La Nonna's Pizzeria

566 E Jericho Turnpike, Huntington Station
(631) 351-4700

Recent Reviews

marc rich

Great food super friendly staff, nice choices in entrees, as well as pies .


Great pizza, great staff! My new favorite pizza place!

Marc Richman

Super friendly staff , great food , very good prices

Denise Troper Higgins

Best pizza in the world and awesome staff. Love this place!

George Marini

Today’s order was regrettably by far the worst I have experienced in the past 4 years of of indulgence at La Nonnas on Jericho. A simple salad with chicken. How bad can it be. Let me tell you. From the mess of an open container of dressing to the leaking ripped bag it was a disaster. The chicken was as dry as the Sahara dessert. The tomatoes were pasty. The lettuce was good but took over. The penne vodka was way over cooked and had to be eaten with a spoon. The Greek salad was done well. However it should have been made with Romain not iceberg. There was no bread accompanying them as usual. Makes me wonder if there under new management? Additionally the price was higher than the menu and will require a follow up.

James Taylor

They have one of the best tasting regular pizzas around. There specialty pizzas are off the chart with originality and flavor. The staff is exceptionally courteous, and always welcoming. Highly recommend to anyone in the area, to stop by and treat your tastebuds, and yourself to some fabulous pizza!


Pretty disappointing unfortunately. Ordered from the Slice app and waited a little over an hour for delivery, which is normal I feel like. They looked like they had a lot of good choices. However, the pizza that was delivered was almost inedible. I had the Francese Pan Pie. The dough was so tough and chewy that it felt like rubber. Won’t order from here again.

Suny Empire

If you ever wondered how does fried salt tastes like then you must go there and get sick

Debra Potter

Unbelievable! I order a Greek salad for delivery and received a Greek salad with balsamic dressing. I call in regarding the error and the person states that this is a “normal” thing, they’ve never had a complaint about this, and they don’t sell a Greek salad with Greek dressing. Such lies! Makes ZERO sense!!!! Never in my life did a GREEK salad come with a dressing other than GREEK! ?

Emily Hovanec

Very friendly classic NY pizza place. They have gluten free options and you can even request they make your pizza with Vegan cheese! Yay! Thank you!!

Tracey K.

We ordered delivery from here Friday April 9th. We ordered a Grandma Pizza and stuffed garlic knots with eggplant parmesan and chicken parmesan (both are outstanding). The food was delicious as usual which is why I normally give a 5 star rating. It's 4 star because the gal that took our order over the phone was a little short and not super helpful, I pay cash so I like to have it ready at the door that's why I asked the total price after ordering, she said I'll call you back with the total in few mins, usually they ask if I can hold but I figured ok this is fine. Additionally while placing my order she said we don't have the stuffed garlic knots before asking anyone, someone in the background told her just take the order we can make them, if she had said this nicely it would've been ok. After waiting for the call back after 15 mins I had to call and ask her the total, at which time she told me when we are busy we can't give you a total, again if she was polite would've been ok. The delivery person was very friendly and the food was hot and fresh upon arrival. This is our go to neighborhood pizza place, overall it was awesome as always.

Cie S.

La Nonna's has become my favorite pizzeria in Huntington Station. Although the parking lot is a little packed, I never had trouble finding a spot. It's location on Jericho turnpike is also a convenient spot. All the employees are very friendly there. I never had a bad time over there. My favorite slice is the balsamic eggplant slice. I can't get enough of them. They're relatively expensive compared to special slices at other nearby pizzerias but I think it's totally worth it. I'm happy to be a La Nonna's regular.

Butta D.

I love this pizza spot. They are so friendly and warm. The pizza is always hot and fresh even with delivery. This is my go to place for Pizza.

Alejandro Sosa Tello Jr.

Decent pizza spot. I like the wings as a well! I will go there again.

Carla Venti

Great crunchy pizza dough! Vodka Sauce on point!

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