Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews

104 Greece Ridge Center Dr, Greece
(585) 333-7891

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Terrance Ray Trybus

You can never go wrong at Red Robin. Their gourmet burgers and fries are incredible. Server was quite good, and very attentive to our needs. So many good burger places out there, Red Robin is great. Now serving healthier choice items too. Soups, meatless burger options.

Abigail Rubiano

The food and waitresses never disappoint. I always walk away satisfied and full.Though they mostly have burgers they have something for everyone.And I don't know about you but when I go to a restaurant I appreciate when the waitresses are friendly. And red Robin always hires the best ??I highly recommend this restaurant! You won't be disappointed

Andrew Ciccone

Food was fanrltastic ! Staff is always going above and beyond for customers. Thank you for great service and great food.

R in NYC

Good burgers. Kid friendly atmosphere. Reasonable prices. Bottomless steak fries.

Nancy Skillman

Burger was great! I tried the fried pickles. I never had them before. They were great and so was the dipping sauce.

Raheli batTzur

Typical excellent burgers, fast service and as always, excellent endless fries. Our table had zucchini, sweet potato and steak fries, all with 2nd helpings cheerfully offered, ordered and served before our burgers were finished. Clean, masked, coved precautions and tracer registry on entry made this a comfortable covid aware restaurantWould definitely visit again next visit to Rochester

Amanda Becker

great food. great customer service. very clean. love coming here.

Annoying Crow

They have bottomless fries caw caw!!!!!People were very nice and the milkshake was yummy caw caw. Burger was cold honestly it's 2020. Nobody cares about working caw caw. Enjoy the ride and look at cute goth girls caw caw.

David Kuhlkin

Love this place, burgers are cooked perfectly and wait staff is always attentive. I had a spicy burger with a roasted pepper on top, absolutely delicious, but the pepper was a bit of a test! Got it down though...?

Pamela Barnes

Server was awesome. Kids loved the experience. Went here because of number of different items on thier menu. Everyone can always find something they like and price always reasonable.

rocco mastrangioli

The greeters, wait staff friendly, quick, and organized. The burgers awesome but the amount and quality of the fries went down. The place is clean and covid ready.

Katie M.

We stopped here for lunch and it wasn't that busy. This is the first time since covid all began. The staff were friendly and the dining room was set up to accommodate covid restrictions. With them removing tables the dining area is so much bigger. I tried the chicken wrap. The wrap was extremely messy but tasted good. The garlic fries are back on the menu and don't cost extra.. score! They also had zucchini fries. I tried the zucchini fries and they were eh.. the batter was like the onion rings.. hot they didn't taste like much, as they cooled they did seem to improve in taste or maybe they were growing on me. Our server it was her second day. She was fantastic and was amazingly attentive.


Prices are a tad steep. But when you pair it with a bottomless side... It's not too bad! I was passing through with my family on business in the area and had a 2+ hour ride home as my phone and laptop were dying, and my power port in my car wasn't working. not a single electrical outlet by any of the tables(poor design if you ask me!) Luckily one of the employees, Ty, noticed me looking for an outlet, after he couldn't find one for customer use, he found an outlet for me and allowed me to charge my phone! This man deserves a raise! Saved me valuable time and money and was really friendly! I worked in the the customer service industry for over a decade....and if he was ever looking for a job... After this display... I'd hire him on the spot! Keep up the great work!

Cody Sommer

Great restaurant!We've gotten food to-go several times during the pandemic and each time it is very quick and easy.Last night we did dine-in and it was better than I expected. The service was very quick even though it was dinner time on a Saturday. The have seating outside but we ate inside. Everyone was spread out well as required by the state. The food was wonderful and the bottomless sides were great, especially for the kids.The server who took care of us was the best I've ever had at a restaurant. She was checking in on us whenever we wanted something but not too often to the point of it being obnoxious. She was very friendly to both us and the kids, and provided us with everything we wanted and more! I don't recall her name but I'm sure the restaurant could look it up based on my name if they wanted to know.Especially as one of the few places that is open for dine-in, this will be our new go to for going out to eat.

Ben Longnecker

We have been frequenting this location for several years. It is usually pretty consistent from a quality of food standpoint. However, recently they have stepped up the service big time! From the moment we walked in until walking out, it was an exceptional experience. Top notch!

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Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews

104 Greece Ridge Center Dr, Greece, NY 14626
(585) 333-7891