Gustoso Pizzeria

340 W Jericho Turnpike, Huntington
(631) 659-3111

Recent Reviews

Sarah Khan

Just got some pasta, calamari, mozzarella sticks and chicken tenders and everything was delicious. Not only that but we went in person to order and weren’t sure if we’d actually get food there but then Stacey was just so welcoming and kind that she made us simply not want to leave. As a waitress myself, customer service is so important to me and she may be one of the best encounters I’ve ever had. I will definitely be coming back!

Lizbeth Campos

I walked in and the only counter person that was there jn the whole store had no mask on and proceeded to wear no mask when i walked in wanted to see if i ordered if he would put a mask on so i did and nope no mask DISGUSTING place. when i asked him if they just didnt wear masks he proceeded to ignore me. never again.

Matthew Ostroy

Went in there about 3 weeks ago. The reg slices were paper thin, very dark orange color and looked days old. The place was filthy dirty and disgusting. I walked out.

Elie Pitre

Never had an issue in the past until today.Ordered a pie and delivery guy struggled to find my address. Ordered zeppos and got like no powdered sugar and the pie came in completely cold and literally get told I can wait another 30 minutes but they can't guarantee a hot delivery or take a %15 credit. Literally why take our order if it is to far?

loving life

Never a consistent product. Either the pizza is good, or a complete mess. This place has been through so many owners. Seems they do good the first week or two and quality goes out the door.

Michael August

Had pizza delivered yesterday . Ordered it at 11.30 they told me 45 min . Pizza came at 1245 . Paid 25 dollars in total . Opened pizza box pizza was Luke warm at best . Called store up the workers just said I don't no and I didn't make the pizza gave me number for manager called him up . He gave me excuses that the delivery drivers were late to work . Asked for my money back gave me a 13 dollar credit . I actually told the new owner about all the issues the previous owners had with food and customer service. Yesterday was horrible in customer service .

Jessica Smith

Pizza was great.

Iliria Leasing

Pizza was greasy . Burger like low quality just bun with ketchup. Bread was not burger bun type. Packaging was horrible. The grease from the slice was almost running out the cardboard box in the ground. Buffalo chicken slice had more grease than buffalo sauce

Kerri F.

Great pizza and wings! We've been looking for a new pizza place since our usual is closed for renovations, and of the 5 or so that we've tried, Gustoso is the best pizza by far! We've had Sicilian, regular, and some chicken wings... all great food

Philip C.

I hate to leave a bad review in a time like this for two reasons. The current climate for restaurants, and the guy inside was very nice. That said, these wings are terrible. I accounted for the 10 min drive home. They change a little, I've ordered wings before, I understand. But these are horrendous. They're both over cooked and soggy at the same time. Which means you can tell they were frozen. Wings come out super chewy and dry when they're frozen before frying. They're also super bland. I asked for hot wings, well done and saucy. They're dry and not hot at all. Doesn't taste like anything was put on them. Pizza was also bland and super oily. The guy was nice, and I know these are hard times, but I just paid $30 for 20 terrible wings and that's not that cool. You gotta do better guys...

Jaylene A H.

Disappointed that a business would sell moldy food to customers during a pandemic and offer no apology or refund.

ChenXin Z.

This is just disgusting, how can you mess up like this in a million years... just wanted to warn all the people out there to NEVER trust a place like this. Called them back and they didn't even offer a refund.

Ana R.

Amazing pizza and very generous portions, affordable and fresh. I always get them on uber eats. Thank you Gustoso's!!!!

Karina Madison

BEWARE!!!! A GANG MEMBER WORKS HERE AND PLANTS PHONES IN CUSTOMERS BAGS TO SCAM THEM!!! My boyfriend and I got followed home to have the worker bang on our front door, threaten my family and threaten to smash all our windows for the phone or we had to give him money. POLICE WERE CALLED AND THIS WILL BE GOING TO COURT!! DO NOT GO HERE!!!

Katie D.

BEWARE!!!! A gang member works here and plants broken iPhones into people's bags to scam them for money!! He followed my boyfriend and i home threatened my family with a gun and to smash our car windows and we had to had to call the police. DO NOT GO HERE IT IS VERY DANGEROUS FOR YOUR SAFETY! I WILL UPDATE AND THIS WILL BE GOING TO COURT!!

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