Maria's Famous Pizza Chicken & ribs,hot wings

1044 New York Ave # C, Huntington Station
(631) 351-1353

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Sheila R.

Everything on their menu gets a gold star from me. It's not exactly around the corner for me, so when my hubby and I go there, we're at crossroads as to be piggy hogs or try something different each time.. Forget it! Order it All! From the Crispy Chicken that's not overcooked, to the delicious Paposas and Cabbage..!! The fries, are perfectly done.. The Ribs are a great add on.. The people behind the counter are pleasant and easy to work with, even if you don't speak Spanish. Someone there always does if I'm having difficulty getting across what I'm looking for.. I usually call my order in bc we have to get back to work. Everything is packed up nicely and with all the orders I've done (guys at work want some when they know I'm heading there), I don't believe they've ever tripped up my order! Listen, the place is comfortable if you're on the run, cafeteria style really. But it's not about the ambiance, for this place located by the train station, it's about the food!

Linda T.

This place is located right off of New York avenue and past May street. You can miss it easily. All different types of people were coming in here and that's fine. The parking lot was pretty small, but manageable. Look what you wanted to goThis was our first visit there to bring some things home for some friends who were joining us later. It's located next to a deli and a laundromat. I didn't find the neighborhood bad at all. We placed small orders of the following: six ribs, six fried chicken pieces, a small order of fried mushrooms, a small order of fried shrimp and a small order of fried clams. Each order was absolutely delicious! The ribs had more than enough barbecue sauce on them. They were a little on the fatty side, but good. The chicken was crispy, not spiced too much or salty. Mushrooms with a tomato sauce on the side and a cup. The shrimp were butterflied and fried perfectly. The clams were thin and not overcooked. You could actually taste them and not just the breading. What a nice surprise this place turned out to be for us. Our friends loved it as well. Every order was nice and hot. The people who took the order were very polite and accommodating. The portions are generous and the price is just right. Their menu is varied from many different lunch combos and a la carte. I can understand why this place is so busy! Please give this place a try.

Jimitry Torchon

Onoin rings could use more seasoning

Jason Lane

Good cheap pizza

chino&migdalia morales

Good food

Joyce B.

I've been buying fried chicken here for 20 years. It is THE BEST FRIED CHICKEN on the planet. No joke.  Better than anywhere else including New Orleans. Their yellow rice and beans is amazing too. Trust me.

Serol Kabil

The eggplant parmesan was great

Angel Z

Best fried Chicken ! ? , Great spot. Rude/Moody workers though.

R. Carta

Home in the wall place all the locals know. If you're looking for good buffalo wings this is the place.

kevin aparicio

place says open at 11am but don’t answer the phone at 1pm. been calling for an hour now no response

Steveee LOVE!!!

Never ate their food and after tonight will never eat their food! Called for a delivery ready to spend 30$ on a meal for just myself probably with a 10$ tip give my address and and hear sorry we dont go that far! How far do you go exactly for delivery service? I hang up look back at google and call one more time to tell the man i only live 2.5 miles away and once again am told sorry man we dont go that far! What a joke this is pathetic oh well from the reviews i should probably thank him for not bringing the food!


This was the spot since I was a kid. I recommend the spicy chicken wing, the chicken tender with fries, and the banana milk shake.

carlo Nardelli

Food is always great!

Matthew C.

I don't know which one is Maria, but this place has the best wings around. The owners have been doing fried chicken and wings forever. They deliver all over Huntington.This is our go to place when wings are on the menu.


I walked in and wanted to walk right back out, but I was asked what I wanted so I just said 1 regular slice. I could not believe that any establishment would serve non the less charge for that slice. It looked like it was days old and reheated 10x. Put the slice directly in the trash when I walked out. I dont think I would have ate anything being served here sorry

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Maria's Famous Pizza Chicken & ribs,hot wings

1044 New York Ave # C, Huntington Station, NY 11746
(631) 351-1353