Tin Sing

144 Tulip Ave #2705, Floral Park
(516) 352-6688

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Nancy Pilkington

Was simply an enchanting evening at Tin Sing. Was like going back in time to dining at your favorite hometown spot. The atmosphere is cozy, the waitstaff is accommodating and the food is right on the mark. It is obviously a favorite of the locals. Diners at different tables walk around to meet and greet. Although we are not neighborhood folk, by the time our dinner was completed, we felt like one of the crowd.


This place had the worst food I ever had in my life. It had no taste and it was stale. I wouldn't recommend this establishment to anyone.

Bets K

TERRIBLE. We live in the neighborhood and my husband has been going there since he was a pre-teen. Once, we got our food delivered and did not have change for a good tip so the "lady" said not to worry and that she would give him change when she sees us next time.. Not long after this, my husband entered the establishment to order food once again, the "lady" looked up, saw him and then looked down like she didn't know him. So, basically she stole $20.00 from us. We haven't gone in there since, but the other night while walking around town, the "lady" spotted us while on her way out to a delivery and said, "Hey, are you pregnant?" (which I'm not). My husband was so angry he called her on this.......and the $ from months before that she stole. These people are so fortunate to have a business in a lovely town like FP. It's a shame that customers are treated this way!

Kymani Mcclain

I love this spot! They prepare awesome food, they have a rich menu, The chief cook in that restaurant is a real pro, I like a lot trying all their dishes. The food is consistently good, the service towards the guests is very good too. I go often to this restaurant and I not even once was discontended. I recommend this place.

Frank Moucatel

Great food , fast delivery !

Hang Tran

I dine in this great restaurant quite often! This is my favorite place to grab a bite. I visit this place regularly. The meals are excellent, the crew is friendly and the cost is affordable. I like meeting in this place over a tasty meal.

Keith williams

The food was fresh and delicious

Sheila Moriarty

One of the better places in Floral Park

Robert Senetela

Sorry i can not recommend sub par food. It tastes like it came out out a box. It's boring, over cooked,and salty. Sorry but walk a few feet more to the food store for frozen Chinese. Cheaper and better.. i can not recommend this place.

Kyrie Salazar

This place is worth visiting. They serve large portions for reasonable prices. Regularly well organized and with excellent ambience. Will come back again.

Sara Fiorenza

Love coming here, great curry tofu!

L Rivers

Surely a place worth stopping by, the food is excellent and well prepared, the cost is convenient and it is consistently well organized in here. Fantastic work.

Fisher Monroe

The customer service is consistently fast, fantastic vibes, kind employees. Will return again when I am in the area.

Jesus R.

food taste spoiled... it's hard to mess up Chinese food since it's all pre packaged... then fried...Then stir together....This has to be the worst Chinese food ever... I think they are really serving expired food...

jian jiang

Great food and service

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