159-40 Cross Bay Blvd, Queens
(718) 843-0017

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T Tim

I mean it's McDonald's. You know what you're getting. I tried a new sandwich. It was cool. Well lit spot too but the driveway was a bit tight.Food: 3/5

Speaker Of Truth

Vanessa is the worst employee she told us she didn’t have the time to help us after we received 4 pc nuggets instead of a Big Mac. She was angry and ghetto for no reason. Rude needs to be fired

O. T.

Terrible experience here from worker called Vanessa. I lrepeat my order at least 5 times because she saying she didn’t understand. The 6th time she said speak English. I know I have accent but that is discriminatory. How can she be racist when she clearly Hispanic herself. I didn’t even eat my food.


The guy working on Nov 12th, at 7pm, on the right side drive through lane should not be taking orders if he's going to sound so miserable and rude. Or just go home.

Patrick Yaghmour

This McDonald's is our local drive through location. It's a great way to get the kids some quick food if they're hungry and we have a long drive ahead. They are fairly quick and usually friendly. The food is fresh and we have rarely had an issue with anything being incorrect in the order - and it's fixed immediately if it occurs.Service: 5/5

Divinity's Child

Excellent service. The Manager at this location is wonderful. Very helpful and customer service oriented. Better than most McDonald's locations I've been to.Food: 5/5

Reynold Thompson

Fast food restaurant closed at 730pm, does that make sense?? Spent another 20 mins waiting to get out the drive through line, pass this every chance.

Sadman Ahmed

Very Good Service And This Is One OF The Cleanest McDonald’s I’ve Ever Seen Even Restrooms Are So Well Maintained So I’m Loving IT ?

Phillton Weekes

Drive thru lines move quick and food is normally warm. Staff is friendly and respectful, and make sure if you're ordering nuggets you ask for the sauce (it's never in the bag).

Richard C

Ask for a simple order… A Big Mac… the sale calls for a 2nd one for $1 but if you don’t specifically ask for it you don’t get it. Nice. Real classy sale McD has going. The other location on Linden Blvd.. guess what? Same problem. Both these locations also have in common that neither pick up there phones. I’ll never spend another dollar or minute at these dumps

Charles Wilson

My food was hot and I didn't have to request it, I think someone finally understands that even though it's called fast food we prefer hot and fresh over cold and fast.

The Queen Of New York City M.

I've never been to this location since it remodeled since i don't live in the area, I was going to visit my grandma and said let me surprise her with some breakfast. I ordered on the app to pickup, the women was trying to ring it up again on the register not understanding I ordered on the app and it was already paid for. Then insisted they didn't have the order, and needed a code. I showed her it on my phone 3 times, then all of a sudden the order appeared magically. Of course out of 3 things I ordered I was missing 1 when my grandma took everything out of the bag, and I was so taken aback by the whole ordeal with noone in the store a mobile order with 3 items causes so much drama I didn't think to double check the bag which I should've before I left. I have never been to a fast food place with such rude incompetent people before

terrie ann

Horrible service. They get mad at you when you make sure your order is right. Don't we have to wait for them to make sure we give them the right amount of money. Very disrespectful people. I worked at McDonald's as a teenager making $5hourly and I never once was mean or disrespectful, on top of that I make sure they double check. I guess they need to retrain the whole company entirely.

Kraig DeMatteis

Late night option for Howard Beach. Better than Beach Channel Drive location. Two lane drive-thru for ordering, but one lane for pickup/pay. Sometimes you'll have to wait in a spot for food delivery.


Service thru the Drive Thru was excellent. Food even tasted better than the McDonald's in my area.

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