Pizza Aroma

128 S Cayuga St, Ithaca
(607) 273-6165

Recent Reviews

Edward Toombs

Was good salvadoran food could use alittle more zip. Vegan pizza made with dia cheese but that would be my only complaint the crust ans sause where good

Bonnie R. Rabin

Visiting Ithaca - I returned to Pizza Aroma and expectations met yet again! I remember when the place opened 22 years ago- toppings always fresh and the same guy still behind the counter making and serving the pizza. Now gluten free- I knew I wasn't going to be served an authentic pizza dough but the toppings made up for it-- white garlic base, spinach, artichokes and feta - with a dash of avocado. Delicious! So many new speciality pizzas to try!

DaShawn Collins

It was nice in here, amd the staff were super friendly. Totally recommend this as a stop when downtown.

Jacob Young

Awesome pizza, especially the black bean avocado slice!

Zoe Platek

Good pizza. Also Latin American/Salvadorean food. Nice people. Quality food.

Neil Laue

Nice out of the way place for pizza.

Adrien Tanguay

Excellent vegan pizza slices with many other options as well. Great for a fast inexpensive meal.

David Perez

Warm and friendly service.

Shu T.

I had heard from a friend that this place had pupusas. The chicken one is my favorite and it's pretty flavorful without the sauce. It's $6 for two pupusas, but they're pretty big.

Colden Kimber

Black bean avocado pizza is a must! All the others are good too

Simone T.

When I have a craving for Salvadorian food, l stop by. I wish there was a wider selection (I miss menudo!) and that the food was made to order, but you can't be picky in Ithaca. I usually get the pasteles, since it does pass the crunchy outside, soft inside test and I love the mix of corn and chicken. FYI, though, they only have the option of vegetarian or chicken. I like the salsa and spicy curtido that come as a side, but the curtido has good and bad days - some days it seems like the cabbage was wilted before it was pickled. Pizza is okay - my favorite non-fancy, regular slice is still in Trumansburg.

Jacob O'Neill

Wonderful variety, nice atmosphere, decent prices. I haven't had better pizza anywhere.

Luis Lopez

They have Latin Food here!!! The best in Ithaca. So Yummy.

Matthew Herrick

I just ordered a pizza through grubhub. It was awesome the baked potato pizza is perhaps the best thing ever

Lu Lo

They have Latin Food here!!! The best in Ithaca. So Yummy.

Seung J. Lee

My favorite pizza place in Ithaca for last two decades.

Oliver H.

Pizza Aroma is the place to go for fast, excellent take-out pizza. They offer a super variety of toppings and can even accommodate you if you are vegan or gluten-intolerant.

Leo O'Campo

Great pizza. Thin crust, NYC style, but they do the whole cornmeal crust thing, giving the crust both a bit more crunch and a bit more toothiness. Selection of toppings are top notch, with large selection by the spice and some unique options. Among the best pizza in Ithaca.

Gary Isaacs

A great variety of hearty pizza slices including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. Also have home-made El Salvadorian dishes.

Doug R.

Maurizio & his legendary pizza better never go away. Approaching 20 years that I've been coming here, I ALWAYS require a pizza session at Aroma when I'm back in town. I'm a little concerned because, when routinely expressing my undying loyalty & gratitude upon leaving this time, my parting words of "see you next year!" were returned with "I hope I'm still here"! Fingers crossed that was merely friendly banter... It's hard to go wrong at virtually ANY eating establishment in Ithaca (curious to hear current exceptions...)... thus considering perhaps it's a resulting fierce competition that causes so many (AMAZING!) establishments to mysteriously bow out even after having such great runs. I took the loss of Gino's & Benchwarmer's particularly hard, but every year it's just relentless. Just returned from another trip to learn that Madeline's is the latest casualty. I'm fairly confident (knock on wood) the only thing that will close Aroma's doors would be the very retirement of Maurizio himself, but stranger things have happened. So why wait to say a little prayer that one can indulge in Aroma's epic buffalo chicken, PLAIN (!!!), and endless specialty pizzas-du-jour for a VERY long time to come... one can dream! Thank you, Maurizio, from bottom-of-heart, for all that you do. It is appreciated more than you may ever know.

Rohini Jalan

You have to try their Salvadorian menu!

Ro J

You have to try their Salvadorian menu!

Jeff Downs

The pizza was good and reasonably priced. It would have been nice to see the owner wear some gloves while handling our food though. We told him what slices we wanted and he just started grabbing away. At least wash your hands for us to see before you start touching the food. The coca cola was delicious and FLAT

Matteo Wyllyamz

Dingy hole-in-the-wall with good pizza and friendly service. They can make pizzas both gluten-free and dairy-free.

Sean H.

