121 Secatogue Ave, Farmingdale
(516) 755-0007

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Diana Kim Ytang

Awesome and peaceful place for coffeeFood: 5/5

Brianna Burte

One of the worst Starbucks I’ve ever been to. The inside is nice but the service is not. Some of the people who work there are nice but they just can’t seem to ever get a drink right, even the ones that are made to order (no ups and extras or add on’s). It’s convenient to where I live because I can walk but honestly after this last time of them getting my order wrong again and just forgetting ingredients in the drink, I’d rather spend the time and drive over to a different Starbucks. I don’t know who manages this Starbucks but it’s inefficient and not well stocked.Update: take a look at the response by the “Starbucks owner”. Clearly they didn’t even read anything that was written in this review because nothing was mentioned about waiting any period of time.

zaria canizares

Terrible customer service. My drink was delicious, however I politely asked for a spoon and she says yes. Mind you there are only about 3 people in the shop, and I'm waiting over 7 minutes and no spoon. Even if I had gotten a spoon, I still would've left a 1 star because the barista was verrrry salty and had an attitude. She also looked very angry. This happened Wednesday 2\15 at around 7:40-8:00. The bad barista had many earrings on her ear and she was a young woman.

Kaelen Torrelli-Agecoutay

When purchasing two water bottles the young lady was rude and gave off a very off-putting vibe. The purchase was finicky but she seemed impatient and even irritated with me with such a small and simple transaction. I’d rather not be judged just trying to get my coffee or whatever else at a cafe. That type of demeanor is very bad for business, as I don’t want to go back to be treated like that again. Overall the Starbucks is nice since and is in a nice location.

Nicholas Arholekas

The cappuccino and lattes are great. If you order drip coffee, ask them to put a little hot water and milk in the cup before they pour the coffee because the coffee is very strong.

Smiles Through Cars

Great location. Easy to park

nemra jahangir

I went to the Starbucks twice in a row and they close the door 10 minutes early of their time.

Freddy Navas

Clean with friendly staff, front outside area recently rebuilt with a fountain, very nice place to enjoy a sunny day & iced coffee ?

Stephen Vaccaro

Sometimes little things don't bother me. Today it did. My drink is left sitting in the cappuccino machine half made because some guy that works at the restaurant next door ordered 3 espressos (wondering why he doesn't make it at the restaurant?) So the barista had to stop and take care of him (even though another barista was behind the register.) I had to ask for my drink and the Teller barista finished it for me. Ty dude. I don't mind waiting because you're busy but to stop my drink because you had to describe what you ate on your bday at the restaurant to the restaurant guy and ring him up instead of finishing my drink was inconsiderate. I use to be a regular there but no one would know because your staff completely changes.

Lee Leonard

All good with freindly service.

Sam V.

Truly one of the worst starbucks on the island. Don't expect them to be open until 7 because they close whenever they feel like it.

Kelly Ryan

This is is my favorite location, hands down. The people alone make my mornings wonderful. No matter how busy it is in there, I'm always treated with kindness, and the service is excellent.

Lusi Martino

Great Customer Service!

life time

My daughter applied for a job here she didn’t get job because the manger said she plays sports an she looking for someone available all round. Wait it’s summer now there is no sports being played I truly think they didn’t hire her for other reasons.

Sherece Eagle

My local Starbucks. Always great customer service.

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