Pancho Villa's II

107 E Jericho Turnpike, Huntington Station
(631) 923-2513

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Andres M.

Was there with my family on May 9th and had the worst experience possible. The service in this restaurant is the worst waited for almost 2hrs to get the food i order and never once was acknowledge by my waiter who only came to us when he took the order and never again. My wife did not order a drink because was not sure what to get told the waiter she was looking more but he never came back to get the drink order. Only person came by the table was a lady we flagged down and was nice to tell us hold on come back with my kids meal only it had been 1 hr already at that point but not with my wife's and my plate that came after another 40 minutes of waiting and we had to packed it up to go since almost 2hrs waiting is stressful enough. I do not recommend this restaurant and taking to other people i worked with they had come to this place before and had the same experience.

Emily Cavanaugh

The staff is very rude including the manager!! The server rolled her eyes at my table when we asked for an item. Food was not described well by the sever. Asked for salt 3 times and didn’t receive it until I was done with my meal. Do not recommend ever going here, and I will never ever return to this place. If I could give this restaurant 0 stars I would.

Kade Lucas

I celebrated my PhD today in this great restaurant. happy to tell that we enjoyed a incredible evening and the place was unquestionably one of the reasons for that fruitful celebration. The crew helped in a graceful way, the food was extremely good and my guests were extremely delighted. We shall surely return for more events. Thank you very much.

Esteban York

This spot clearly knows how to serve their clients. Always with a very kind approach. The food is reasonably priced, always yummy and neat.


Great food always friendly staff. Jose is our favorite. Fast service and authentic atmosphere.

Elliott Williams

I have to be honest I never ate there, but the owner was seen in a viral video condoning racist behavior. Not cool...

Maria Orellana

Second time at this restaurant, food is not bad , I love the beef burritos I think that’s their best dish in my opinion. Margaritas ARE REALLY GOOD!. Service is okay. Our main complaint and most likely why we won’t be coming back. Apparently they have a new CREDIT CARD SYSTEM, second time we are charge over 25$ more on our credit card, they also charge 4% for paying with a credit card which is alright I guess since some places do that. But pay attention to your bank statement, issue was fixed the first time after calling our bank and the restaurant (we had to contact our bank again) ??‍♀️ , supposedly is their system (never have heard of such thing) is just an inconvenience to have a bill of $115, come to pay 5$ extra to pay with a credit card (or 4% of your bill) , and ON TOP OF THAT SEE A CHARGE OF $148.00 on our bank alert. I THINK THE RESTAURANT SHOULD AT LEAST TRY TO EXPLAIN THIS PRIOR TO HAPPENING. (And I’m pretty sure is not LEGAL to charge a “tip” with out a costumer consent or signature) EITHER THE “credit card system should be changed or make sure you write on the receipt that the tip is included”

Melissa Caleca

My family and I have been going to Pancho Villas for over 10 years. It is truly a hidden gem. Christian has been our waiter on multiple occasions and he always treats us like family. It’s our go to Mexican restaurant!

Gina Mineo

Great food always friendly staff. Jose is our favorite. Fast service and authentic atmosphere.

Michelle Cardoza

Christian greeted us with a smile at the door for lunch today. Very good service. Once we actually sat down, we tried a Mexican Coffee which was a real nice pick me up!!! We received our food in great time, and EVERYTHING was delicious!!! Compliments to Pedro, the Chef(yes, we asked his name)!!!Great Service, Great Food, Great Prices!!!!

Jennifer McCartney

Delicious! Great staff.

Dan Toner

Good food. Great atmosphere

HuntingtonFoodLover F.

I gave up on Pancho Villa's in the village decades ago. Uninspired medium-grade Tex-Mex, terrible Margarita's but somehow they are often packed. People got to eat and they offer a meal at a good price. HOWEVER, someone recently told me that their sister restaurant on Jericho turnpike was much better in terms of food but I was warned that the the front of the house staff were not exactly hospitable. OK, needed to grab a birthday gift at Target anyhow, so this Friday, as is my custom, I thought I would get my end of week take out there. I experienced the front of the house problem immediately, no doubt there is something going on but it is not about us customers. The place is super tight in terms of tables, the tiny bar, low ceilings but it is nice at the same time. The music is overly fast and loud, like typical mexican restaurant music played at 78 speed. None of that was a real problem so instead of taking out I sat down and ordered dinner. My waitress was a kind as can be and not overly attentive. This was a good sign. The standard chips on the table with a deliciously hot dipping sauce was excellent, another good sign. I got a really yummy cheese quesadilla with guacamole appetizer - another home run and my standard favorite tex-mex entree Enchiladas Suizas were perfect, especially the chile verde sauce which is why I order that dish. Even the rice, beans and pico de gallo on the side were great. I ate less than half of everything because the portions are good and I love leftovers. This is not gourmet mexican food in a perfectly designed dining room but it is really good food and as it turns out, very nice staff. For a nice meal in a place that is much better than fast casual (they use real tablecloths and nice thick napkins and treat you well) I wholeheartedly recommend Pancho Villa's II on Jericho Turnpike.

Ryan Berman

This was the most upsetting experience of my life. Went here for my wife’s 30th and the manager/waiter was so obnoxious my 4 year old son wondered what was going through the mans head. We told him to cancel our order and then I spoke to him asking if we had done anything wrong. He was so uptight and angry that we just left. Please avoid this place at all costs. It was truly abusive.

John C.

****BEWARE**** Just ate at PANCHO VILLA 2, received a bill for 48.35, paid using an AMEX, a push notification to my phone told me my card was charged 58.02. They are clear by the way they charge a premium for using a credit card of 4% as is a required notification but in no way does it say anything about adding a tip. To make matters worse if I hadn't noticed it I would have added a tip. When questioning the manager he was rude and told me American Express assumes I will be adding a 20% tip and they added the additional charge. I informed him it would be fraud on the part of American Express to add a charge to my card without my knowledge. He became rude and enraged. It is clear Pancho Villa 2 or their employees were perpetuating a fraud and got caught. I believe this very well be a systemic fraud and caution everyone to check their bill to the credit card charge amount. I have never in my life seen such a blatant and deceitful practice perpetrated by a restaurant. I will be filing a complaint with the better buisness bureau and the State Attorney General, who ever compares the bill to the credit card charge, think they are banking on it.

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