Pollos a La Brasa

796 Elmont Rd, Elmont
(516) 285-0353

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Frederick Emmett

It was good. Like the Mexican food and they had a nice taste in musicFood: 4/5

Boris R

Tasty food. Organized servers.Menu well presented on large displays.I usually get the whole chicken combo with rice and beans for $22. Good for 3 or 4 adults.

Lizzy P.

The man at the front counter was extreamly rude and racist. Two customers of color before me were complaining on how they were over charged for their food. When It was my turn to pay the man at the counter flings my receipt at me and begins to catch a nasty attitude about the customers before..all because I asked him how much was a small rice.. I’ve been going here for years and the prices are never consistent they charge you how much they feel..they’ve lost a loyal customer to whoever that man thinks he is learn some MANNERS

Rhonda Talbot

The food was horrible and wayyyy over priced. My first and last time ever buying from this place.

Sheesh 1973

Today mangu was horrible , you guys have to be consistent with your food , make it nice and creamy with lil chunks and tasty , dont just throw it together cause you thinking of the money , your feeding your community who sometimes depend on you guys just be mindful

Lala Marcelino

I read a review on here that said, if you’re not Spanish, they’ll charge you more but Let me tell you that’s not the case because I’m Spanish, speaking fluent myself and I normally don’t leave reviews for anything even if I had bad Service but they charge $24 for chicken rice and beans with Plantain from steam table not even made to order everything in one plate My first time here and my last for that price I could’ve got something made to order Elsewhere, don’t blame nobody but myself for not Asking for the price first but I’m so used to going to all types of Spanish restaurant and never seen such outrageous price like this and food was OK Not like a bang for your buck That’s why I’m more disappointed.

Bobby Mohip

Food is ok, but $24 for rice, beans and pernil! I would never go there again. I’m a big fan of supporting local business, but this place will never see my business again.


Just no. Don’t go here. The owner is dishonest and charges whatever he wants each day . He purposely does not list the food prices in the restaurant to take advantage of customers. I was charged $30 for one lunch meal today. Last week I was charged $18 for the same meal. Save your money. They are horrible people. Trust the other reviewers who also say this.

Neil Alexander

Never a let down. The folks there provide big portions. Most meals are fit to feed multiple people.

Daniel St Juliette

There have some good foods many options to choose from salads avocado and many more not too pricey, nice folks working there


Two stars because their prices Goes by Who Is Ordering! If you cannot ask the price in Spanish, please know you were charged EXTRA. I will say that when called out on it....they make the adjustment and claim they did not know....?- What made you think my order was that much, if you did not know? Not to mention they call out what you had...You have to remind them of their posted price menu!! Food is good, enjoy and Pay attention.

Cheryl Rhames

I love this place. The selection of foods are amazing. You will never be disappointed with your choseIt is clean and the staff is always welcoming.Try the snappler fish, spicy or sweet chicken. When it comes to choosing a rice so many different types to choose from

Kiluft Faydee

I bought food on the Too good to go app! Amazing- bought 2 portions and they were packed full! One with rice and chicken and the other with rice and pork! Tasted fresh even at the end of the day!

Jason Diaz

PRICES are insanely ridiculous. Los precios son ridiculo! This is literally insanly Over priced bodega/spanish deli food. We ordered 2 takeout plates with rice beans & 2 types meats each & 2 bottled juices $2 ea. It came out to $48.50! UH UH! ? THATS CRAZY! payed with a $50 bill & got back basically nothing just about. These orders with 2 different types of main/meats are $9 - $12 in just almost EVERY other Caribbean / deli spot. There's been spots that also over price it @ $15 which is too much BUT $20.50 + tax % with the portion amount being the same as other deli's is just public abuse. Im sorry. But this is basically robbery. & they're slick enough to not have a menu with prices on display cause they know they'll be the demise of that business. This is wrong on so many levels. Taking advantage of the community by hitting them with basically double prices at the last minute when the ordered is served & ready to go. & a lot of ppl complain the they just charge different & higher prices on each visit which is another red flag. Town should close this for the sake of the public. They're ripping ppl out they're money on the low. That's sad. Smh. ?

Cori Coleman

The food is usually really good and I've eating here for years when I come home to visit. I was charged $22 for the pork dinner that I've been ordering for years. It used to be $12 and Ofcourse with inflation it increased to 14/15 which I had no problem with. When the guy works there, he charged me the same 15 but the lady there is rude and charges an insane amount. Also, this same lady made a comment in Spanish that is offensive to the community that they are serving...very dissapointed and will not be back.

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