Ithaca Beer Co

122 Ithaca Beer Dr, Ithaca
(607) 273-0766

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ethan Mayers

Great brewery. If you like beer, and good pub food, this place rocks! Indoor and outdoor seating, though on nice days outdoors can be crowded and have a wait. Service was great. And they have root beer for the kids!

Melissa S.

I love this place, and I always take guests here, especially the beer lovers! I don't drink beer, but I LOVE their fresh root beer on tap. Sometimes, I order a shot of vodka and add it to my root beer. The food is so delicious and locally derived. You can sit outside and enjoy the gorgeous view, or sit in the air conditioning inside. It's a fun atmosphere. Update: We had Meredith as our server, and she was so sweet and helpful. We ate the burger, grilled cheese, fry flight, cheddar ale soup, and chicken sandwich. All food was delicious!

Jennifer Bonovich

Great vibes, beer, and food! I went full-on adult and had the grilled cheese, hand cut fries, and a Lakeside Lager. The beer went down smooth and the food was super fresh and excellent!

Holly Wilson

Quality place! Had the burger and it was top notch. So good. I loved the homemade fries. Beer garden outside was full so we couldn’t sit out there but it looked really nice. Plenty of parking.

Jala Kidd

Nice place with lots of space, friendly staff, a large variety of beer, prompt service, and good food. We had the white pizza which was very good and large enough to split between 2 of us. My husband had the Nut Brown Ale and Midnight Sun Black Lager which he enjoyed both very much. Disappointing that dogs aren't allowed but would visit again in our travels with it being one of the better breweries we've been to.

Jovanie Gonzales

Speechless when I took the first bite of their Buffalo chicken pizza. We opted out of the bleu cheese crumbles and it was the best choice. If you like hot that is. The banana peppers are he only thing you need to make that pizza amazing. But everyone is so nice and the flight I got amazing. Vibes, intensity, I love it. Keep up the great work.


Visiting from Florida, I met with a friend I hadn't seen in 30 years at this highly recommended restuarant. We were seated quickly and proceeded to order food and drinks. Caught up in conversation we were told that we had to leave our table. Their policy is a 2 hour limit while seated in the restaurant. We had just ordered more food and drinks, and the server never alerted us to this "policy". A policy that is not advertised in the restaurant or on their website. Needless to say, we were confused and very disappointed. They moved us, our food and drink to a self service area. So, if you are going there to eat and run, great place. If you are there to enjoy a relaxing meal and conversation with friends, don't stay more than 2 hours in the restaurant as they will ask you to leave!


I LOVE THIS RESTAURANT SO MUCH. It is quite literally the best restaurant I've been to. The homemade ketchup is AMAZING. I normally hate ketchup, but this stuff was SOO good. The cheddar ale soup is literally sooo delicious. You should definitely go here.

Sara G.

Great beer awesome outdoor vibe 50/50 on the staff. Some are wonderful and friendly others are miserable and make you feel like an inconvenience. Worth a trip if in the area

Dustin M.

I was looking forward to this place because I'd gotten a recommendation from a friend. It just never got on the right foot. When I arrived with my wife we were told it would be a 30 minute wait. This wasn't a problem given the staffing issues restaurants are facing. We sat at the bar and spent most of the 30 minutes waiting for the bartender to return. Beer selection is substantial enough that you'll find something that you'll like When we were seated, service was courteous but curt. Took a solid hour for our entrees to come out. Again, you have to be patient these days. The problem was that the food was terrible. The hamburger I ordered was overcooked, flavorless and came out cold. My wife's pizza was decent enough that she ate it, but I put mine down after one bite. Server shrugged, said she'd take it off the bill, and that was that. I ended up going to Chili's (the last place open in town) and got a better burger even though they were so short staffed they didn't have time to keep all the empty tables clear

Nicole W.

I'm not to impressed with this place. In my opinion It's overpriced and not the great. They have a great staff and fun environment.

Nathan W.

Great beer and mostly really good food. Occasionally the specials can be duds but overall the food is consistently good. Great service overall though they have some weird policies. For example I was having dinner with friends, the place was empty aside from one other table and some people at the bar, and they wouldn't seat me until the whole party arrived. If I could deduct half a star I would but the other people that work there & the beer & food make up for it. Great outdoor area too, especially if you have kids.

Ceteris Paribus

The staff seemed nice enough, but they seated us near the parking lot when we repeatedly asked to be seated closer to the lawn. The group of (white) people who came in at the same time as us got a seat at the lawn. We entered at 4 PM as the restaurant had just opened for dinner and all the seats were empty. The staff told us it would mess up rotation once we got a seat, but we did ask before we got one as well. It made absolutely no sense why we couldn’t get a seat anywhere other than 5 inches away from the parking lot on an empty terrace. We were the only brown people there. It felt as though the staff did not want us to be visible to the rest of the patrons. The lawn is gorgeous though, the beer delicious too. If you get a nice table that is. We were restricted to a view of the asphalt.

J. G.

If I could I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. The backyard is amazing - not a lot of places you can let the kids run and play while having a beer and not feel like a terrible parent. Fun for all. Fantastic beer garden with long tables for big groups, small and picnic tables for smaller groups. The food situation is hit or miss - much improved now that the outdoor food "truck" (not really a truck just a shack with limited menu) is open more often. Sometimes it lacks variety (e.g. sometimes everything has sugary sauces - not great for someone watching sugar). But when its good it's great. Wish we could order regular menu takeout and eat it out back but I get that the kitchen probably backs up. Flatbreads and salads are great though! Wish they'd have something other than 1,000 IPAs on tap.


Food and service is good. However our last visit was cut short because you can’t sit with your dog outside. We ate quickly and went somewhere else that was dog friendly. There were many dogs waiting in cars in the parking lot unfortunately. IBC will unfortunately no longer be our post hike destination - I hope they reconsider the no pets rule, I’m sure we’re not the only ones…

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