Shun Wang

81-25 Broadway, Elmhurst
(718) 779-3330

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12.23.22 - simply good in taste, serving size, and price for two. Glad we stopped in for a quick bite.

George Lee

Very traditional Chinese restaurant. One of the few places where I don't notice a post pandemic price hike. Great prices in my opinion. Staff is to the point but super efficient.Food: 5/5

mycats. nyc

decent restaurant. my go to are BBQ meat. They are cooked and you order by the cashier. The roast pork, chicken and ducks are very good.

Rafael DLC

This is a proper authentic and delicious place that isn’t fancy. If you want great duck and decent barbecue pork, this is the right place to go to. It’s no-frills. Get there early so you can have your selection. I usually just stick to the roasted meats. My go to selections, are the whole duck and char siu by the pound.It’s not served warm, so bring it home and heat it up. The ginger sauce is pretty good.

Shu Chiu

Great chinese comfort food. They have all traditional Cantonese food. Roastd meats, rice dishes, noodles etc.. Their prices have gone up tremendously lately. 38.00 dollars for a whole Roasted duck, 14 dollars pound for Roast pork.I will go again there but not to often due to the cost of inflation.Food: 5/5

Alvin Shin

A no nonsense simple Cantonese Chinese eatery that serves hometown favorites like Char Siu (Honey Roasted Pork), Crispy roasted pork (烧肉), soy chicken, fried dough (油条,牛脷酥)and other simple but tasty dishes

Jase Eng

No frills, quick Cantonese food. Consistent for roast meats, especially duck! A locals joint.

Frank T.

Food is good. But don't go during lunch time if it's not the female manager at the cash register taking the orders. The men at the register will eat away at your lunch time having 2 people do the job of 1 person at half the speed. You'll be waiting on line as they disregard you and don't take your order promptly or even at a reasonable pace.

Herman Y.

Good BBQ place for a quick bite, reasonable price, I asked for 1 lb of roast pork, they didn't push more to me, exactly 1 lb for $14, perfect chopping !!!

Andi Polles

I found new place to get congee on Elmhurst area. Good fish congee, fried dough and sweet fried dough. Bbq dishes combo (pig,pork,duck and chicken)

Khloe K.

Service was very bad. I understand that this is just a regular chinese restaurant and did not expect much but the employees were really really bad. I asked 1lb ($14) of roast pig and they gave me more than I asked ($22) so I said I want less than that and they said they won't sell the part I want and gave me the part (bad/hard part of the meat). The way they talked to me was so rude also. NEVER GOING BACK. Also, before that take out, I ordered the pork with watercress soup. No taste and smell spoiled and soy sauce chicken also had no taste. Very disappointed myself decided to eat at that restaurant.

Diamondz W.

Came a little early in the morning, so roasted meats were kind of chilled. Otherwise, food is decent. CASH ONLY.


Definitely hit this little gem in Chinatown. Flushing, NY!! Delicious for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

blanca ortiz

A little crowded like any Chinese restaurant but the food is delicious!Try the roast pork with duck and pork congee with thousand year old egg.

Henry Thai

Unbelievable fast process timing. Such a small space (kitchen view and cashier) with lines for take-out and somehow it works for this business. Not a 5 star restaurant but 4 star flavorful meals. Sit-in is available. Really recommend both stay or to-go from this place. Just do it. Lol

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