158-38 Cross Bay Blvd, Howard Beach
(718) 323-8827

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Ed Bush

Great sushi. Tasty soup. Amazing gyoza. Food was delivered by UE in 20 minutes. Will definitely order from here again.

Pat P.

Finally tried this place and was pleasantly surprised. Service was attentive despite the never/ending trail of people who kept coming in to do takeout orders. Anyway the dinner bento boxes were perfect - had a variety and we were able to sub out the california rolls for different rolls we wanted ($2 upcharge). Choice of shumai or tempura was great, we went with the tempura and got a generous portion (2 pcs shrimp, 2 sweet potato, big broccoli, and a zucchini). Salmon was also cooked perfectly. The only downside is it was served right on the white rice so the teriyaki sauce made it a bit soggy after a while. Glad to find this neighborhood gem, we would definitely return as it beats going all the way to BK or Forest Hills for decent japanese.

Maria “Marifer” Barreno

The food was not good, it did not feel fresh, the place was quite dirty and the bathroom too.

C. Bo

Hibachi dining doesn't allow solo diners. Insists you must have 2 people to open a table.

Jasper Perez

I go here for lunch every now and then. It's a decent place and there sushi is generally on point and I like there gyoza. I do however DO NOT recommend ordering the katsu don pork. It is bland, doughy and very tasteless. I was expecting a crispy pork like I've had in Japan but this was not what I was expecting. I still recommend this place but again I'd recommend to stay away from ordering there katsu don.

Catwoman O.

I came in here for a quick bite to eat. The food was delish and the place is very pleasant. I ordered teriyaki chicken, I usually get it at the one in the mall. Was not expecting it to be better but it actually was. I enjoyed it very much I will be returning to eat some more.

Jessica Albergo

Mediocre to low quality food. Not fresh at all especially for their prices. Staff is unbelievably rude and argumentative over anything you could possibly ask of them. Their are a few sushi places in the area.

Randy Dandy

Ordered for takeout , I haven’t tried the food yet but the staff seem like they don’t care . On top of that the items are priced lower on the online menu but they will charge you more for the food when you go to pick it up

Dmitry D.

Never tried this place and really should have . The other one wasn't ever as good it's couple blocks down. The rolls were really fresh and goos rice ratio. And as well as rices . I saw some rolls on the menu id like to try coming back soon

my favs Bruce

Well I only order the Teriyaki Salmon and California Rolls, delicious with spicy mayo. When I tell you delicious thats just what I mean ?

Denise Dybus

Placed an order at 6pm Friday, received delivery at 8pm. We made 3 calls asking for delivery information, man answering phone continued to say it was on its way. Terrible customer service, Not going to order again.No apologies from them eithrr

Dave R.

It's amazing in this area that there isn't better choices in sushi. I first tried this place almost 9 years ago and I thought it was horrible decided to give it another shot nine years later and it's still horrible. first off the service is absolutely horrible no greeting no smile no nothing. There's no alcohol I repeat no alcohol! The place is filthy dirty tables and such. I got the sushi sashimi combo I asked for a spicy tuna roll instead of the California roll the waitress just nodded her head. The sushi and the sashimi was ok. The spicy tuna roll was absolutely awful all filler and it had an odor on top of it. When the check came I noticed that my meal was one dollar more than it said in the menu. I brought this to the waiters attention. He first took a dollar off my bill and said sorry then came back and added the dollar on my bill and said it was because I asked for a spicy tuna roll instead of the California roll. I paid the check and left no tip I obviously won't be returning.

g c.

Very friendly manager and wait staff. Always good quality & yummy. A regular spot for me.

Mubin Ahmed

Quick delivery. Very pricy for the area and quality. Not impressed by any of the rolls, the sashimi rolls where not flavorful at at (tuna was horrible). For the cost would not order again, if so just stick with the sushi rolls.

Wanda Thompson

Very good very fresh. Excellent customer service! Yum!

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