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10 Depot Rd, Huntington Station
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Jessica N.

My engine light was on in my car and I needed an inspection so I took it in to Joe's. They said it would be $200 just for a smoke test. I called another shop and they told me to get my car out of there because I shouldn't be paying more than $65. When I called and told Joe's that, they tried to act like it was a bargaining situation and that the lowest they could go was $160. This blew my mind because I should only be getting charged what it costs to do the job. There shouldn't be any haggling involved. I'm coming to you for a service and you charge me accordingly. I am a 20 y/o girl coming in by myself so I assume they tried to take advantage of that. Very disappointed.

Barbra J.

I went there on April 20, 2021 for an oil change. Last week, 5 weeks later, my dashboard lights up saying I need an oil change and I have only 3% left. Called Joe's and explained what happened. I got an appointment for today. Guy in there was a jackass. Talked down to me. Told me I shouldn't be looking at the dashboard, that I should go by the sticker on windshield. Jackass who did the oil change on April 20 didn't reset and now it's my fault the dashboard lit up? I won't go there again.

Ashley M.

They were able to take my car in for an inspection the next day. When I dropped my vehicle off, everything went smoothly and I was contacted about 5 hours later to let me know it was ready to be picked up. After we settled up, I got in my car to find a bag of candy and a thank you note! I also happened to notice that they filled up my washer fluid. Then, a few days later someone from the garage called me to ensure that I was satisfied and that everything with my visit went well. I wasn't a regular customer before, but will be now. This is how you customer service!

Sija L.

During a drive back to college from New York, my van's engine gave out and broke down on the side of the highway. It's a 1997 Dodge Ram that I had recently bought it so I was devastated. I was towed to Joe's and looking back, I consider the whole experience a blessing in disguise. Of course, no one wants to pay for an engine replacement, but they made the experience so seamless. Being a college student, I don't have a lot and they worked to get me the best deal possible for everything. Additionally, we had a problem with filling up the gas and it would always take us forever to fill up the tank. Since they did such a good job with the engine we asked them to take a look at it. Not only did they quickly figure out how to fix it, but they also realized that fixing the problem would also fix our gas gauge which was incredible news. We feel like we have a brand new van and couldn't be happier! Special thanks to Eli for the commitment to getting our van in tip-top shape. I can not recommend him and this place enough!!!

Jeffrey Coleman

Great service. Very helpful.

Food C.

We went in for an inspection only to get a surprise $500 bill for a very strange sounding suspension piece replacement. The repair was not well explained to me and when I said I was going to get a second opinion, I was warned of them charging for the inspection so I might as well just do the job with them. They bring you in with their ads they send every week and then charge you for things you don't need. Be careful.

Jason F.

Quite possibly the worst pizza I have ever had and I have tried hundreds of places in NY. Tried 3 different things including regular. They were all equally terrible. Not going back. Says nominated for best in LI. I would love to see who did that as they can no longer be trusted to nominate anything

Christina S.

Just tried this pizzeria for the first time tonight after a recommendation from a friend. Ordered on Slice and my food was ready on time. Staff was super friendly. Pizza was good- tasty sauce, thin and crispy crust, and lots of topping choices. We went with artichokes and olives. The pesto and mozzarella arancine (rice balls) were really yummy. Only thing disappointing was the Cesar salad we ordered- very small for the price and the dressing, which was very bland, came on the side and wasn't tossed on. The site also said it was supposed to come in a Parmesan bowl, which didn't happen. Would definitely get pizza from here and would like to try some entrees, but will skip the salad next time!

Lauren P.

I am a mid 20's woman that just went to get an inspection by myself. They quoted be almost $1,200 for useless repairs. As I wanted to leave and get no service- they kept trying to barter with me like it was an auction. How do they go from $1,200 to $385 in 15 minutes. Was here for 3 hours, wouldn't pass my car, and asked me "how much can you afford" probably 4 times. Very unprofessional and untrustworthy. Went to a different shop with my boyfriend that day, passed it with no questions. Sexism at its finest.

Julie M.

Great food, well priced, and everyone is very friendly. This is our go to pizza place and they have never let us down.

Danielle A.

I've been taking my vehicles to joes auto since I started driving. They always do a wonderful job and give professional service. I always leave extremely pleased. They're honest and up-front about costs and they've always completed the work to my complete satisfaction. Today, they went above and beyond in my opinion to take care of my vehicle's needs. I can't thank them enough, particularly Nick! I would definitely recommend Joes Auto to anyone (and often do). Thank you guys and keep up the good work!

Cie S.

This has become my go to place for pizza and pasta in Huntington Station. They have excellent slices, whether they be plain or special. I love their vegetable slices that have fresh broccoli and other delicious veggies. They also have great spaghetti and other pasta. And they deliver! Everyone here is very very nice, and if you want to dine in, the location is cozy and convenient. The food is great and the people are super nice. And the prices are very reasonable! You can't ask for anything more.

Nikke F.

Prob the best pizza I have had in the area! Quality cheese! Tasty sauce. Barely any grease! They make these zucchini balls with their own anole sauce! To die for! Delicious! My 100% go to pizza spot!

Neal C.

Customer service was great. I can only say that I overheard them talking about selling someone on something (as it was beneficial to the customers vehicle for long term sustainability). As a business I understand, however try not to have your customers overhear. It can make for bad business (by way of misunderstanding on the customers part). I did like how they walked me through everything not just explained which made me feel like I am not getting hosed. I really feel Nick is great with customer service and how he and the technician walked me through the issues with my leaking transmission fluid and where and why it's happening. I felt included in the process and not being sold to. The environment is better then any mechanic shop I've seen. They certainly have the right business model which is putting the customer at ease as well as putting the customer first. I am glad I checked out the reviews and chose to use this shop. I will certainly update when work is completed and follow up with post service. Highly recommend.

j G.

Great pizza If u like a real thin crust pizza you must give Them a try. Was pleasantly surprised how good it was.

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