Taco Bell

1625 Hempstead Turnpike, Elmont
(516) 354-2817

Recent Reviews

Patrick Wallis

Food wasn't stuck to the paper wrapping. Customer Service was excellent !Food: 4/5


Newly renovated store looks great, everybody is doing the cashless register touch screens which is fine. Ordering is easy and quick.Food: 5/5

Chowan Motley

Love this location in Elmont, NY. Had to go back again within a week.Food: 5/5

Naquane Francois

Recently renovated. Food is pretty good here, employees are nice. It's a good taco bell. There is a after-school crowd that comes in during the afternoon as is to be expected, but it's not at all rowdy.

Andre Gopie

This location of taco bell is quite assembled. There are hardly any lines and the automated selfserve system makes the process of ording food fast and easy. The wait time for food is always less than three mintues. The din-in areas are also always available if you are in the mood for taking a break and having a bite. Always clean and workers are always in the their mask for the complete experience

Mike L.

Better than the location in Flushing, the service is faster. The dining area is much cleaner too.

Vanity Senquiz

Diz people ru using da substitute chicken as an excuse to charge u much more. An extra $10.80 or $15.80 just like da on at Liberty Ave. don't get fooled. Diz owners r of course 3world country dat r hungry for money ? only! Diz is waz my second Taco Bell dat gives me my food cold n over charges me for an artificial chicken ? but they call it da substitute chicken trying to make u think is something better. How funny I don't get diz kind of service at Connecticut at all ..!!! Not even at da highways??? N than again guess who they r famous Indian Pakistan n so on ext...

Carl Gratzer

Not a big fan of Mexican food but I enjoy the Taco Supreme. Much better then the regular taco. I wish they could develop a hard taco that didn't almost always crack when you touch it. I always get the soft to avoid everything just falling out. Service was quick and efficient and the restaurant was very clean


Always love this location. Always fulfill my order accuratelyHardly ever do I have to co.e back cuz there was a mistake.

Victor Beacham

Quick grab, drive thru, Quick service tacos intact.

Tiara SoWavy

I came here last week and was disappointed that they took Pizza Hut off the menu. Taco Bell food already taste like vomit then to remove the pizza was a no for me. ??

Olivien Manns

I don't know why but I just had the urge to try the Toasted chalupa, so I did. Not sure what I expected but it was just okay. I got the chicken, light on the cheese-glad you can customize it. The shell was way to crispy, like cut your mouth crispy, but I know some people like that. My husband had regular tacos and he thoroughly enjoyed them. The call ahead & pick up was perfect for our lazy Saturday meal. The price of the meal however, made me think about making my own going forward.

Misty “Thickalicious” Lewis

Love taco bell the only 2 things that needs work is getting customers orders right and the workers at the drive through windows

Kimberly Molina

The only reason this gets 2 stars is due to the drive through employees being respectful and curtious. This place alwayssssss alwayssss ALWAYS messes up the orders or missing the supreme part you were charged extra for -_-Today i was excited that i counted 4 tacos that i had ordered. Only to come home and the extra charge for steak was just money in their pockets once more. In vain. Because they gave me beef. We only kept going there because the kids want pizza hut but Im done trying to give them the benfit of the doubt. I will take the 10mins further drive to the next one. And 20 to pizzahut.

Annette King

They were fast paced I went inside even though the drive through was busy

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