Taste of Kerala Kitchen

267-05 Hillside Avenue, Queens
(718) 470-1702

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neville chauhan

I don’t write below *** reviews at all, but I have to share this to let kerala kitchen know as they literally ignored my calls critics.As attached “Malabar Mutton Biryani” I don’t know where to start wasted $40 for nothing had just rice as mutton is not cooked neither marinated neither taste at all, worst thing eggs shells found as shown in picture.I would definitely take it down if they really care about quality food as price they charge.Thank You

Cool Dude

Bought the pork curry and chilly chicken. The portion size is big and full of meat which is good but the taste is very bland and not spicy. Never had bland Indian food before. So not recommending the food because of taste unless you like bland Indian foodFood: 2/5

Ed Franmel

Pretty good taste of curry chicken. One container enough for two of us. Not too spicy, the heat leaves in good time. Buffet on weekends only. But menu open Mon thru Fri. Parking on sidestreets. Resonable pricing.

Elizabeth K

We been ordering food from Kerala Kitchen for many years . Love their food, especially their beef roast is a must try! Never had any issues and their price is very reasonable. If you want nadan food , kerala kitchen is the place to go to!

Sunshyne P

Great food. I have been ordering from this restaurant every so often for the last 6 years and I love the beef and chicken. They have great service and I would definitely recommend them to family and friends.

Xinwei She

I did take out and it was great. I like it spicy but my husband does not. It was the perfect balance of favor for both of us.

2b Abraham

Hands down, best Indian restaurant in town! This is our go-to spot to order food for any and all special events

RA Brooklyn

I been ordering from this restaurant for years and I never had any issues with their food or service. The owner is a great man. These negative reviews are from different countries. I don't understand how people can write reviews and judge a restaurant if they are from other countries.

John CJ

Amazing food! My parents been ordering from this place for years ever since I was a little boy. The owner is a great man, kind and always reliable.

Eunice Yu

I have tried the chicken tikka curry and the naan. It was delicious. My husband and I enjoyed the food and service. The staffs are very friendly. I don’t know about all the negative comments but they are good.

Arun G Pillai

I truly looked forward to an authentic Kerala lunch. But the food did not meet the standards. Beef ularthu was particularly a disaster. It didn't taste fresh, masala tasted separate from the meat and the entire thing felt like was mass produced. Quantity was more than enough but everything was highly overpriced. $40 for a mutton roast! Porotta was ok, not great though. The cutlets, banana fry and the bonda were all not at all malayalee style and did not taste good. We trashed most of the stuff we bought. Will not be going here ever again.


Where do I start ...Food is ok not great or WOW.Overpriced.Food: tastes and feels old, not fresh.I try different food but this restaurant food was a bit disappointing overall.Don't eat or make a decision based on my review. Do try them and share your opinions as well.*FAIL

Rama Iyer

I had not had Onam Sadhya for more than 7 years and man, this place won my heart. The owners are from Kerala and so kind to have opened the restaurant till I finished my food. I absolutely loved loved loved this place. This is going to be my go to spot for authentic food from now on.

Thomas Varghese

Been there few years ago. It had a nice place for Kerala food.

Michlin D'souza

We ordered food yesterday from here and I must say that we were way too disappointed. We drove from Manhattan just to get the food because we wanted to try the food here. The roast chicken was super hard and dry. The Avial which i particularly wanted was cooked with stale coconut oil and none of us could eat it. The beef biryani went to the trash. The roast chicken went to the trash. The king fish curry was a little ok.I even got two bottles of dry shrimp pickle sort of thing and a solefish thing.Both were smelling of stale coconut oil. I had a bad stomach this morning and so did my 7 year old daughter.This was definitely not fair.We payed like close to a $100 for all that food and none of it was good.Please guys, you really need to work on it.

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