Village Pizzeria and Restaurant

169 Tulip Ave, Floral Park
(516) 775-0612

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Austin Hulsey

Great food! Great customer service! Great prices! Love coming here every time I come up from Alabama!


Pizza was pretty good but the person who picked up the phone was rude and impatient, as if they think ending a call as soon as possible would result in a higher paycheck.


Dropped the ball tonight. Phone person was very low key and made me feel like I was disturbing her. When I arrived to pick up order they did not have the order and had to wait. They threw the pizza into the box so fast the cheese slid off. You can do better I know you can.

Michael Marchelos

Good pizza if you like the top of the pizza cooked perfectly and the bottom burnt to a crisp and barely edible.

Alexander Paykin

The best pizza around. And they use the good olives too!

Loretta G.

Quick and accurate delivery order. The Margarita pie was very skimpy on mozzarella and tomato sauce tasted more like tomato paste. Dough good. Regular pie w olives and mushrooms, again skimpy cheese, tomato paste sauce...dough could not hold up to toppings. Village Pizza needs to reschedule its game...hope they will.

Gary Wilson

Small slice for $3.50.Decent covering of sauce and cheese.Fairly thin chewy, crispy , flavorful crust.Very good flavor overall.Rating this one at 93.Loses points for size.


I ordered a dinner here and specifically asked for one ingredient to not be on the meal. Of course when I get home and open it up that exact ingredient is covered all over the meal. They need to pay more attention to detail so people don’t waste their money.

Cant Bebothered

Theres a secret buffalo sauce pepperoni filled chicken roll they make thats easily the best thing there but they only would make it for the employees. The pepperonni makes such a dif. Since the owner once drove in the direction i had to Ive also see the owner following his delivery drivers, and telling them to go faster when they were already speeding...

Vin D

Shocked this place has such a high rating. The Sicilian slice tasted exactly like a pizza bagel from a diner. Low quality cheese used.

ira harris

Every time I go here in the middle of the day the pizza has been sitting on counter and never a fresh hot slice for a busy place. At $3.50 a slice i want fresh pizza. Maybe the whole pie is good but I buy by the slice. I am done going here. Not the friendliest at the counter.


Best pizza in Floral Park. Buffalo chicken rolls are good. Regular slices are good as well. Nice selection of ice cream desserts as well. Overall a good experience.

Denise Simmons

I got scammed for accused of not giving the front $20.00, when I made a fuss I was given 1.50. Out of $20 all I got was two slices and soda. Next time I went the same two guys was in the front. I made sure they knew I handed them a 20.00.

Win C.

Excellent pizza! Been here many times and it's the consistent everytime. Great local place and easy parking outside

Neil Attardi

Just had the eggplant parmigiana hero think it might be the worst I’ve ever eaten no sauce dry as a bone asked for the hero to to toasted guess they forgot and the worst was it wasn’t even hot never again

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Village Pizzeria and Restaurant

169 Tulip Ave, Floral Park, NY 11001
(516) 775-0612