820 Old Country Rd, Garden City
(516) 228-9040

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Tammy Trojanek

It SUCKS. I will not be back there ever. Doesn't even deserve one star but, unfortunately you have to give one.

Michael Livote

Good location, good service. Best fast food place IMHO. Recommended.

Manoj Mathai

Wendys I feel like is one of the best fast food places out there. The food is extremely tasty and one specific thing I like about them is that the lettuce even tastes fresh and crisp (especially compared to other fast food places). One food that I usually order is the "chili cheese fries" when we carry out the chili cheese fries tastes amazing. But one little bad thing about Wendys is that as more people started relying on the drive through option because of the Corona virus pandemic the chili cheese fries feels rushed. The cheese isn't properly melted and literally looks like someone put refrigerated cheese and just dumped it on there instead of properly melting it. Even when it's melted the cheese is very stringy and doesn't really complement the chili fries. Before, when we started using carry out instead of drive through the cheese was properly melted.

J Chin

Svc fast only wished they marked the spicy chix sandwiches


This one is better than the one I've been too in Crown Heights, Brooklyn because the food is hotter and more fresh than the other one.

Reuben M.

Somethings wrong with their meat , I usually order a number 1 but today the meat was flavorless

William Williams

We had an amazing at this spot. We loved the superb environment and the meals. The staff members were super friendly. I am content we eventually managed to visit this restaurant.

Anthony Tony

Stop eating fast food almost 2 years ago being in McDonald's Burger King like that. But I do like Wendy's salads.

Marilynn Giudice

Well Wendy's Is One Of My Favorite Places To Dine At Once A Month!!!! I'd Reccomend It To Anyone Looking For An Affordable Place to Eat At!!!! They Have Good Food and Good Prices Also!!!! They Get Five Stars Also!!!!!!!!!

G Money

Even with a line, it moves quick. They are nice and they were gloves.

P Eff

I need to be careful. I may just visit for fresh fries and Nice ??? service, just because. One of my favorite Wendy's. With a worthy competitor within walking distance, this location holds it own!! Keep it up!

Cain Hampton

This spot is extraordinary and spacious, the menu was delightful and the prices were very fair. quickly, productive service and very affable staff. I highly recommend this place.

Phillip Williams

This spot is great! Affordable prices, considerable portions and the staff members are always super friendly.

roberto mercado

I like Wendy's hamburger very much. Everytime I have dinner at Wendy's I always ask the cashier, ordertaker or manager to please let the hamburger station know to please put my burger down on the grill. I like my burgers fresh off the grill. Even if I have to wait 5 or 10 minutes for my order I'm fine with that. I applaud the staff and manager everytime I eat there. They respect my wishes and I get to enjoy a great dinner at Wendy's with my family. Thank you to the Wendy's staff where I ate my favorite burgers for not giving me a hard time or hassling me for my request ?????

Wanda Kittell

Clean areas and gotta love that double stacked burger. Coffee was excellent

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