Pizza aroma is the best pizza in Ithaca and also the world. Good god almighty will pizza aroma knock your socks off. The plain cheese slice is great, and the (admittedly very pricey) specialty slices are out-of-this-world delicious -- especially the very unusual salad slice (great for the vegans out there), and the unbelievably good pesto-portobello slice. If the price tag on the specialty slices has got you down, remember that the garlic knots are nice and cheap. The papusas are also a great choice if you're not in the mood for pizza! Pizza Aroma is an Ithaca institution, may the owner live a hundred years.

Thomas Gudeman

Truly the best pizza in Ithaca. Many gourmet quality pizza slices to choose from. Very friendly service. A great place for a quick bite or a meal.


My girls insisted on grabbing a couple slices of pizza to bring back to our hotel instead of eating out. The selction of pizzas was good. They tasted great and the service was quick and easy. I would definitely recommend this for a quick lunch/dinner choice.


We had yummy papusas and tamales from the "secret" salvadorian menu- check them out! Great rice and beans too!

George G

Been many times. Owners warm & welcoming. El Salvadoran pizza. Just wonderful, w/topping varieties not available elsewhere. Full pizzas to by-the-slice. Delivery available.

Theresa Case

Yummy Popeye Calzone, cheese pizza, and Greek Salad - all were great portions for hungry family. Thanks!

Samantha H.

I was excited to find a pizza place in Ithaca with vegan options- but I nearly choked when I was told my pie which had vegan cheese, scarce tomatoes, a few artichokes and basil was nearly $30. Taste was meh and very one-note because the toppings were so scarce! Come on guys! If you are going to charge nearly $30 for a pizza, load that ish up! Crust was overdone and the ends were inedible. Really disappointing.


This place is a solid 6.Nothing fancy in appearance this place has FANTASTIC choices. Once you get nearby park, parking isn't easy. Totally worth it. By the slice, but we love getting a full pie to take home.The chicken taco pizza is great. Avocado and black bean also a favorite.Go.

Barbara Welker

Just ordered a 16" pepperoni pizza and 10 wings online...the topping was good cheese and pepperoni but the crust was the color, thickness, and texture of an asphalt shingle....blackened with enough cornmeal, so that shingle was a perfect description...the wings were braised, ie fried at some point and then oven roasted til they were fall-off-the-bone tender..while I am from Buffalo, and thus fussy about pizza, anyone should be embarrassed to serve that pizza..the wings would have been fine at a senior citizens get-together!

jair porras torres

Good pizza nice music

Al M.

The five stars is for the pizza specifically. Stopped here for a quick slice he had one buffalo chicken slice left,which he heated for me with a nice casual smile. The crust was banging crispy dusted with cornmeal. The topping were perfectly balanced which some places struggle with. Thanks Pizza Aroma good stuff!

Nick Zyzda

The popusas are meh, but the el salvador style tamales are very good! My father in law from el Salvador approves! Also the pizza is pretty good, though not the best in town. A good place to grab lunch or dinner

Marissa N.

Salvadorian specialties mmmm the papusa was sad compared to what I've had in the past, dryer and less cheesy. I'd try the other options but really who am I kidding I'm not a Salvadorian food aficionado but I do like greasy cheese.

M A.

SALVADORIAN FOOD! AMAZING! My husband and I and our 10-month-old just moved back from California, where Salvadorian food is everywhere, and I was seriously missing it. We were SO happy to find this place. Come for the pizza, stay for the incredible el salvadorian cuisine. Pupusas, banana leaf-wrapped tamales, pollo guisado, all the good stuff. They started also serving a Salvadorian menu about a year ago, and it's incredible. They have high chairs too. It looks like a little hole in the wall, but it's absolutely delicious. I just wish they carried platanos with sour cream and beans!

Charmaine T.

I came to Ithaca to celebrate my daughter's 21st birthday. I ordered 5 pizzas from Pizza Aroma which came to nearly $90.00. I was told that this included the delivery charge. We got the pizzas, and got an email confirmation bill totaling $87 and change. When I went online to check my account I was charged $106.00. I called and was told that it was because of an added tip. First of all I never authorized a tip let a lone a 20% tip. When call to ask I was told that there is always a tip included. Then I was told that I was cheap. I do not have a problem tipping but I do have a problem with someone forcing me to tip by charging me for it without my knowledge. After speaking with them again was told again that I was cheap and that they would not deliver to me again. NOT A Problem I have no intention of ordering from them EVER again!! And neither should you and if you do check your receipt and your account afterwards.

Shakti M.

Hey, vegans - this is the only pizza joint in town where you can buy Daiya Cheese slices for two bucks a pop!! The owner Maurizio is really cool. The overall customer service here would be fantastic if the super short lady weren't so completely ruining the hospitable image of this place with her mean-spirited attitude.