Orchard Tavern West

2050 Western Ave, Guilderland
(518) 672-3237

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David F

Check your takeout order. Been here twice and got the wrong food both times. Clearly i didn't learn my lesson the first time. Called to ask for the burger to be remade with what i ordered and was told i had to wait for the manager to return within the next hour. No thanks. Waste of money for food that isnt worth it. Who leaves their staff to fend for themselves and not leave someone in charge?!?

Jeff M

Five stars for great mac and cheese bites, minus three stars for getting the Sunday farmer’s market kicked out of the plaza parking lot because a two-hour overlap apparently ‘ruins’ their business. Minus another for attempts at getting people to work without pay.Good food, but good food can be found elsewhere.

Caitlyn Moss

Our initial experience with the orchard tavern west was good, as you can read below. However, it has come to my attention that this small business owner is the reason the Guilderland farmers market needs to find a new home. As small business owners themselves, I would expect the owners of the orchard tavern west to support other locally owned, small businesses, not smother them. I will no longer be supporting this business. We ordered using the order online feature and just before the order was picked up realized we forgot to add one of the meals. I called to see if we could add it to the order and they added it to our delivery on the house. When the food arrived it was fantastic, exactly what we were looking for. The wings were the best we’ve had in years, the Mac and cheese bites were out of this world, and the burgers were phenomenal.

Mike Mayer

We went there for wings on my birthday. They don't explain their policy very well. They bring out one order of wings at a time. It took forever. I also was charged for all the blue cheese and vegetables that came with it even though I didn't ask for them. They also bullied the Guilderland Farmers market because the market's hours overlap theirs by 3 hours on Sunday. They complained about parking for the farmers market impeding their business. I don't think there's much of a lunch business on Sunday and if anything the market would bring more people there. It's sad to see a business come into our community and treat us this way. I will not be returning and I will be telling others not to return.

Barbara D'Arpino-Leto

The best! We have had numerous family parties. The food is above the rest.

Kevin Brady

Went there last night had the chicken parmesan the food was great the staff was friendly.I would recommend this place to all of my friends

Brad K.

Food is mediocre. Fix your bar top, it doesn't go out far enough, it feels like I am sitting economy class on an airplane with my knees against the bar.

Michelle K.

DO NOT EAT HERE. This business does not care about its community or other local businesses. Please see photo for more information.I attempted to post this information on their Facebook page, but instead of the owner addressing it, he just deleted my post.

Kelly S.

My husband and I had lunch there shortly after they opened. I've never liked their pizza, which is what they are known for, but I decided to give it another try. It was "meh." My husband said the sandwich was just ok too. Too pricey for something that doesn't have a "wow" factor.

Judith Hansen

We tried the Orchard Tavern West today, it is larger and more comfortable then the original, the antipasto was great, that and the pizza were the perfect Sunday afternoon meal! We definitely will go back, the pizza was perfectly baked, golden and crispy, good sauce and well topped with the mozzarella and sausage and mushrooms...two mixed drinks, the pizza and antipasto were in the $40.+ range, with out the mixed beverages our bill would have been in the mid-$30.'s. The new

Jennifer McNally

Usually there are no problems and the food is great. Today we ordered a well done burger and it came medium rare. With the amount of money we spent on food we should have no problems. We also ordered cheddar cheese to go with the onion rings and we did not receive that. Unhappy with our order today.

Jessica K

Be forewarned that if you are ordering a pizza, the size is about 9”x 5” rectangular. It’s not what I was expecting for the price! If I had known before, maybe I would have been more pleased. But, never order pizza through mealeo from here or else your paying an astronomical amount for nothing spectacular.

Rick Marchant

Great locally owned place! Kris and Kaelyn take good care of their customers.

Rob M.

The Orchard is an Albany institution, regardless of the food. You'd go there for the atmosphere, ambiance, and heritage as much as anything. I'd take an out of town visitor to The Orchard. It's a neighborhood joint. Unfortunately, the new location has none of that going for it. Yes, the food's fine -- the standard pizza and pub fare -- but it's no different than what you'll find at a lot of places along the dreary Guilderland corridor of Western Avenue. If you're in that neck of the woods and want a place with some personality, keep driving and go to the oddly named Pizzagram Plus.

Bish Mish

Pizza was cooked just the way we like it,and wings were perfect! Really good take out

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