Pizza Hut

1888 New York Ave, Huntington Station
(631) 306-7006

Recent Reviews

Oluwaseyi Shayee Awoyomi

Delicious. I have never been let down by this location.

Mohammad Anwar

Good food. But they charge for the crushed peppers now.

Sal Ayub

My go to Pizza hut. They never mess up my order and always fresh!

Alex Miller

Great food and good prices. The staff is friendly.

Brian Mulcahy

Got tricked by how good the Detroit Style pizza looks on the TV ad. Well the crust was way too soft, sauce was non descipt, everything just thrown on and where was the taste and pepperoni? Horrible pizza and the pizza bread was over cooked and dry. Shame on me! Never again and leftovers in the garbage.

Danak D

Online order was placed, order was accurate and ready in a timely manner. Boneless wings could use a little more work. Instead of topping the wings with whatever sauce and leaving some wings half sauced, let it marinate in the sauce before serving.

Robert Terracciano

The Huntington Station NY location. Extremely friendly and courteous. Not bad for a late night snack when most pizzerias are getting ready to close. Pies were fresh, toppings plenty and overall not a bad pie.

Luis Rosales

The pizza in this location was horrible and should it be shutdown. I don't recommend anyone to go there.

Maureen Canary

Love wings...were a little greasy. Otherwise DELICIOUS! My bf likes the making your own pizzas and the cheese sticks. Warm Brookie - nice chocolatey mouthful.

Krystalin Hobacichan

The guy just stayed on the phone while i repeated my card number 7 times and he was so patient, i think i am in love with him :’)

A.J. M.

Awful! Pizza Hut is one of the worst pizza fast food places there could be! The service is terrible and the employees are very rude. I had food delivered once and they delivered it to the wrong house. They then said the pizza was at my door when it was at another person's house! They the. Got the order to the wrong house two times more! The worker was very rude to me saying it was my fault and that he should get paid more for his mistake. Besides the lack of good service, the pizza is disgusting. I'm an Italian and when I ate that pizza it tasted like cardboard with moldy cheese. I couldn't take another bite out of the pizza because it was so nasty. It didn't even taste a little bit like pizza! The breadsticks were very good though. They should change the name from Pizza Hut to Breadstick Hut! I certainly do not recommend this place to anyone and I definitely will not eat another pizza from Pizza Hut ever again!

Natalie Alonso

Best pizza hut ever i asked for one pound of cheese and they said no but the man who answered the call was soo nice and stayed in the call ?

lynnmarie hill

Well for starters the pizza should have been cooked more. It was doughy which caused it to taste bad. The pizza came to me hot so i know it had nothing to do with the delivery person. The pizza was ordered online on the app at 4:45pm. Eta was 5:11pm. The pizza was delivered at 5:45pm, an hour after i ordered. Very unsatisfied with this restaurant. There was no contact to me saying the delivery was running late.

A Drenick

Just an App suggestion. I would like to be able to set my home Pizza hut as my orders often go to a a place I used to live 500 miles away. Also I suggest the mini Cinnabons the your company has at taco bell. Thank you for listening.

Crystal E

Why do your employees think it's okay to make customers pizza burnt cheese topping and barley has meat toppings...I wish I could attach a picture of the three dinner box pizzas. YOU WOULD NOT WANT YOUR PIZZA LIKE THAT

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