J Fallon's Tap Room

136 Tulip Ave, Floral Park
(516) 326-8604

Recent Reviews

John Tramantana

Great food. Bartenders are the best.Won't go anywhere else to watch a game

Magdolna Field

Been to this place once not a fan and I live next door the music needs to be turned down. I work Every day and that is all I hear. Please turn down the music.


Complete embarrassment is all I can say. Came to town for the holidays & stopped in with the family for some wings. The bartender John I believe his name is, was completely wasted & acting like a total A-hole. Staff drinking on the job now, during business hours, this place really went down the toilet.

Thomas Stephan

Love this place next timeI’m in New York I will definitely be there

Sean G.

Food was amazing get the garlic parm and medium wings and the steak tidbits. A lot of tvs to watch any sporting events. Come in for open bar on Sundays.


Ordered via seamless. 40 minutes later seamless calls to tell me it's canceled. No reason why. Seamless can't get in touch with the place. I call the place directly. Some guy picks up, tells me there's a private party. Their tablet for online orders has been off all day due to private party. I ask why it took 40 minutes, the response was have a nice night and hangs up. Guess good to know which places in my area to not order from and never reccomend.

Barry Chen

Ordered the nachos and ended up having food poisoning for 3 days. If you’re looking for a spot to just hang out look elsewhere.

kevin king

Coked up Bartender assaulted my friend for playing pool while other friend was waiting to buy drinks. White trash haven

Matt Advocate

Aggressive and disrespectful to customers. Ownership should be ashamed of themselves

James Demirakos

Rude, horrible service and offensive staff. Do not give this establishment your business!

Andrea Pavlovic

Ordered on Grubhub somehow it says skipped review. That is why I am here because I had to leave a review the chicken wrap and fries was perfect! Only thing that it came in one of those plastic boxes so was alittle sweaty all good tho! It was incredibley delicious. Maybe poke some little holes so it won’t sog and sweat then again it may cool the food down so I get it. Just needs some air to not sweat. All in all I had to leave a review I haven’t eaten meat in 4 1/2 years just started eating some turkey and chicken. Man was this wrap so perfect! Juicy fresh! Yum!

Marc B.

Went here before an Islanders game had a great time . The bartender and owner were very nice guys even bought me and my buddies a round . Definitely recommend

Jose H.

Really good pool table. The food was good. Employees where nice as well. Not bad for the first time there

John Krusynski

Great food and fun atmosphere

Caitlin K.

If you haven't gone to Fallons for chicken wings, you're doing something wrong. The barbecue wings are probably the BEST I've ever had. Something about the sauce is so irresistible, and they never skimp on the wing meat they give you. I also love how they always include blue cheese and ranch dressing as well as carrots and celery with every order. What are you waiting for? Get some wings right now!

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