Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

321 W Jericho Turnpike, Huntington
(631) 824-6972

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Landis Roan

Visiting my hometown of Huntington, craving DQ and having to wait over 30 minutes for it is crazy. Doors locked aswell and seems no one is working on the grill... what's going on.. if I could drop 0 stars I would

No Limits OffRoad

Absolutely motherfking unprofessional. The door was locked upon arrival. Customers inside had to let us in. Waiting in line almost an hour still not up to the counter to order. Person in front of us not getting his food. People left and right not getting their food or the incorrect/ messed up order making those irritated. Some young guy goes back to LOCK the door with us all inside. Against the law and against fire code...CANNOT LOCK A DOOR DURING BUSINESS HOURS...FIRE HAZARD.Absolutely horrible the kids that run the place should be FIRED! I will not be returning to this location.


This particular location has gone downhill very quickly I am sorry to say. My wife and I, and sometime my niece will come here to get an ice cream treat, or a light lunch. Unfortunately the last 5 consecutive times it's been terrible service, and the dining area is very much neglected. More training is also needed for the staff as this past 5 times we have waited over 10 to 15 minutes for simple ice cream orders. It was never like that before, but there seems to be a lack of concern for customer service and facility maintenance. Dining room is always a mess, and fixtures are dirty, burnt out bulbs, and the main tv has been broken for a very long time.Again, a shame since this is still a relatively new facility, and yet it feels as though it is very neglected as of late.I hope they get it back up to speed again...needless to say I won't be visiting anytime soon.

Brian Gd

It was better than I expected soggy chilly cheese dog, the cheesecake shake was excellent, the drive thru person was very polite and helped me with directions

Justin Zaleski

The staff deserves a raise from cooperate and a big round of applause. While I was waiting at drive thru window. A severely mad female customer came behind the counter and into the kitchen flipping out about how she was helped by cashier. The unhappy customer cursed alot at the staff. Threatened the cashier and then threw someone's ice cream at the cashier girl. I get why the customer was mad. If the service was horrific but you can't just come into the places kitchen and being unladylike. The whole thing made me feel bad for everyone involved.

Joseph Brower

This place is a train wreck, took 19 mins for a burger, grilled chicken sandwich and a blizzard

Janine Rusinovich

I never had a problem with their food. I had it saturday i had food posioning i am not going there again but i can't keep away from the Juliuses

Susan R.

Severely understaffed. Cashier had to rush out because it was 3:30 and she was suppose to leave at 3. Apparently, there is no one to relieve her since three other workers had called in sick. We ordered at 3:30 and it is now 4:05 and we are still waiting for food. There were 4 other customers waiting for their food as well. One group had 4 people and the staff forgot their sundae orders and they had to wait some more. Wonder how much longer to wait for 2 cheeseburgers, 1 small fries and 1 small onion rings. Stay tuned. Update: we got our food at 4:13pm. Worker was very apologetic but that doesn't make the wait nor the service any better. I'm afraid to open the burger in case the non-existent cooks just dumped a frozen slab of meat on the bread! Never coming here again. Dairy Queen Corporate: Thus franchise can really use your help and support before they close permanently... just sayin'

Tom A.

Horrific staff. I'm an Uber eats driver and they could not have been more unhelpful. They're slow, taking forever to get the order ready and also there wasn't even anyone at the counter to greet/take orders from customers.

Francesca Cortese

They told us to pull up to the white line because our food would take a minute. That was fine but I only got chicken and fries I waited a half an hour for my chicken and both people behind me got their food so I went inside to see where it was and they told me they would check on it so I went back outside and they locked the door behind me??? I waited 10 more minutes and it still didn't come out and I couldn't ask anyone because the door was locked. Finally they came out with the food I assumed the order was correct so I parked in the parking lot to eat it only to realize they messed up my order and when I tried to get someone's attention from outside to fix it (since they locked the door and I couldn't go in and ask) no one came to help me so my only other option was to wait on an insanely long line at the drive through again so they can fix my order but the line was taking forever so I just ended up eating what they gave me. :( bro I'm never coming to dairy queen again. I never write reviews thats how u know it was that bad. Save ur time and money and go somewhere else.

Frank Alfieri

Nothing like a large cone dipped in chocolate on a summer night.

Lai J.

I just left the restaurant & ordered 2 4pc chicken tender baskets . I asked the lady in the drive thru if it came with bread she replied,"yes". I get to the window im waiting 10 minutes for my food after already waiting 15 minutes. To get cold fries & no bread. WASTE OF TIME & Money ! Never again

Olivia Calandra

Taste of the blizzard was excellent but came out completely melted and over mixed :(

Roy B.

We happened to come in after a meal at a nearby restaurant in the area. Since the restaurant offered no ice cream and the three year old daughter we have wanted some, we made a trek over to DQ. The mad Russian had never been to a Dairy Queen and I'm almost embarrassed to say, haven't been to one since I was 8 years old. Things certainly have changed- not for the worse- the help was friendly, the ice cream was still delicious and the inside of the restaurant was clean and comfortable. We enjoyed our visit and would most definitely come back

Tammi I.

Very popular place and the line was rather long but the raspberry chip shake was AAAAMMMMAAAZZZING!!!

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