Taste of China

8026 Baxter Ave, Elmhurst
(718) 533-0883

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MD Jahangir

Delicious wings! I absolutely love it no need to go to the hospital in the front perfectly fine so far I love it! Definitely go here!

Johnny G.

Delicious traditional Chinese food love how you guys serve the community. Thank you for your service, been going here since a kid and the quality is always A1.

Roderick R.

Ok so Chinese food is to common and too many choices. This place is ok, reasonable and the food is good. Many of the hospital staff order from my last visits. Delivery orders were fast and price reasonable $8-$10 lunch specials are available and worth checking out!

Henry Thai

This is what take-out should taste like. Sure embarrass LiLi take-out place. As expected that pricing rise with the economy. Do know you're on my phone list blink blink.

Jose Jimenez

The worst food I bought today the chicken was already in a very bad state, everything was dry and gray, so the oil was fried, so it was black, because I don't recommend the brown fried chicken before, it was other owners, the food was better, don't waste your money and go to the hospital for an intoxication clarifying that it is in front of the Elmhurst hospital

Ana Maria Gomez

Worst food! Gave me gray chicken which look expired so waste of $$ .

Dechhen S.

This is the closest Chinese food place to the ER of Elmhurst hospital so I usually see it frequented by hospital workers. I used to go here more when I was younger and I have always loved their chicken noodle soup. I ordered delivery this weekend and the chicken noodle soup was exceptional, especially with the soup crackers. I am more noodle over soup when it comes to chicken noodle soup but my friend who was more soup or noodle really enjoyed my leftover soup. We both remarked that this would make a great sick day soup. The sesame chicken however was disappointing. It was sourer than I expected and wasn't like any sesame chicken I've had and was vinegary. The prices at this Chinese food place are really fair and the service is pretty quick as well.

Elizabeth Guerrero

Pretty good, my dad loves the chicken wings, personally I like a different place better but it's good.

Jb Learner

One of the few Chinese resto i truly appreciate. Food is great and very affordable! Food is not salty and and not oily!! Loved everything i have ordered fromThis resto!

Blanca Contreras

The food is tasty as Chinese take out goes. This business doesn't seat people, probably as well because it is pretty ,bare.

Nikita Semple

The food has NO TASTE al all

Edward Crespo

It's good taste the name saids it all.

Alan Fernandez

Good food excellent customer service


This is a decent Chinese Restaurant. Right in front of Elmhurst Hospital. Which is a good location for so many first responders and family members of patients in the hospital. Everything here is to go.. My only issue will be the waiting time. I'll recommend to call and order over the phone first. I enjoyed my meal..?

jose melo

Really good chineese food

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