Famous Wok

231 Greece Ridge Center Dr, Greece
(585) 227-9890

Recent Reviews

Russell Lamonaco

My favorite

MK Star

I prefer do not try bad foods

EJ experiences

I prefer do not try bad foods

Lori Henry Draper

It was good, food was a little mushy old, but it was the e d of the night. So not giving them a negative review.

Jeremy S.

Good mall Chinese food does exist, however, Famous Wok does not serve said good mall Chinese food. The chicken (sesame and bourbon) was over cooked and riddled with grizzle. The fried rice was cold, had zero flavor, and the veggies in the rice were raw. This food is inedible. Would've given zero stars if it were possible. I ate 3 bites and threw it out.

Alex Davydov

Was excited to try it. They want to get paid for the food but under deliver. Ordered extra chicken, the owner or surfer looked afraid to put anything on my plate. After checking out, I open to go plate and see there is any veggies and ask for more. The guy says it will be additional $3. He hardly put anything in the first place. I just let him keep the plate, since he is so scared of letting go of the food. He says I waisted his time. :-)

Jason Hooper

Decent prices, but was I really getting a deal if the food tasted old. Yeah; like it had been sitting there for hours. The Noodles were not fresh and some of the chicken was dry on the inside.

Andrew Ringelstein

Best Bourbon Chicken I've ever had. Very nice staff and very reasonable prices.

Metin Kortak

Don't waste your money here. Sarku Japan gives better portions and it's even cheaper.

Justin E.

It's Mall chinese food...Some hate it..Most love it..Most love it but won't admit they love it. I Love Mall Chinese Food, and i am not afraid to admit that. :) I usually get the super combo, which is 3 entree's plus either rice or noodles. It's ridiculously cheap for the amount of food you get. They always run out of the boneless ribs but the lady behind the counter will assure that the bourbon chicken taste exactly the same. (it's all about the sauces!! she will say) I like that for the most part it's already done..and you get to look at the food before you choose it. Kind of like subway. Only way less healthy O_O Um i also like that i can pair my Mall chinese food meal with something else in the food court...Because i am a fatty.(don't judge me bish)

Anthony D.

I went there a week ago and the sesame chicken tasted absolutely terrible and was very hard.


I have family living in Rochester and every time I visit, we would order the Sesame Chicken from Famous Wok. The location at Greece Shopping Center is absolutely the best! Customer service is friendly and their food is always fresh.

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