281 Walt Whitman Rd, Huntington Station
(631) 547-1685

Recent Reviews

Arlene Cody

Fast, easy, friendly and fun


No Drive thru, the last 2 times I went there they got my coffee wrong and it is a simple way to make it.

Pharaoh Ziada

The little spanish lady there gave me an attitude just because I asked for her to put sugar in the ice tea she already prepared and she kept telling me to go add my own sugar at the spot where they have the sugar and straws. Was not a good experience and will not go back there again!!

Thomas Draves

Served quickly and courteously. The cold brew I ordered tasted perfect... I really don't like the paper straws, but not their fault!


Always friendly great service love this Dunkin

Jacob Gillet

Very good

Darcy Warms

never coming back to this dunkin after i watched them let someone in without a mask. shows no respect for other customers and employees. disgusting and shameful (and also violates the governor's order).

Annita T

During this pandemic...donuts are still exposed without any cover...not wise. The fear of contamination should be recognized.

tito Morales

Mr. Roberto always make my coffee A1 I love it!

Jawid F

Its dunkin

JUstin McIntyre

Slow service, messed up drinks constantly errors false chargers without even receiving false items

Chelsey Roman

Gave me a small when I ordered a medium and had barely any ice in my iced coffee.

Brian Garcia

It's a place for Donuts and Coffee, pretty good place for breakfast too

Bud Clark

Got to love Duncan!

Mahmoud Shaaban

Nice Dunkin here it is very big and quiet because the place it's usually empty. I liked it for that reason and it's clean, also in front of the mall

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