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Bruce G.

This is the worst service I've ever experienced in an airport "restaurant" in over 40 years of traveling around the world. Stupid and rude staff. Long wait . And bad food. Go to Starbucks

Brian M.

You could do much worse! Closer to 3.5, but rating on the Airport Restaurant curve, I'll upgrade them to a 4. We had lots of time to kill on a recent flight out of terminal 5. After scoping out our options. we landed in here. The atmosphere isn't anything great, but we did have lots of leg room to spread out with our bags, which was nice. The very first thing the hostess asked us was "how much time do you have". They said that the food does come out slow, so unless you have at least an hour, you might want to go elsewhere. I always appreciate transparency. The cuisine is "casual Italian". Nothing earthshattering here, just basic pastas and pizzas and paninis. I had the meatball sub. It was only two meatballs on an Italian roll which doesn't sound like much, but it was very good quality and plenty filling. The Frau enjoyed her Pesto Pizza. The crust looked as if it was hand tossed and baked in a food-fired oven. Service was actualy very good. Our guy was hustling, and once he realized that we are good Midwestern heavy drinkers, he was never far away once my beer was getting close to empty. I think we spent close to two hours here. Our bill was close to $90, but 3/4 of that was alcohol. I am from Wisconsin, 'nuff said. If I'm ever stuck in terminal 5 with hours to kill, I would not hesitate to return to AeroNuova.

Collin S.

Lines were a little long this morning but staff remained calm and on point . They were seen running food in a timely manner and cleaning as they go. One female manager could be seeing talking to guests and pointing them in the right direction. overall we left happy .

David S.

On a layover I tried to buy a coffee and was told "you have to order food... go to Starbucks".

Karam K.

The worst service. It's so hard to order. We sat down and tried to order for 15 minutes and then went to the bar and the bartender disappeared for another 15 min. At and airport. Where people are in a rush.

Matt Tanner

The food was a bit overpriced. We were given plastic utensils, and the tobacco sauce was watered down. It took quite a while for our food to arrive. I wasn't that thrilled with the spaghetti and meatballs, the frozen meatballs I buy at the store taste way better than what I got. We weren't given a chance to split the bill either. In the end, we were overcharged and we had to walk back and correct the bill anyway. Really underwhelming especially for the price. Wouldn't recommend.

Kim Keiko

I didn’t know it was possible to have a BLT that could taste bad and non-stretchy mozzarella sticks. But I found out both of those were possible here. Before I even sat down I found it odd that two plates of pasta weren’t barely even touched either at an empty table. Don’t eat here.

Toni P.

I had breakfast here with my husband. Our waiter was great. That's the only positive comment I have. I ordered the oatmeal. It was basically soup, and not very hot. I believe it was instant oatmeal. I asked for brown sugar, no luck there. After a few bites, or should I say sips, I asked our waiter for a bagel. We're in NY so that should be a safe bet. Wrong! It wasn't even a real NY bagel. Just bread shaped like one. My husband said his omelette was okay but the biscuit that came with it was cold and hard as a rock. Home fries were the frozen kind, not homemade. Overall a very expensive crappy breakfast. Keep walking by this one!!

Joseph DiAngelis

Terrible service and the food was no better.put our order in. Restaurant was not too full. 15 mins passed and our drinks and coffee have still not come out. We received a email alert that our boarding time has been moved up. So we notified the server, busses and hostess that we would like to have our meal wrapped to go and to please bring the check. Another 15 mins passed and they brought out most of our order and we reminded them that we wanted it to go and that we wanted our check. After 5 mins still no drinks or boxes so we ate a little of our food and in about another 8 mins they brought out some of the drinks and still not the check still no boxes to take our meal to go .once again we asked for the check and the boxes to wrap it to go . About another 10 mins passed and they brought out only the check still no boxes or the rest of our meals or drinks. We did not have time to wait all longer to fix the bill so we Paid it in full plus a tip regrettably. Even for the food that we never recived or could take with us.This was by far the worst service that we have recived in a very long time and we will definitely take our chances at the food court for our next flight.Very disappointed.

Natalia C.

I came to have a breakfast, the Indian girl helped me to be sited. After that..... 30 min I was waiting till they bring me menu, in the mean time I tried to get attention from waiters who was turning heads apposite direction as soon I looked at them. I asked for coffee at least. The kettle was just on the bar in front of me, it took another 20 min till I complained to bring me coffee. the gentleman was next to me he was waiting his order 55 min, restaurant was half empty but waitresses didn't even look on you to avoid eye contact. I ordered 2 eggs with veggie, I got white egg omelet. Is it soo hard to remember order??? It was time for me to board, manager apologized " because the waiter guy it was his first day" . I left hungry and angry. If you try avoid bad service and hungry use restaurants around !!!


Our waiter was extremely rude and gave shocking customer service. We waited over an hour for food and he chucked it down on the table. No please, thank yous etc. One of the dishes looked like it has been laying there for hours and was cold/ inedible. The pizzas were also extremely dry. Also multiple people around us waited ages/ received incorrect orders. This restaurant and their staff are a shambles and I would most definitely not recommend!

Brandi Williams

Servers are disgustingly rude. They tell you the food takes 45mins to an hour and then you tell that’s fine and then they come and rush you to order.I said I don’t know yet and he gets an attitude and walks away.Very disgusting behavior. My visit was for 7/27/22 around 8:40pmI asked for a water first and he is completely ignoring me and I still don’t have water. Nasty nasty attitude. He went to help some guys over me. So maybe he just doesn’t like black women.

Kenissa B.

Writing this review as I currently wait for an hour delayed flight back to my hometown, Vegas. First impression, the staff seems very inattentive. There was only 1 bartender working at the time, who seemed to be the only waiter who was actually interested in helping anyone. I chose a seat at the bar & it was a good 10 minutes before I could get someone's attention to even be served a cocktail. I received my order of the bucatini carbonara about 10 minutes later. The wait for the pasta & food itself is what made their rating a bit higher than just a single star. The pasta was a bit bland, but after adding a heavy hand of salt, I was impressed & the meal definitely made me full. Will I come back here to dine when I come back to JFK in the future? Questionable.

Gerardo C.

Overpriced food. Very poor service that takes advantage of a busy airport for business. Food is ok and not worth the price. I've been here multiple times and the y are always out of smoothies during breakfast... like always. Wish JFK had more food options.

Martin Foster

The food was all very good, the low rating was the slow service. There were only 2 waiters busy attending the bar and tables while the rest of the staff just visited at the menu stand. If I owned this business, first fire the stealth supervision and half of the staff that just stand around while families come and sit a while then leave because no one waits on them. We saw so many who sat at the bar and tables then leave due to no service. When customers arrive I hear them telling it’s a 45 min to one hour wait for food.

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