Pizza Gyro Curry Express

762 Park Ave, Huntington
(631) 271-6400

Recent Reviews

Abdullah Tirmizi

Delicious Pizza!! Give it a try.

Hina Khan

WORST PLACE GET FOOD!!!! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THEM!!! THEY DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO COOK ANY KIND OF FOOD… THE FOOD WAS NOT ONLY BLAND BUT EVERYTHING WAS ROTTEN AND SPOILED AND THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVERRRRR!!!!! THE OWNER DOESNT EVEN KNOW HOW TO TALK!!!n’t even give raita (yogurt) with biryani and cost extra… extra for what??? These spoiled sauce and raita even they added artificial color to it not authentic chatni…!!!! How shameful ??????If you guys don’t know how to make traditional or any kind of food please close your restaurant DONT earn haraammm please!!! Shame on you!!!

Paul Arguelles

This food is all about comfort. The sauces are rich and the dishes are fresh. The samosas are cooked to a golden crispness, and the stuffing is delicious. If you are looking for a meal that will make you feel good in your bones- maybe you need something to lift your spirits, then order from Curry Express.


My go to place for Indo Chinese food. Chili chicken was extraordinary. Will order again

Donna G.

STAY AWAY!!!! Had 2 dinners delivered and the food was beyond awful. Cold. The chicken legs burned beyond being able to be eaten. Everything was horrible. Called curry express and the man who answered was very rude and unprofessional. I told him he was loosing 2 customers and he couldn't have cared less. Very very disappointing.

Jonny H.

We've been ordering from this place for years and are always happy with the food. We've become big fans of the butter chicken and probably the last 10 times we've ordered we just order the same thing. 2 butter chickens, 2 naan, and samosa chat. We've notice the dishes are slightly different every time we order but always great. However, tonight the butter chicken was so delicious I was moved to call the restaurant to thank them personally. I figure a review is more valuable to them, so I'll throw that in as well. Thanks again Curry Express! We're lucky to have you in the neighborhood.


It’s pretty good food but my orders arent always exactly accurate? The last two times I’ve ordered something chicken based they’ve been made with lamb even though the menu explicitly says chicken. Good thing I’m okay with lamb. And yes, I’m very sure it’s lamb and not chicken.

Kristen Hittel

I ordered through uber eats and I was SO disappointed. The Pani Puri was one of the most disgusting things I've ever had. The broth that's supposed to go inside was sour, the red onion smelled horrible, and the potato puffs were stale and just gross for lack of a better word. I asked for my saag to be as mild as possible. What I got? The spiciest saag I have ever had in my life. I had to spit it out because it was inedible for me. To top it off, the rice tasted dirty. I don't recommend this place


I ordered chicken biriyani and did not like it much. Hakka noodles are not as expected

Aragon Ponte

Food is AMAZING!!! We just moved to Melville. The place is a worthy 15 minute drive away. This is the third time I'm ordering this week. My sister and I are obsessed with their Tikka Masala and I love the Samosas. Photos coming when I get back with my food. Lol

Nabila R.

I ordered chicken pakora, panipuri, mango lassi, nan and chicken tikka. They took over 1 hour to prepare the food. When the food arrived there were no pakora, no panipuri, and instead of mango lassi they gave me bottles of mango juice. I'm so disappointed and angry. I called them and said I want refund of the item missing and the guy over the phone was so unprofessional, instead of saying sorry he was like there's nothing I can do, call Uber. I paid around $60 and eating this garbage!

Rob Robilotta

Deff not the greatest slices..were hoping for better didnt even finish the slice..sometimes places like this will surprise you with taste...and this was not a pleasant surprise...sorry guys

Steve S.

I ordered the lamb tikka masala over the phone. The sauce was tasty, lamb tasty but stringy/tough. Guy behind counter no mask and the dish was pricey for the size and quality.

Alka Pillai

This is a horrible place to order and pick up. May be dining in would be different I don't know but other diners say its good. My order wasn't even prepared after arriving as suggested in40 minutes. The chicken karachi was made to fire level after asking for mild level of spicy. The chicken itself was fibrous and tough to chew. Inedible in the end. Fish & chips- fish needed to be cooked more. Fries were soggy and unremarkable. Plain naan was tolerable. Order of chicken tikka naan was ignored. Must have been an off day at the kitchen enough so I will not be returning.

Tracey K.

We decided to try this place, through Grubhub, on a Friday night. We ordered butter chicken, vindaloo shrimp, samosa chat, vegetable samosas, cheese kulcha, fish pakora, and vegetable biryani. We've had these items at many other Indian restaurants over the years and were happy with all the food. The only surprise was the heat level of the vegetable biryani, much more spice than expected. The food was packaged securely. It went past our designated delivery time so I gave the restaurant a call to be sure the driver was ok and on the way, we live on a dead end and have had issues before with others, first call hung up second call someone picked up. He didn't sound helpful but said curtly that all deliveries had left. About 15 minutes later we received a call from the driver who didn't say hello but said come get your food I'm outside. It had snowed earlier and we had cleared a path from the street to the front porch which I mentioned on the phone, he said nothing I could hear but grumbling noises, meantime my Mom who is over 70 started to walk outside to meet him. I asked him if he could meet her halfway to no avail. She had gotten her boots and coat on while I was on the phone otherwise I would've gone. She reached his SUV and he had the passenger window open, he wouldn't even get out to pass her the food bags. He demanded his tip, which due to his rudeness and laziness she gave him a third on what we had initially put aside. She had to reach in and get our bags off his passenger seat. We have been getting food deliveries a few times a week since the pandemic started and never have we come across such nastiness, she told him she is older than him he should be ashamed and he said never order from us again. If I ever decide to get food from here I will pick up, but with the other choices we have it's unlikely.

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