Toma-Tis Restaurant & Grill

796 Meacham Ave, Elmont
(516) 599-0891

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We ran across this vegan restaurant on our way back from Jones beach. What a delightful surprise! The food was fabulous and the staff super nice. I had the curried “goat” and my friend the fried “chicken”. It was superlative. We also had the pocket pies to go and they were excellent too. Even the next day! I can’t say enough about this great place. I just wish that I lived next to it instead of 3000 miles away. This was definitely made with love! I want the recipes!

Sonja P.

CLEAN. DELICIOUS. SAVORY. EVERYTHING YOU WERE HOPING IT WOULD BE! I walked in hoping to get a California Wrap but it wasn't available. I opted for the loaded ackee tostones; my cousin got the callaloo tostones. While we waited we got a taste test of the vegan oxtail and my mind was blown! Yes lawwd! We have a winner! We have a winnnnnner! All praise and glory be to the chef for his/her hands are blessed with both a seasoning hand and the knowledge of how to pair healthy, alkaline meals. While some dishes contain soy, my loaded ackee tostones were soy free and (save the ackee) Dr. Sebi approved. I love this place... It's my new favorite place! The food was delicious and I'm soooo satisfied! That's all you want when you go out to eat. My cousin and I are straight advertising our meals down to the Mabi Artisanal Tea Blends.

Zenda D.

Omg Omggg omggggg so happy my sis put me on to this vegan spot...hands down best vegan spot I have ever tried and I've been to quite a few. Special Thank you to the owner Yvonne for bringing amazing vegan food for others to be blessed, also the very sweet cashier Marianne thank you for the service and the dessert suggestion Food: Fried Oyster Mushrooms: yumm yummm yummy one of the best I have ever had outside and made with a mix of spelt flour which is alkaline and great for your digestive system P.s. make sure you ask for the jerk sauce to die for with the mushrooms Mac and cheese : just think of coconut milk and curry w/ turmeric, one of the best I've ever had as well and I've tried some really bad vegan pastas... I highly suggest this one & they threw in two tasty sweet plantains perfection ! Mixed Salad: cool, calm side salad nothing too crazy Vegan Carrot Cake: tbh I truly couldn't believe I fell in love with this one the most I've had some bad vegan desserts before that tasted process processed and this tasted like how carrot cake should taste. Very rich ingredients a blend of natural spices and shredded carrot pieces I so enjoyed it Fun fact : my sis said the owner was blessed with the gift to make this vegan food by God himself and after trying it, I know she's telling nothing but facts To my Vegannites if you're close by hungry and want a bite of Caribbean Vegan Food done right this is the place to go TRUST ME !

crys p

After reading all the great reviews on this vegan spot I had to try it myself. Absolutely amazing and I only ordered the stuffed sweet potato and brown stewed mushrooms with rice and peas and salad (mock stew chicken)..The flavors were delightful, mushrooms cooked to perfection with a light crisp and crunch. The rice and peas were average but everything else more than made up for them. I will definitely be heading there when I can.


My girl and I are vegans and always keeping our eyes out for healthy options. We found this gem through watching “F*ck Thats Delicious” and were overjoyed to find a plant based establishment in Long Island that has the flavor that we longed for. As promised by the Chef on the show, it was all cooked with LOVE!!! Everything was delicious and our appetites we properly satiated without feeling that nasty bloated feeling. I’m actually writing this review right now while I wait for mr second helping of this delectable cuisine. Thank you so much. You definitely have a loyal patron!


I haven't had food this good in a hot minute!So fresh and delicious + the staff was so nice. I just started working in the area and I'm so excited to have found an amazing vegan spot. Definitely my new go to place!

Snatchism OneFiveSix

I happened to be in the area for an appointment. It was long, so I had developed an appetite. Fortunately, I saw Toma-Tis was nearby and offered a plant based menu. I had Fried "chicken'" (made from jackfruit with a side of curry potato. From the moment I put the bag in the car, I knew I made a great decision. Scrumptious is the best adjective. Along with the personal touches, the experience compelled me to offer my review.

Tyshonna L.

I LOVEEEEE THIS VEGAN RESTAURANT! IT IS SO DELICIOUS! Ive only just discovered it today and I am truly amazed. I had the fried chicken and macaroni. I will insert photos below. I love how the order came with a sweet message

Shimica C.

The food is absolutely AMAZING! It's consistently good. My favorite entree is the jerk chicken with a side of mac & cheese. Also, the coconut cake is delicious. The Owner & Chef Ms. Yvonne and her TEAM go above and beyond with the customer service. Will be returning soon

Gabrielle White

Toma-Tis/Liv-In Vegan what can I say, I don't know how I went without it! Everything on the menu is good. The food is made to order so it's fresh and hot when you get it. If you want something with spice try the escoveitch chicken. If you want something on the milder side I recommend the fried chicken. The side dishes are delicious too I recommend the dahl, mixed veggies, mac and cheese or the curried potatoes. If you're in the mood for a salad the vegan chicken supreme is delicious! Excellent service! The quality throughout is 5 stars.

Sharon Rodriguez

Happy CustomerThe delicious Stuffed Butter Squash dish featured is to die for, tasty to the last drop. I asked the chef to make me something vegan, and different. Full of plant based protein and all kind of plant based cheese it is, a complete meal, with a salad to complete it.Sharon Rod…

Tiffany Ward

If you’re looking for really great vegan food Toma Tis is the place to go. I was excited to finally have someplace 5 minutes from home with delicious options. I’ve gone twice in past 2 weeks and was exceptionally surprised both times. The vegan oxtails look good and have the flavor too match. Today I tried the fried chicken and was impressed how much they looked like chicken wing flats but had to texture of the meat. It was fried perfectly loved the crunch. Comes with a great side salad too. The vegan Mac and cheese taste good as well. I was blown away how delicious the plant-based chocolate cake tasted truly can not tell a difference. I highly recommend and will return again and again.

Gerold Shellbair

I called at 7:28 pm to place an order for pick up they advised they stop taking phone orders at 7:30- I asked what time are they open till they advised everything is made to order and they are opened to 8PMAs it’s difficult to find vegan food I rushed over and made it by 7:40. The lady took my order I waited a few minutes and the lady came back and received instruction from the kitchen they are closed.This is bad business. Close your doors at 7:30PM and update your time to I came out in the rain to find food for my family. You’ve certainly lost a customer and advocate.

Nailah Baniti

On my first visit to Toma-tis, I had the greatest pleasure of meeting the owner and chef, Yvonne Levy, whose fantastic cuisine would later prove to be just as delightful as she was.I absolutely enjoyed the curry chickpeas with rice & peas… O-M-thank God for the experience. I mean… the natural, earthy ingredients gives this meal an incredible rich taste that is absolutely worth the travel. The same can be said about the creamy rasta-pasta which is truly delicious. As for the scrumptious desserts, the coconut pound cake is definitely my favorite. Overall, I truly appreciate the homely vibe of the restaurant, the consistency with their services and most importantly, the home cooked essence that is naturally embedded in Yvonne’s meals ??❤️

Dolores W.

Delish! Glad I found this yummy vegan spot. The Sunday dinner bowl was awesome. We had the carrot cake and chocolate cake was amazing.

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