Domino's Pizza

1801 New York Ave, Huntington Station
(631) 673-0100

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Shahzoor Ali

I just order from this location worst experience ever I got charged more than usual I paid 26$ for 1 pan pizza pie and barely got any toppings even tho I just got 1 topping


What seemed to be the manager berated his delivery drivers for over 10 minutes right in front of my husband while the pizza tracker had already said that our pizza had been ready for pickup long before. When he pointed this out to the man, the manager decided to keep yelling at the driver rather than ring up my husband. My husband then had to leave to pick me up from work and didn’t get the pizza. We went back after he picked me up and when we asked if it was ready yet he started yelling at us for not waiting for it before. This experience was absolutely unacceptable and we left without pizza

Jasmin Hernandez

The worst Domino's I've ever been to..always messing up my orders and the food is cold when it's delivered

Matthew Pincus

NEGATIVE STARS for impolite employees who know your order better than you do. More attitude than pizza toppings from this joint. Avoid at all costs. The drivers are in fact always really polite; this review is the for the kitchen staff and declining quality of food.

Oluwaseyi Shayee Awoyomi

Great service, food always ready on time for pick up.

Noemi Colon

I was put on hold for over 10 minutes a young guy finally comes to the phone just to transfers me to a young lady I start placing my order and was put right back on hold smh

Don Flamenco

Incompetent staff who can’t get simple orders correct. Two different orders both ending up in errors. This Dominos is a domiNOs. Save yourself the headache trust me.

Cc B.

It's dominos. You get what you order and all the toppings are predetermined by the company. As for dominos goes, this place is pretty clean and I've never found a hair or anything, which happens SO much with pizza. So far I feel pretty confident ordering from this place.

Joe Cotton

Worst domino's no one speaks English... mess up every order and always try to over charge....... and when you ask for a receipt printer always seems to not work.....I live around the corner ill drive to any other to never go back there again

Mickey C.

Greetings Yelpers, As I always say for the White Castle of pizza in a pinch you're hungry it's a go to in late hours My first time at this location I ordered on the app.. When I arrived order was ready & waiting. Staff was friendly & the pizza was perfect per my order.

Kayla M.

Worst location to buy pizza. The manager in the morning shift very disrespectful! They messed up my order the night before called them to let them know what happens. The manager didn't care and hung up the phone on me. In the past they've messed up my order I called in the man says come grab your pizza which I never do and I appreciated that offered. When the female manager picks up she's rude and says you get nothing then hangs up. Thanks to her Dominos has lost loyal customers because that's not how you speak to others especially when you weren't giving them attitude to begin with.

Rachel S.

Poor customer service, rude and unprofessional attitude. Ordered late night, my husband waited for the food but it never came. I had a missed call from the location. When I called back a man with a heavy accent answered yelling that "the food came back" cause "no one answered the door". No one answered cause no one knocked! He insisted the driver knocked but we waited up and my dog would've barked. Regardless, why wouldn't the driver just leave it at the door?! It's not like it wasn't already paid for. We were promised a refund, we were told it could take 24 hrs. We will wait and see if it hasn't - then matters will be escalated higher.

Claudia Vasquez

Well I ordered online and they took about an hour to get my order ready, this location is understaffed so order with time to spare

Shy Shy

Pizza do be good, especially with their cheap large pies with three toppings. Good for those nights where you just don't wanna cook anything.


Half the order was wrong what I recieved was burnt and they weren't apologetic and even tried to tell me the items I didn't recieve weren't ordered

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