Amitabha Vegan

6824 Fresh Meadow Ln, Fresh Meadows
(718) 461-2100

Recent Reviews

Mun N.

Excellent place. Try the duck. It's better than real duck in my opinion and I'm not vegan. All their vegetable dishes are great. Good portions as well. Very innovative way of interacting with virtual host and paying for orders. Different but much needed during these Covid times.

Eric F.

Great friendly place. Food was very solid, and came out fairly quickly. It was well portioned, so we had leftovers, and the price was tough to beat for that size and quality of food.

Tearah Chestnut

The whole take out experience was interesting. No contact whatsoever, which is lovely due to COVID. The food was very flavorful. Had the lunch special.

Erica B.

Ordered through Uber eats, 2 orders of the Seasame Beef, and Pork Lo Mein. Portion sizes are very generous, one meal can really be split between two people. Highly disappointed with the Seasame beef if that's what I even received. The receipt from the restaurant said cripsy chicken. Not sure these are the same items. It didn't look anything like the picture. Very large pieces of seitan and it was very doughy. By the time it arrived to my house it was very soggy nothing crispy about it, not at all enjoyable. The sauce was put on the side and no sesame seeds were included. A waste of $36 dollars (prices higher on Uber eats than in the store) the Lo mein was good though. I believe this place has promise but I was disappointed with this order.

Cariane F.

Although I appreciate a vegan restaurant, I will give it 3 stars but the food tastes like it was seasoned with a lot of salt and some type of gelatinous chicken flavored goo. I ordered a variety of dishes to share and wasn't able to finish any of it

Brenda L.

Food tasted awful. Went into the garbage. I will never order from there again. It was my first and last time. The food had taken in the scent and flavor of maybe the kitchen or restaurant. The vegan mock meat was cold and had a rubbery texture. It took over two hours to receive my food. Thankfully my $38.12 was refunded.

Mellie C

Finally delicious vegan Chinese cuisine! Tried this place for the 1st time this past weekend. You walk in and order from a computer. They call you when your order is ready and then you come back and pay and pick up your order. The food is so good and fresh and reasonably priced. I especially loved the salt and pepper mushrooms. I definitely will be back!

Kaitlin DAgostino

Really love the crispy duck from this place but ordered the pineapple fried rice tonight and not my favorite. The flavor was weird and the order didn’t include the spring rolls that I paid for. Texted the number that I received the notifications from and no response.Update: owner reached out next day to make up for this and really happy to see how responsive they were :)


This is one of the best vegan food I’ve had to date. Since quitting meat years ago, I’ve always wanted to know if there were ever vegan renditions to the foods I used to love. I can honestly say that the vegan pork bbq tastes WAAAYYY better than the original meat-version.The owner is the sweetest ever and she personally came out of the kitchen to converse with the customers. They even let us stay well after closing just to make sure we enjoyed our food! 10/10

Yuki M

Amazing food!!! Huge portions! Must try!!


Delicious vegan food :) the portions are really good too! The owner seemed very sweet and friendly. Would love to come back again to try some other dishes!

Yuki M.

We got delivery and they packed everything really well. The portions are huge for family type dinners and everythings incredibly flavorful and fresh!

Tracy J.

It's not for me. I enjoy vegan cuisine and since my daughter is vegan I usually with her while we are hanging. The "chicken" I had tasted hollow. Usually vegan chicken tastes so Koch more authentic but this one totally missed the mark for me. I spit it out. Thought I had a bad piece but when I tried another piece, same issue. My daughter tasted it and she likes it. This is why I didn't rate them a one star. And the is going TV plays a song/chant with about 4 words on loop. It's HORRIBLE. I'm sure it would be beautiful if it wasn't on loop or if I understood the cultural context but it was sheer torture to me. I won't be back. She might. And the chicken and veggie order was just chicken and broccoli. The broccoli and side of brown rice were actually quite good. I'm still not sure how I feel being greeted or ordering via a Zoom video hostess. It's definitely a first so maybe odd just at first.

Moe T

I order sesame chicken and General TSO chicken didn't like the texture of the vegan chicken and the sauce. To be honest it turn my stomach. The meat was like small round balls. But this time the rice wasn't water down. Had the lunch special.

Katia Acierno

this place is amazing! i got the pork and steamed dumpling and both were so delicious and the portions were a great size and it’s pretty cheap. the food came out quick and it was still steaming, the staff are all very nice and accommodating; i can’t say enough great things about this place. it’s become my new favorite vegetarian restaurant to go to with my friends :) much love

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