Manor Delicatessen

9412 Jamaica Ave, Jamaica
(718) 849-2836

Recent Reviews

Greg D.

Well with this Corona Virus going on we were passing this deli which we've wanted to try for some time now .... they had their sign out for curbside pickup which was awesome .. We frequently eat at their resturant Octoberfest which is located on Yellowstone Blvd. We love their restaurant off the chain delicious.... Anyway we called in an order for two hot pastrami's on rye with Russian dressing, side of coleslaw and one of their hot dogs with kraut & mustard... The Pastrami on marble rye which was super fresh; thin sliced super moist not too fatty & not too lean & very tasty; 5 stars Coleslaw; finally a slaw that I don't need to add salt or pepper, super fresh it's a thin cut seasoned perfectly with a nice sweet dressing; 5 stars The Hot dog special @ $ 2.50; served on a mini Italian bread hero; we opted for kraut & mustard, very delicious the hero bread absorbed the juices from the kraut so your bread was crusty on the outside and with the kraut & mustard super moist & yummy on the inside and the hot dog was delicious as well ... now the frank does get a lil lost in the mini hero but it works !!! 4 stars The service and our server Stephanie ; took our order and ran it out to us took money gave change professional, warm and a friendly smile; 5 stars As my fellow yelpers know I don't give out five stars just from one visit I wouldn't be helping out our yelp universe; so we will make this place our go to for the next few months and try other food items on the menu .... Keep in mind; these pastrami sandwiches wear only $8.00 bucks each ... with a decent amount of meat on them... if there was an option to double the meat we would have gladly done so.... this isn't Katz or Sarges deli but this Lil deli will not disappoint ..... Would definitely recommend.... Thanks, Greg D & family

Tammy Kreiss

There goes my rent money! It's pricey, or I would probably eat here 3x daily! I just moved here, & must learn to control myself or I'll be fat and homeless quick! Food is amazing, & excellent customer service when they remember to put utensils in your carry out, or delivery bag.

wawa wewa

Found a cockroach in my wait 30 minutes in line just for them to mess up your order and give you attitude about it..They are more focused on joking around with each other than making your food right. Never again.

Bill Paz

Pork chops the best

Antonio '

Love this landmark; my late grandmother always brought us deli food from here when we were kids. I still come here for their heroes and potatoe salad. Also the decor is nostalgic of what used to be good IMO.

Antonio Montana

Love this landmark; my late grandmother always brought us deli food from here when we were kids. I still come here for their heroes and potatoe salad. Also the decor is nostalgic of what used to be good IMO.

Sonia Semidey

The food is good and the kitchenit's a clean smell is amazing

Jonquel NYC

I've been going here for over 35 years and it's still Great!! It is one of my favorite Deli's. I told my wife on the way home, it's like going back it time. I love the Macaroni and Potato salad. The meats are so fresh and tender and very tasty. I drive 20 minutes and pass other Deli's going here but its worth it. Make sure you have change for Street parking.

Isabella Gonzalez

Great food.

Rod C.

Food here is delicious. Old School charm.

Diane Vitale

Been going to this deli for 30 years and will continue for another 30😁 food is AMAZING, store is spotless, employees are super friendly!!

Joe C.

Great old school German deli still doing the fantastic classics from days gone by Potato salad top notch German cucumber salad very nice And great baked goods Make this my go to deli

Steven Dietz

Best deli in Queens.

M Costanza

Great food and service. Very clean establishment.

Bryana S.

I really wanted to give this place 5 stars because it was clean, customer service was great, there were lots of choices, and the prices were reasonable, however when I tried it today, it didn't do well with my stomach. I hadn't had anything to eat before coming, so I know this is what did it. I had a tuna melt and mac and cheese. The Mac and cheese wasn't bad and the tuna melt was pretty good too but about an hour or two after eating, I had horrible diarrhea.

marian skabeikis

Great food and desserts.

