Policano’s Italian Sausage

Linden Blvd & 79th Street, Howard Beach
(917) 743-8555

Recent Reviews

Luca DeMattia

Hands down the best sausage and pepper truck I've ever been to.Food: 5/5

Jeffrey Monk

May be the best in the city.Get well soon Dougie freshFood: 5/5


I never post reviews on food trucks so this is the first. I ordered the Sausage with onions and peppers along with Knish stuffed. OMG ? Amazing!! Service was excellent and food was great. Price is good and highly recommend! This will be my regular go to now!

Roman K

Great service and amazing sausage heros!!!!! Had multiple times and never disappointed.Food: 5/5

Marcus M.

Settle down and strap on you're reading glasses Edna cuz imma finna lay this here meat factory out fo ya in 4k hd ya feel? The fact this place be serving dis jaw smacking good food for as low as they servin in be 2 gud 2 be tru aight. I dun stumbled up in hur after my workout and I gained 6 pounds of muscle before my tired feet made it back to my car dis sheet slaps so hard I might have to file a complaint with child services for domestic abuse.

Khalfani Simmons

Serves really good food, very tasty

Dario Alexander

My daughter is only eight years old and is a picky eater but she loved Policano’s Italian Sausage sub. I would highly recommend them if you are in the Howard Beach/Brooklyn area.

Hector F.

I like loaded hot sausage. Ordered box of sweet sausage for Fathers Day

Jerome J.

Very delicious, a little over price. We need more hotdog locations around NYC. (Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx).

Samantha L.

I have passed by this truck for 50 years, And just now tasted their amazing Sausages. Can't wait to return.

Robert Byrnes

Great knish, hot dog with onions,peppers are delicious . They're known for their sausage and peppers which are also great. Can't go wrong

jennifer cox

I gravitate to this location for over 20 years because I really enjoy getting my Italian sausages from this truck. I have noticed their upgrades wrapping and bags. You can also put sauces on your sandwich. My preference is some cooked onions and peppers with raw onions only on my sausage. Worth the trip.

Fred Vittiglio

Great sausage sandwiches wth onions. Also, the hot dogs are outrageously big and good. If you go there once you'll become a repeat customer. Great friendly crew..

Christopher C.

Best sausage and peppers you'll ever have, worth the wait in line and the drive since it's a roadside location. Really the best

James Lombardo

THE BEST , Hands down!Whenever I Crave a REAL, AUTHENTIC Italian Sausage and Peppers Sandwich, I MUST go Visit The Sausage KING..... Policano's!!! ????

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