Shake Shack

860 Old Country Rd, Garden City
(516) 620-2880

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Frank ruv

I like the design of the place it's cool inside too. I thought the price was high for the small burger and small drink. The taste was better than the usual but just wanted a little bit more for my money. Will try it again though.

Mathew Liang

Shake shack has very good and crispy smash burgers. The single patty is a little small and it always leaves me hungry for one more ?

Justin Estevez

Friendly staff and super accomodating when my father ordered the wrong sandwhich. Great 1st experiencing at this location.


Great sandwiches, very kind people.

Robert Kerner

If you want a luke warm burger, this place is great. They don’t have their Mobile App order act together as well as other locations. Your food sits out in an open air patio and sooner or later someone comes by to see who is waiting. “Straw and napkins are in the bag. “ Nope, not at all. If you’re ordering for pick up try the Lake Success location instead. They do a much better job.

vanessa chery

I'm so disappointed at Shake shacks in Garden city NY. I purchased 1 double cheese burger and 2 single Cheese burger, plus 3 fries 2 cheese 1 regular. My order clearly stated 6 items on the app. I paid for 1 cheese separately from the app, which I had to go back to my car to get the money to pay for. When I got home 1 fries was missing, and there's no way of contacting a manager or anyone, the message system says to leave a message for manager to contact back, no recording machine is accessible. Special since there's a storm outside, I was looking forward to enjoying my food.

sarah l.

If i could leave the manager a voice-mail I would. Their mailbox is probably full because they are getting so many complaints. I ordered at 5:00 for 6:30 picked. Waited over 70minutes for the order which was sitting on the side of their pick up table. Wth!!!!!!!!!!!! Never going back to westbury location . All the workers here are not trained properly. There is no social distancing or common sense installed.


We ordered 2 doubles and cheese fries. Everything was great and delicious but my wife’s burger came out raw and we didn’t want to drive back to have them remake it. Great location with outdoor seating available.

Jerry LaMadrid

One of the few places that haven't put customer service on the back burner during the Covid19 situation. Everybody was masked and gloved, as they should be (including myself), but they were also very courteous and upbeat. It made my visit feel normal, unlike some places that feel like I'm entering a radioactive hot zone. I chalk it up to the young men and women on the staff, youth adapts and understands what the new normal is. Great job.

Mariana Kazarian

amazing staff. super kind and took their time with each customer to make their experience a pleasant one. it was super busy when i went but the staff worked hard and quickly to get everyone their orders. my order was all correct. it was a regular shakeshack meal, so nothing extraordinary but the service was top notch and definitely stood out compared to most other food places, especially during the pandemic. good job to the staff :) keep it up

Don Sien

Good burgers, fries and shakes, friendly staff. Decided to eat out on their patio rathet than in car. Well cleaned & socially distanced seating.

Alea K.

Shake Shack curbside pickup during a pandemic-Sounds Awesome! You don't even need to enter the store. Oh wait! They text you that your order is ready so you go to the entrance. Well the text just means your food is cooked but it still needs to be packed up and transported. So you get exposed to all the people passing into the store as you wait an extra 5 minutes for the food to come out. Instead of just picking up and go with no contact. Then, you open the bag and you get a SINGLE pack of ketchup. Well, now you have to go into the store after all and if you try to pick up your ketchup packs yourself instead of waiting 10 minutes for someone to notice you- they scream at you don't touch!!!

Nick O.

Ordered through the app and they were waiting outside with my shakes which were obviously warm due to the hot sun. not good. Hamburger just ok and fries taste like frozen supermarket fries. Yelp wants us to support black owned biz. Is shake shack black owned? Forget spanish, Chinese etc. I guess their stores werent burned and looted. Don't delete this yelp. Have some cajones

Phil V.

First I have to say the food slapped chick n Shake was solid. But the cashier couldn't understand my name and it's 4 fuckin letters like cmon dude. We sit outside and the manager is being mad disrespectful sayin we need to be wearing masks when everyone else outside not wearing masks like bro how we gonna eat with fuckin masks he goes on to say we not following social distancing rules when we where tryna sit farther away from each other dude doesn't know what he's doing.

Unique copiers

It was greatblike always .....??????

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