Chef King Inc

2038 New York Ave, Huntington Station
(631) 351-0969

Recent Reviews

j j

The food is amazing, i have been going here for years.

Justin Baylosis

It’s a shame I have to leave such a lowly review because their food is actually great. But I write this mainly because of the service, particularly when ordering ahead for pickup. Every time I have ordered ahead, even up to 20-30 min in advance, I have always been told 15-20 min (which is fairly a standard time frame to say) before the food is ready. But every single time I arrive, it takes that same 15-20 min to walk out with the food irregardless if I am there alone or when packed. The most recent time I called at 1:21pm. Arrived at the restaurant by 1:41 and didn’t walk out till about 1:57pm. Only reason why I knew the times so precisely because I was in a rush to bring this order along with other picked up food to my family at home. 16 minutes isn’t too bad if I had ordered on the spot, but to me unacceptable when I ordered on the phone ahead of time. The guy asked me TWICE when I got there what I ordered which confirmed to me they didn’t start cooking till I showed up. Like I said, it is a shame especially when I can just go to Golden River less than 5 min away on Jericho Tpke with the same quality food and would have had the same order ready with the same time frame on arrival.

Malory Innocent

Worse plantain and chicken wings ever!!!! If I could give zero stars I would. Over priced food for undercooked and cold food. Also they took my order wrong. I got one box of fried plaintain and chicken wing+ 8 veggie rolls that tasted awful for $22 and change. What a steal!!!!!

Otis Booth

I go to this special restaurant from time to time as I like the good air that is characterizes this place. The staff is very helpful and experienced. The service is pretty fast. Also, the food you eat is great. I came more than once and I was always pleased. The price is honest. I recommend this restaurant to my friends and family.

Shawn M.

Great food Great portions good value  fast service!

Mary M

Friendly people. Great food!

Alan Starost

Good Chinese food.

Mike M

Excellent Chinese food.. Great sliced chicken w/garlic sauce !Very good proportions of food.

Michael Randazzo

Excellent Chinese food.. Great sliced chicken w/garlic sauce !Very good proportions of food.

Ian Bock

Best fast Chinese food in the area. Fast, friendly and conveniently located.

Teresa S

Great food. Friendly owners. Small front parking lot but there is extra parking in the back.

Iris G.

LOVE LOVE LOVE! my family and i have been ordering from here since i was a child! best chinese food in huntington PERIODT. i'm ecstatic that they finally reopened! missed their food soo much! order from here prob once a week ahahah! the owners are sweet, they recognize our voice as soon as we call

J. Lam

Somewhat inconsistent. Hot & sour soup was sweet?!? Otherwise very good

Jasmine Gandara

Walk in order took a bit long - looks like orders called in go quickly

Terry cal

Food is always hot and fresh. They also have a small variety of non Chinese food that's fried. Tried the wings and that was good too. Down side is parking.. lit is small. But worth the trip.

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