Mercato Cucina

1046 New York Ave, Huntington Station
(631) 205-6335

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Lee Tunick

My wife and I have been talking about trying this place out for a few weeks now. Well, we finally stopped in this past Sunday and met Chef David and Debbie. I got the Capo and my wife got the 67th Street. These might be the best Italian Sandwiches that we have ever had! The combination of the quality of the meats, cheeses, roasted peppers and bread are second to none. Bring your appetite. The sandwiches are huge. We have been to Little Italy and Arthur Avenue and Mercato Cucina brings that same yummyfeeling to Huntington.....and it is so much closer. Thank you for bringing your talents to Huntington!

Jo Marie

More people need to know about Mercato Cucina so I'm here to tell ya! David catered two parties for me over the summer & a holiday work party this past week. EVERYONE raved how delicious!!My mom said when she steps into Mercato it's like she's back in Italy.So you know it's outstanding!Can't wait for the custard lobster tails! ?

Kristian F.

The “Capo” sandwich is a revelation. This Italian hero is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Go to Mercato Cucina, order the Capo, bring it home and unwrap it on your table, the clouds will break and a beam of light will shine down upon this glorious sandwich.

Philip Bellissimo

The first time I visited Mercato my expectations were admittedly pretty low. I was hangry and stopped in because it was convenient, ignoring the fact that the last place open in this spot served week old bagels. I brought home “The Capo” and my first impression was that it was enough for 2 meals… it was so good that it wound up being 2 bites. I’ve visited at least another dozen times since and each time I’m just as impressed as the first. The sandwiches are generous in size and made with truly top shelf ingredients. I’ve lived in Huntington my whole life and can guarantee no one is putting out a product like this. My girlfriend and I both recently attended a cheese making class hosted by Chef David. He taught the basic principles of fresh cheese and how to incorporate them into home cooked dishes. We’ve both been cooking since we were kids yet learned so much from Chef David at class. The Chef, and his better half Deb, are truly committed to their shop and making it feel like home for their customers - just don’t ask him for whole wheat bread, subways down the road. I’m so thankful to have Mercato so close by. Don’t miss it!

Hutch E

Simply put, the best sandwiches I have ever had! David does an amazing job putting together some of the best Italian sandwiches and dishes you could have - the freshest bread, best authentic meats and ingredients. Whether grabbing a bite for lunch or getting an event catered, get to know David and how much he cares about the food he serves you. Enjoy and see you soon David!

Jason G

Did the cheese class with my fiancé taught by David and it was worth every penny. It was super fun, very informative and the food was delicious. Went back today to pick up lunch and was not disappointed. The sandwiches are delicious and the portions are large. David is very personable and takes great pride in his food. All around a must try for Long Island.

Sandy Bianco, Realtor at Compass

We attended a mozzarella and burrata class and it was packed with tips and ideas I never thought of ! The food is fantastic ! Thanks Dave we will be back for your specialty food items and more !

Lexie Geraci

Really good spot!! Get the Cugine - best I’ve ever had and the salami bread takes it to the next level!

courtney sprung

This is the cutest little sandwich shop. I randomly stopped by a few weeks ago since I kept hearing incredible things and was curious about it, and even though i have a ton of annoying food allergies they did their best to accommodate me. So delicious even without the bread and cheese. Thank you!! :)

Maral M

Beautiful shop with delicious sandwiches and all things Italian. The 67th st sandwich was perfect with fresh mozzarella and broccoli raab. Lots of jarred goods, pizza flour, freshly made dough to take home, pasta, sauces, cured meat, and bread. The shop also does catering and has cooking classes Monday evenings. Thank you for being so kind and showing me around. Can't wait to come back!

Sandra A

Just go...Loving this new addition to Huntington... The sandwiches are creative, fresh and delicious. Large portion... Forced to save other half for dinner... At the moment I'm hooked on grilled chicken, broccoli rabe and fresh mozz on a hunk of Italian bread... With Garlic aioli sauce. Mamma Mia... So good. Also, looking forward to taking one of their cooking classes. Go...

Nitsa Skenderis

Amazing sandwiches, coffee & delicious chickpea salad that I’m always craving!

James Thompson

I can tell pretty quickly whether or not a place is a good eatery once I've stepped inside.This is not a 'good' eatery. This is an EPIC eatery.From the moment I stepped through the threshold the intense aroma of Italian cured meats and cheeses made my mouth water, and the enticing perfume of specialty coffee being brewed smacked me in the face like Mike Tyson dropping Marvis Frazier in 1986.The owner, Chef David Buico, is a stand up guy. He's there, everyday, practicing his craft behind his deli counter - and it shows. The food is immaculately prepared, and ridiculously fresh. They also have a small selection of take-home items, like dried pasta and home-made sauces and meatballs which all looked amazing (I will be picking some up for supper and will report back!).I ordered the 'Capo' off his menu and it very well may be the best Italian hero I've had. Super crispy bread with a soft interior (i.e. - incredibly fresh), exceptional meats and cheeses and packed with just the right amount to give you a full mouthful. Then there was the coffee, which was magical. I ordered the 'Cinque', and it was divine.I will absolutely be back and I will be back often. This place is sensational. Rustic yet refined. 10 out of 10!

Bobby Delfino

This place is a GEM. Nowhere will you get a better breakfast or lunch. Chef David has hit it out of the park. If u don't visit this place u are missing out big time!

Jim Kehoe

Outstanding breakfast sandwich. Nice atmosphere and reasonable prices for breakfast. Very good coffee. I ordered Mindy’s special for breakfast and was unable to finish it, the photo is the half I couldn’t eat. If you are adventurous ask the owner for some of his mother in laws famous hot sauce. Lots of flavor without too much heat.

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