Shrimpy's Burrito Bar

135 W Jericho Turnpike Unit 9, Huntington Station
(631) 312-5588

Recent Reviews

Tom S

The shrimp quesadilla was fantastic and the staff was friendly. Will be back here for sure.

Toni Marie

Delicious and fresh..


This place was pretty good! Had a couple burritos, trio of tacos and a side of guacamole and chips. The Guacamole was a bit too acidic and was expensive, six dollars for a tiny cup that you couldn't even dip the chips in without breaking off pieces of them, chips were not fresh, a tad stale too. I was impressed with the burrito I got though! The tortilla was tender and thinner than commercial ones which can be a bit tough, was very good! I like that it wasn't overstuff with rice but had a good balance with the other ingredients. The cheese was good quality and not overly salty, shredded pork was savory and drained well so that the burrito wasn't soggy! My husband got a burrito with battered codfish and found that the fish was overpowered by the other ingredients but he liked the flavors overall. I like that their menu is so creative, a lot of unique combinations to try out. Compared to other places I did find it a little pricey, $47 total, but I think with the exception of the Guacamole and chips that the quality was worth it. We'll try it again and skip the guacamole and the fish next time!

jaswinder singh

Went their after reading Google reviews, its located on Jericho turnpike. It's small restaurant , but very neat and clean. They have big picnic table inside to dine in and few small tables. They have mouthwatering menu with different types of tacos, burritos and qouesiudila. We ordered buffalo chicken tacos, buffalo chicken burrito, and shaka burritos. I also ordered grilled shrimp with pineapple. All food was very delicious. I loved the pineapple shrimp . Definitely will go back. Staff is welcoming and prices are reasonable

Ileana Duran

Dont let the appearance from the outside deter you from coming in!Date w hubby. Looking for something new, found this little place. The food is truly delicious! I had the Strong Island Burrito- OMGosh!! Every bite was truly heavenly.My husband had the Bang Bang Taco and the Ruff Buff Taco. Extremely delicious!

Terence Ward

Good food, reasonably priced. Rice was very bland, meat also, but the portions were large. Definitely worth a try!

Dale F.

First and last time I will be dining at Shitty Burrito bar.. Literally was stuck in the toilet for well over 30 min with the runs. The food is subpar at best and the after taste is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. 1 star is too high. Wow what a disappointing experience!!

Halo Walton

Purchased 4 burritos mixed variety, chicken, beef and shrimp. Common theme for all burritos... many of menu ingredients not recognizable or missing entirely. No Pico de Gallo, no jalapeño. I could not find the cheese. Seasoned rice was bland. The fries were very salty. Menu and ingredients does sound tasty, I hope they can make the adjustments.

Najeeb Abdullah

Delicious shrimp burrito!! Definitely coming back here to try everything else!!

Maria Barbato

All I can say is O-M-G!!!!!!! I had the Shrimpy taco and a BLT Bomber Taco. Delicious. Food is so fresh. It is truly the BEST I’ve ever had.

Alex Roerden

Amazing food!!! Shrimp burrito one of the best things I’ve ever ate! Just could have used a little more shrimp.

Jo-Ann Panas Alperin

Every time I've been there the staff has been super friendly. Very fresh ingredients cooked well. Tasty saurces. Large selection. Alcoholic beverages available. Indoor and outdoor seating. I make it a point to go whenever I'm in the neighborhood.

Christina B.

Ordered the Nacho platter with the beef which was tasty I'd but did not expect the queso cheese (still good). A bit different than how it's traditionally made. I'll buy again but definitely prefer the shredded cheese over the queso. Hopefully they will have longer business hours past 9p one day! Good selection of Mexican soda too!

Chris Molloy

They charged my card through DoorDash for an order for pickup and never confirmed the order. Then when I called 40 minutes after placing the order they told me they left DoorDash ordering on and just aren’t confirming orders... and then they told me to call DoorDash to have them charge me back...

Glenn V.

Heard many good things about Shrimpy's, and finally gave it a shot with my wife. We each ordered avocado bowls, mine with shrimp and hers with cod. The bowls had explosive flavor and the seafood was fresh and perfectly cooked. The cod was crispy and fried, and while both are great options, I'll go for the cod next time. The restaurant is fast-casual style with surf's up flair. They had outdoor seating at the time, which made our meal even more enjoyable. The two bowls, two drinks, and a $5 tip cost us about $33 in total, and we walked away stuffed. Definitely recommend it as a budget option as well!

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