160 Walt Whitman Road tbd, Huntington Station
(631) 586-0283

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want today and the two girls who worked there were EXTREMELY RUDE!! the eyes were rolling and i heard sarcastic remarks under their breath. the two girls so undergo a training program to teach them how to be respectful to customers!!


I ordered a drink today and requested no ice as I always do for years in any iced coffee or drink I order. It’s a preference I don’t like super cold or watered down drinks. I like my drinks chilled or room type not cold or hot. Not even in the winter. I ordered a drink(iced toasted vanilla shaken espresso) and received a cup 65% full and another drink for my friend. I didn’t see my name on the cup and thought the cup(mostly empty) was someone else’s or garbage left behind on the counter and waited for both drinks to be made. When I inquired about the second drink(my shaken espresso) I was told the half empty cup on the counter was mine as a blond which seems to be a male pointed to. I was shocked to realize they sold me a drink far less than the 16oz I ordered. I’ve never received less other ingredients because I said no ice. That’s a typical standard in a bar as you are paying for measured liquor. Not the case with non-alcoholic beverages. That has never happened to me before in the years I’ve ever ordered. I ordered a drink that was 16oz and should’ve received that. The order was also late from the time given on my mobile order.Things are generally out of stock at this location(mobile ordering) for example the brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso, it’s been a fav of mine and I order it a lot at many locations. The dining area here is poorly maintained and the areas where they leave drinks/food is poorly maintained. The condiments(milk napkins straws) area is also poorly maintained. The bathrooms are unattended to as well.

Grace Park

Quick friendly service. Located inside the Walt Whitman Mall. Easy access to Saks Fifth AVe and the parking lot.

Israel Avitan

Poor management. Spinach & Feta Rap, and Impossible Burger. Are out of stock for over than two weeks, Vanity Straws are out of stock as well. And some other things. Someone else needs to be in charge on the inventory. I use the app. Not always getting what I placed on the order. Things like, asking for warm and getting it cold, asking for cinnamon powder and getting it without. The restrooms are nasty, not cleaned properly and often.

Salma L

Wow they work really fast considering how busy it tends to be so i appreciate their work. everyone is so nice too!! especially ed he’s been my cashier on multiple occasions and has always been so patient he literally taught me all the starbucks terminology lol

Bill Clinton

This is a great Starbucks. No nonsense , in and out . Service is super fast !

Estefany Granados

they screamed at us for no reason and we didn’t even get time to get our drinks and they have really bad service and the lady has really bad and ugly hair which her hair is curly and blond and she screamed at us for standing at a table and blocking people.

Rat Club

They are so rude.A lady screamed at me and my friends for no reason. Just because we were standing in front of a table. I’m never going there again

Alan Bombria (The Toking Vet)

Chain places max at 3 stars for me. Had a $25 gift card. 2 drinks and 2 snacks later it was gone. I'll be at my local coffee shop from now on.

Alan Bombria

Chain places max at 3 stars for me. Had a $25 gift card. 2 drinks and 2 snacks later it was gone. I'll be at my local coffee shop from now on.


Starbucks is always my favorite for free wifi and beverage to keep me energized

Maureen Blesi

Everyone at this Starbucks are hard working people who will go the extra mile to ensure you have what you need, They are often incredibly busy and are doing their best. Patience is a virtue. There are times when customers are inpatient, but these wonderful baristas handle these customers in a calm manner. Be good to your baristas.

Ravi M

Run of the mill Starbucks...would usually give it 3 stars, but Vince went the extra mile to make me a fresh pot nearly at closing...kudos to Vince...really appreciated that gesture ?..

Stephen J. Schneider

This is the single, most efficient Starbucks I've been to on the Island -- and I've been everywhere!

Sahal Taaswat

Everytime i go there my mobile order late.. people coming after me and getting their coffee before me. This is just ridiculous! I understand if it’s a latte or some but just for a tea? Waiting like 15min for my drink and when i asked them they laugh at me with each other?

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