32 College St, Clinton
(315) 859-1000

Recent Reviews

A Brewlay

The employees were very friendly and worked well together. Everything was fresh and clean. Tasty sub!

Alan Rousseau

Love their subs, wish they would bring back the roast beef.

Dan Reed

Good sandwiches!

Robert Burke

Very disappointed took 45 minutes to get 3 subs very slow service

Aaron Wright

Did not see no Jared there

Vincent King

The sandwich was tasty, but Mrs King had to severely re-arrange it. Not sure I like the new melts.

Sherry Stone

Clinton has a very nice Subway!! The woman that made our subs was very friendly and helpful.

Mark Decker

Went to subway in Clinton Saturday at 1pm. The server was all alone. He had constant customers. He was very good. I don't know his name. He was big boy and friendly. I don't know how he did it. He was very good and deserves a raise

Nick Ford

Rude service sub wasn't even a sub its was smushed squished never will send another dollar there

Briafjvdjeuebhehen Brdvgeyryrurynrtjffidge

Not very fast service but worth the money

Gerard Powell

Good employees


0 out of 5 stars. Normally I actually like this place the kids that work there always seem really nice however tonight when going to get our dinner the person behind the counter was wearing their mask under their nose meaning all the food was completely exposed and unprotected. Completely disgusted.

sean wheeler

I would like to say thank you to Alex. What an employee you have at your business. He was under so much pressure to deal with his many online orders and one was mine and had customers in the store placing regular orders. Anyone else at that time would have been under so much pressure dealing with what he did at the time. He placed his focus on my order and addressed me with any concerns I might have had at the time. Thank you Alex for a wonderful experience. It's people like you that make a good experience for customers. Sean and Julie.

Kelly Meola

Wonderful staff! Great atmosphere and very clean restaurant.

Jon Fredric West D.M.A.

Always good

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