Alex Glatt

We bought two pastrami sandwiches on rye. The meat was tender and delicious. I've lived in the area over 30 years and always heard they were good but never tried them. My mistake! The sandwich was better than Katz's and a hell of a lot cheaper. Next I try the pastrami

Canny So

Fast service. Higher than average price.

Neftaly Castillo

Kind of pricey but worth it

Chris Gampat

A good old time deli.

Chris Gampat

A good old time deli.

Jose Small

I love this place. The guys are freindly and always give good suggestions. The burgers are insane!

Angelo Uzzo

Good food. A little pricy on their hot plates and you better get there early or the selection is limited.

Paulmichael Kazas

Manor Delicatessen is part of Woodhaven's history. This business provides first class service and outstanding food for about 100 years since they started serving the community.


Not just a deli! Great home cooked meals daily with local deliveries weekdays before 2pm...

Brian Leap

Great old fashioned German deli food. Last of its kind around most of Queens. Try the cucumber salad and their food dishes. Don't leave without a meatcake!!!

Alex DeLaCruz

Had my first Manor sandwich today (brisket on rye). Very impressed with the professionalism, the prices

priya vaswani

This Deli's food is amazing. My favorite is the blt's as they make them with the freshest ingredients. This deli is also very clean and the customer service is great.

Pei-Lan Ku

Was so lucky to have grown up with Manor just a block and half away. The Woodhaven Sandwich on a hero is a must try!!!!! 😋

heat cliff

Excellent food and service.. keep up the great work.


It's one of the last original german deli that's been around since the 1970's when I was a child in Woodhaven. They make authentic, heroes, sandwiches, cold salads & other plates & dishes which are always freshly made. Another plus is they started taking credit cards recently in the past years. The food taste great & is very fair in pricing for the quality of flavor. I highly recommend this deli to everyone.

V S.

This is my favorite deli. There is a great selection of fresh tasty food. Staff behind the counter are super friendly and treat you like family!


I wish that we had a Manor Deli near my home in the Florida Keys. Whenever I visit Queens I try to include a visit to this deli. They have the best potato salad (with mayo) that I've ever eaten. You'll find the usual deli variety of cold cuts and salads plus a number of cooked dishes and soups to go, all of which are quite appetizing. And while you're in the neighborhood, walk across the street to Schmidt's Confectionery for some great chocolates.

Dawn A.

This deli is on the money. I catered my Oktoberfest party and all I could say is WOW! From the bratwurst to the German potato salad to the chicken and pretzels and potato pancakes. My guest couldn't get enough. They supplied it all. I can't wait to use them for my Christmas party. Really the food was so good.

Michael Tirelli

Good old school German deli

Edward Mckenzie

Cleanest deli in Queens love the food

A McCarthy

Food was good.

Michael G.

A true local neighborhood gem. From what I would imagine this place has been around for several decades. It is conveniently located on Jamaica Avenue one block east of Woodhaven Boulevard. I stop by to grab a coffee and an egg sandwich and I was not disappointed. Upon walking in you are greeted by very friendly staff behind the counter, Dressed in white aprons. The decor inside is suggestive of an all-time delicatessen. There are many homemade foods and salads to choose from in the display case. All made in house and fresh daily. While I did not get to sample any of them, I can say that the egg sandwich was very delicious. The roll was fresh. The eggs were fried perfectly and the bacon was cooked crisp. The coffee was absolutely outstanding. I will definitely return for the coffee and the egg sandwich. On a sidenote, there was a tray of apple crumb cake that I had to have a piece of and it was glorious. If you are in the area stop by it is well worth a visit

Vanisha M.

This is my absolute favorite deli! The have the best pasta salads and make an awesome BLT. The store is also very clean and they offer some grocery items as well. The staff is also very friendly and attentive, especially Milton. The are very fast and if you are waiting the wait time is minimal. Most importantly they always get my coffee right!

Kevin Patrick Shiner

The stuffed chicken breast is amazing. Juicy chicken stuffed with broccoli and cheese. All the sides look delicious but I stick with the mashed potatoes every time.