John F. Kennedy International Airport, JFK &, Jet Blue Term. Space 36CC, Van Wyck Expy, Queens

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No bowls available, a rude cashier (impolite, no emotions), a crew on their phones (FaceTime) and a long queue. Last time that I come here.

Bram Kerssemakers

Always out of the bowls.“Ohhh…we don’t have any….”Well, fix it and get some or take it off the menu.Oh and “No fresh juice at all!”Poorly ran


Peanut butter, banana protein. Super long wait. ?‍?

John S

Charged be 4.59 for a tiny bag of hot Cheetos when the sign says 2.69. They wouldn’t return it until manager came back who wasn’t around. It’s fine to charge a lot in an airport, but you have to put the correct price on the item. Ridiculous.

Amanda B.

The service was fast, line went quick. smoothie was delicious as well. definitely recommend!

Jasmyn Glinton

I can see why the reviews are so bad. This morning I could not order a bowl because there was not enough staff, “then the fresh produce” did not arrive for the bowls. Waited for an hour until more staff arrived and still did not prepare the bowl. The cashier an Indian lady was rude along with the entire staff. They need customer service training.

Lily DiNuzzo

I ordered the mango a gogo smoothie and was very happy. It was smooth and delicious. Highly recommend for a bright, flavorful smoothie that will be exactly what you are looking for.

Anonymous K.

Service was horrible. I ordered a bowl and the cashier just said, "no". no explanation, no I'm sorry we are out of that would you like something else. How about a little politeness next time. No smile, just an annoyed look.

Julia Capuano

They refused to acknowledge that they didn't remember to make our order, and had us wait 25 minutes before we had to rush to our gate. And got no juice and no refund.

Mo R.

No bowls, no signs to indicate such, waited in line for ages, cashier was super rude, not even a sorry we're Jamba Juice but without our signature product. Definitely won't be back. Ever.

Brad C

Hey Terminal 5 Jamba Juice, I want my $8.91 back! After 25 minutes waiting for my smoothie (after having already paid) and having 4 other drink orders that came out after mine and my asking nicely, "hey, how about order 3899?" the orders kept coming... 3900 and 3901? (ask again, do they have 3899 on the line?) and I'm greeted with a "yeah, yeah, it's on its way". 3902? 3903? (ask again, do you have 3899?) at which point I'm told, "yeah, we'll make it, hang on!". After 25 minutes of waiting, at 3:36 PM, I had to meet my flight before the boarding door closed. Hey CTG Management, you guys need to do something about the people you're hiring, I've honestly never witnessed a Jamba Juice that ran as slowly as this one does at JFK Airport. Your cashier is rude, your staff is slow, and as I stood there for 25 minutes looking at the inside of your store I realized how dirty it was with straw wrappers and other crumpled-up paper debris on the counter tops and floor, should have been a sign that morale and service was going to be unsatisfactory. Reviews left by other customers are spot on, service is slow and terrible, cups are not filled to the top (saw several go by not completely full). I'm kind of shocked that Jamba Juice doesn't have better quality control over its licensed / franchised locations, especially one in the busiest airport in New York.

aks bar

Takes FOREVER!!! Others have complained weeks and months ago but I don't think this was ever addressed. In an airport like JFK this place is understaffed. There's only 1 person and there's not much she can do. Good luck catching your connecting flight if you want to grab a Jamba!

Mercedes Schmitt-Gregorio

Employees were setting up at 10:30 am (9/4/22) on a Sunday even though online hours say that the location is open from 5 am.I approached the store to ask what time they opened since online hours were not correct, they were rude in responding and said at 11 am. I waited nearby for the store to open so I wouldn’t have to walk to my gate that was far away and come back. By 11:20 the store was still not opened.Employees were sitting on couches waiting on their phones.

Sophia Urena Mateo

A little bit more patience and less bitterness towards costumer would be appreciated.Funny thing is … there’s more reviews here complaining about the costumer service. ??‍♀️

Neesh Knox

My visit to Jamba Juice quickly reminded me that I’m back in NYC (the city that plays by their own rules) I had a coupon that I wanted to use and of course “I was informed that the system doesn’t work in here”. What’s the point of being apart of a rewards program if I cannot use coupons or gain points for all of my purchases that are made at all Jamba Juice locations.And it’s freaking JFK why doesn’t the system work? It’s not like it’s underground at 42nd street where the WiFi may be spotty! I enjoy the smoothies and the service was not bad; however I would appreciate it if all locations would join us in 2022.

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