little exspensive but the chili tater tot and chili fries are to die for. They have a great beer selection.

Ernest J

Hands down one of the tastiest places to eat at in Clifton Park, NY. This place is a must if you need a cool seeing to sit with friends and enjoy a tasty meal or call ahead and do takeout. The Kings Hawaiian rolls add just enough sweetness and compliment the burgers and sausages. Their loaded tater tots will leave you speechless with flavor! My photo below shows the packaging and care that they provide for takeout. You probably won't end up with leftovers because you'll keep going back for a taste. I highly recommend this place for lunch outings, early dinner, or takeout. You'll love the setting as well as the customer service.

A H.

Been here one time and can't wait to go back! The kinds of hot dogs are so creative and there is definitely something for everyone. Beer selection was fantastic and the sweet rolls as hot dogs buns were to die for.

Richard Zeh

Awesome dogs!! Great service with nice staff.

Allen Schroedel

Wow just wow. The combination they have here will make your head explode. They have a full bar to help you wash down what ever tasty dog you decide to pick. The price is worth every bite

John S.

Burger tasted great but not much to it, about as thick as a White Castle, 3rd star was for the egg and Hawaiin bun.

Jacob Swift

I ordered burger ? & wings ? + TROEGS beer ? + ice cream ?

Patrick Culligan

At least once a month, they host the Clifton Park Beer run. We run 5 miles at 6pm from the Dog Haus, then enjoy discounted pints of beer. It is GREAT! They always have so many beer choices and they rotate so you are always trying something new.

Bearded Heretic

Fantastic food, a nice atmosphere and friendly staff. Nice beer selection. HIGHLY recommend coming here

Shannon Kauderer

The food was delicious. They had a post new year special that was quite well priced. The beer selection is excellent. The bathrooms were clean but reminded me of high school. The water pressure wasn't enough to wash the burger drippinge off my hands though. I intend to go again.

Danielle Koretz

Prices are a little more than normal fast food chains but the quality is well worth it. Out of a group of 6, none of us were disappointed (we had the Mensch burger, the hangover, and the classic sliders). I don't necessarily like that there aren't any combo options but a burger and fries did enough to fill up even our hungriest eaters.


We've stopped a couple of times to try this restaurant and it's been delicious both times! The prices are reasonable and affordable! Will definitely stop again on our way through!

Caitlyn R.

Really love it here! Sometimes the burgers and chicken sandwiches are a little dry but I'm sure that's just a difference between cooks on shift. The only thing I don't like are the corn dogs, other than that this place is awesome!

David S.

This place was awesome , from the way it looks as you walk in to the amazing food and the great and pleasant service. Steve behind the bar is the man. I had two hot dogs and they were amazing and filled me up, Thia Fighter and Chili The Kid.


On the surface, the food may seem a bit expensive (6.99 for a hotdog) but don't let it dissuade you. The dogs themselves are large and served on 3 grilled Hawaiian rolls instead of typical buns. The servings were generous and worth the price. There was a fantastic variety of options available for each offering and everything we tried was delicious. The staff was also very friendly and service was fast. Looking forward to going back and trying more!

Sarah M.

I'm giving this place three stars because the food wasn't bad but it was overpriced and salty in my opinion. The bar and patio atmosphere were nice and they offered corn toss and other games to pass the time while you drink. I'm not a beer fan so I can't talk about whats on tap but friends has said its a decent selection. The hotdog I ordered was a Downtown no onions and it came with too much condiments for my taste. The hawaiian roll added a nice sweetness to balance the salty dog but was awkward to eat because of the size. The hotdog was just really salty... I later learned from a friend that you can build your own dog although I haven't gone back to try myself. The menu from what I remember didn't indicate a build your own. If friends wanted to come here for happy hour and have a couple of drinks I wouldn't mind but I wouldn't go out of my way to come here for the food.

George Leitze

Excellent dogs and great beer selection. I had a Founders CBS ($11) and a dog with bacon, cheese, chili, carmalized onions, mayo and mustard (I asked them to hold the ketchup). It was one of my top all time hot dogs. Even the bun is tasty. We also tried the chili, cheese tots which were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. I'll be returning to try the brats.

Ashley L.

Tonight the boyfriend and I decided to try out Dog Haus, I was worried because we got there around 9:30pm, and they close at 10pm. The staff was super friendly once we walked in, and was very attentive, the food was delicious I ordered the ringer, and my boyfriend ordered the chili idol, and we got a side of fries. We also ordered a couple of beers, my boyfriend liked his Woodstock Pilsner he ordered, and I ordered a Downeast winter blend cider. The restaurant was super clean, the music volume was perfect, the lighting, and decor was very nice. We talked about coming here again with some of our friends.


We went for hot dogs and burgers. All were great and the fries were magical. The rings were, as well. This is a great new place to go.

Linda Margison

Usually get kielbasa with meat sauce and cheese. It's a mouthful and oh so good. Clean and happy place. Great prices

joseph stetz

Outstanding burgers. Had The Hangover burger! Perfection. Cheesy tots are bomb! Great staff Definitely recommend for a good bite, and thirst for beers!

Kayly Reinicke

Greatly enjoyed our meal here. Service was relatively quick. I tried the impossible burger, and it was fantastic, we also tried the bratwurst. Highly recommend both. Also, the fries and tots were super crispy, and incredibly enjoyable. We will definitely be returning!

Grace Jay

Love this little spot! They use Hawaiian rolls for the hot dogs and cheeseburgers which makes them that much tastier. Everything here is good and the atmosphere is very chill

Leigh K.

Great offering of some outstanding craft beer.. best in the Clifton Park area! Food is very good, nice creative menu for dogs. Unique place !

Juliet V.

I wasn't all that impressed. I was alone for dinner with my 14 year old son so I figured this would be the perfect chance to try a hotdog and burger casual place. My son ordered The Cowboy hotdog. He enjoyed the bacon, cheese, fried onions and barbecue sauce covered dog. He did say the bun was too limp. He wished it was toasted like the picture on the menu. He enjoyed his sweet potato fries but I tried one and they were average tasting and a little greasy. I had the regular cheese burger. It came with all the usual burger toppings and "secret sauce" aka Big Mac sauce with a little heat. The burger was very large and awkward to hold onto. The overly soft and sweet Hawaiian roll kept breaking apart. The patty itself was very flat and not especially impressive. I did enjoy the sauce, lettuce and onions. I ordered my guilty pleasure, tater tots with garlic aioli. The tots were not the usual seasoned potatoes that I love but tasted mostly of oil. I had trouble tasting the garlic in the aioli. This place was ok but I doubt I'll make the drive back.

Dog Haus Biergarten Clifton Park

7 Southside Dr, Clifton Park, NY 12065
(518) 373-3647