Toxic Wings

340 W Jericho Turnpike, Huntington
(631) 659-3111

Recent Reviews

Asbjorn Tyrson

Ordered delivery and the wings are just not good at all. Not crispy. Soggy consistency. Meat tastes gamey and old. Not going to order again.

Quinton Waters

I had a superb time at this spot. We loved the extraordinary ambience and the food. The waiters were super affable. I’m glad we eventually managed to visit this place.

Jody Houston

This was the first time we tried Toxic Wings for lunch but unfortunately it was not a pleasant experience. The wings had no flavor at all to them (garlic parm). Understandably, we can't expect piping hot for delivery but barely warm and kind of dry was not expected. Also the burger was on a sub roll and did not resemble a burger at all. Very disappointed :(

Mike Ryan

Worst pizza place i ever walked into. Had a few people on line - a bunch of kids behind the glass. No communication. A bunch of ticked off door dash people waiting. I ordered 40 mins earlier. Stayed on line for 10 minutes. No one that works there is talking to anyone on line. I flagged someone down. She ignored me. Asked again and she said still cooking.. iwalked out

Kenneth Addison

Wings were over cooked and really small...sauces were very indistinguishable with the exception of ghost pepper, which had nice flavor but was so hot they refused to toss the wings in it.

squad jam

I honestly love everything about toxic wings, they are always so good and I’ve never had a bad experience there!

javier quintana

If you ask for the "ghost pepper" wing sauced and well done... Your stomach will never be the same. The hottest wing I've yet to try in the entire Long island area if not in all of NY. Bravo to Toxic wings, def worth a visit.

Kerri F.

Great pizza and wings! We've been looking for a new pizza place since our usual is closed for renovations, and of the 5 or so that we've tried, Gustoso is the best pizza by far! We've had Sicilian, regular, and some chicken wings... all great food

Philip C.

I hate to leave a bad review in a time like this for two reasons. The current climate for restaurants, and the guy inside was very nice. That said, these wings are terrible. I accounted for the 10 min drive home. They change a little, I've ordered wings before, I understand. But these are horrendous. They're both over cooked and soggy at the same time. Which means you can tell they were frozen. Wings come out super chewy and dry when they're frozen before frying. They're also super bland. I asked for hot wings, well done and saucy. They're dry and not hot at all. Doesn't taste like anything was put on them. Pizza was also bland and super oily. The guy was nice, and I know these are hard times, but I just paid $30 for 20 terrible wings and that's not that cool. You gotta do better guys...

Jaylene A H.

Disappointed that a business would sell moldy food to customers during a pandemic and offer no apology or refund.

ChenXin Z.

This is just disgusting, how can you mess up like this in a million years... just wanted to warn all the people out there to NEVER trust a place like this. Called them back and they didn't even offer a refund.

John Loscalzo

The new owner doesn't keep his word... No one wants to obviously work for him for numerous reasons. . Etc etc. Not a care

Am The Man

Ate here many times. Food was always great. Ordered 50$ worth of wings , dude we got ghost pepper all the time, i cant even eat one. Im telling you, i keep ghost pepper in the house. This is horrendous. Noone can eat them.Poorr customer service to loyal customers, hence the one starReally mad

Ana R.

Amazing pizza and very generous portions, affordable and fresh. I always get them on uber eats. Thank you Gustoso's!!!!

Soundmaster Blink

I'm allergic to Gluten so when I ordered through Uber Eats, I specifically ordered my wings with the preference UN-BREADED, I got my delivery and the wings came breaded. The next time this happens, I will sue this industry

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