1420 Hempstead Turnpike, Elmont
(516) 488-6680

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Michael Wheeler

Excellent am/pm rush hr svc, very nice dining space, atmosphere and cleanliness. Attentive, suggestive staff, minimum wait times driving or walking. *****Food: 5/5

Gannah Abuali

Did not get my pie, said no problemo as long as I got my quarter pounder…now I hate Mayo with a passion and that sammich does not come with Mayo. Why was my burger drowning in Mayo??? And I didn’t have 1-2 tomatoes. No, I got 6!!!!!!! Worst McDonalds ever they always miss things in the order and the skinny blonde girl has a nasty attitude will not be returning

chris stewie

Used the drive thru. Was made to pull into the waiting area for a medium #6 meal. Waited 8 minutes. My fries were cold by the time they got to me. Sandwich tastes stale. Had to go back in myself to ask for napkins and ketchup.Take out is faster at a local restaurant, the prices are almost the same, the customer service is 100x better and you'll at least leave feeling more full, and having eaten better quality food.

Mauricio Guerra

Short line at the drive-thru but atrociously long wait-time. After wasting nearly 20 minutes in ordering food, once I arrived at window to pick it up, a bulk of my items were "not available" anymore. These were primarily the nuggets which was the primary reason I stopped to buy food for my 3 kids under the age of 10. There was no apology or offered made, I was simply told no longer available and I was not charged for it (thankfully).

alex medina

The worst McDonald’s that I have been too. They never have gotten my order correct and it’s not the most complicated order in the world. Have gone back on numerous occasions for cheeseburgers without any burger and just bread with cheese. It is ridiculous.


Definitely check your order before leaving this place.Visited this place 4 times. Twice they've given me the wrong order for breakfast and I've had to drive back to correct it.Being fast defeats the purpose if it inconveniences the customer.Will check my order for now on prior to driving off.Thanks

jim r

Really bad , don't eat here , food sucks, orders always wrong


If you need a quick meal than this McDonald's is pretty reliable. The staff there is also nice which is appreciated.

lisa lu

The frappes I ordered both had big chunks of ice and it was a third missing. Literally got scammed. I have to chew on the ice instead of sipping the drink

Rizwana Rawaz

I'm a regular costumer and I like to use mobile app and I mostly order on that and use my deals and rewards I don't eat meat so my mostly orders are drinks and fries or dessert the employees are good but the MANAGER (who is a male) is a big problem he don't know how to behave with costumer everytime I order he keep saying you are taking it for free or not paying even though I have my emails where it shows I paid and everytime he gives me my order he keep repeating that you like to take free food and being rude with me when all I'm doing is using there MOBILE APP and using the deals which is I think they are there for us to use and I like to use it and I will keep using it

Mita Plus4

FYI:Students are not allowed to Dine In after school @ Hempstead Turnpike, Elmont, NY location, but there is security. If you can't sit down to eat in establishment, DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY THERE!! Kids are people too!!!

Celestino Varela

Excellent customer service food hot and always handled with care

Jackie Ashraf

Purchased an Egg McMuffin and 2 hash browns, everything was stale. The egg McMuffin was old and smelled I realized after second bite and later had a stomach ache. The hash browns were completely hard, could not eat any of it, it was like a rock. I had to throw everything out and couldn’t go back. Usually their food is much better, this was just awful to pay for old stale food. I never wrote a review online, this is my first because my stomach feels nauseated. Please throw out the previous day’s leftovers and serve fresh food we are paying for it.

Joan Sorrentino

We went through drive thru and like always they forget to give you something you paid for. The drive thru is too short to stop and check your bags especially when you have a few orders.

Sam Thomas

Placed Curb side order pickup for 3 items. Waited for 20 minutes, tried calling the restaurant but no response! Had to go inside then and yes it was busy inside but nobody even cared about anything due to the ongoing chaos! Finally got my order after asking 2 staff members about it almost 25+ minutes later! Didn't know that 'Curbside Pickup' meant....I had to cross the curb to pickup my order!

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