Manor Delicatessen

9412 Jamaica Ave, Jamaica
(718) 849-2836
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1 Egg Any Style$1.50
2 Eggs Any Style$2.00
2 Eggs Any Style w/ Cheese$2.50
1 Egg Any Style w/ Meat$2.50
1 Egg Any Style w/ Meat & Cheese$3.00
2 Eggs Any Style w/ Meat$3.00
2 Eggs Any Style w/ Meat & Cheese$3.50
French Toast$3.99
Served w/ syrup.
Bagel w/ Butter$1.25
Bagel w/ Cream Cheese$1.75
Roll w/ Butter$1.00
Corn,‎ Blueberry, Oatbran, Banana
Apple Turnover$1.50

Dallis Brothers Coffee‎

"Fresh Ground Coffee, Tea, & Hot Chocolate"
Fresh Brewed Coffee
$1.50 / 2.00
Lipton Tea
$1.50 / 2.00
Flavored Herbal Tea
$1.50‎ / 2.00
Hot Chocolate
$1.75‎ / 2.25
$1.75 / 2.25

Hot Sandwiches‎

All served on sliced bread or roll. Hero/Wrap $0.50 extra
1pc. Chicken Cutlet$5.00
Served w/ lettuce & tomato.
2pcs. German Meat cake Hero$6.00
1pc. German Meat cake Roll$4.50
Served w/ onion & Russian dressing.
Sausage & Pepper Hero$6.50
Meatball Hero$6.50
Flounder Filet Hero$8.00
Served on Friday.

Combo Sandwiches‎

All served on sliced bread or roll. Hero/Wrap $0.50 extra
Ham, Salami, & Cheese$6.00
Ham, Bologna, & Cheese$6.00
Turkey, Ham, & Cheese$6.50
Turkey, Salami, & Cheese$6.50
Roast Beef, Turkey, & Cheese$7.00
Chicken Salad, Bacon, & Cheese$7.50
Prosciutto, Genoa, & Provolone$8.50

Lunch Box Special‎

All w/ soda & chips.


Chicken on a Roll$7.00
1 pc. Chicken on a roll w/ lettuce & mayo.
B.L.T.‎ B.L.T. "just like mom used to make." Crispy bacon topped w/ fresh lettuce, sliced red ripe tomatoes & mayo. Served on white toast.


Thumann's Frankfurters$7.00
Thumann's Frankfurters (3) cooked to perfection, smothered w/ sauerkraut & mustard on hot dog rolls.


Grilled Bratwurst$7.00
Delicious grilled Bratwurst, cooked to perfection, smothered in sauerkraut & mustard on a club roll.


Fish Fillet$7.00
Breaded fish fillet cooked 'til golden brown w/ crisp lettuce, red ripe tomato & tartar sauce on a bun.

Famous Homemade Soups‎

Chicken Noodle12oz.$3.50
Served on Wednesdays.
Vegetable Beef12oz.$3.50
Served on Thursdays.
Cream of Broccoli12oz.$3.50
Served on Thursdays.
Manhattan Clam Chowder12oz.$3.50
Served on Fridays.
New England Clam Chowder12oz.$3.50
Served on Fridays.

Manor House Salad‎

Tossed Garden$3.50
Iceberg lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, red onion w/ a choice of dressing.
Caesar Salad$3.50
Romaine lettuce, exotic greens w/ pecorino Romano cheese, crispy croutons w/ a creamy Caesar dressing.
Tossed Grilled Chicken Teriyaki$7.00
Tossed garden topped w/ hot grilled teriyaki chicken.
Tossed Grilled Chicken Lemon Pepper$7.00
Tossed garden topped w/ white meat lemon pepper chicken.
Chicken Caesar Salad$6.50
Caesar salad topped w/ cold grilled white meat chicken breast.
Manor Chef Salad$8.00
Tossed garden, roast turkey, boiled ham, American cheese rolled & sliced w/ a choice of dressing.

Homemade Salads‎

Price is per pound.
Bread Pudding$5.99
Rice Pudding$5.99
Garden Salad$5.99
Pasta Salad$5.49
Macaroni Salad$4.99
Health Salad$5.49
German Potato Salad$4.99
Potato Salad$4.99
Cole Slaw$5.49
Seafood Salad$9.99
Shrimp Salad$16.99
Tuna Salad$9.99
Egg Salad$6.99
Chopped Chicken Liver$9.99
Swedish Meatballs$7.99
Red Cabbage$5.49
Cucumber Salad$5.49
Pickled Beets$4.49
Three Bean Salad$4.49

Homemade Sandwiches & Platters‎

Platters served over our famous tossed salad.
Egg SaladSandwich$4.50
Tuna SaladSandwich$6.00
Chicken SaladSandwich$6.00
Shrimp SaladSandwich$8.50
4 Salad Combo Sampler$12.00
Served over lettuce.

From The Grill‎

Open until 2:00pm.
1/2 lb. Hamburger$4.50
1/2 lb. Cheeseburger$5.00
Grilled Cheese$4.00
Grilled Chicken on Bun$4.50
Grilled Chicken Hero$8.00
Served w/ lettuce.
Cheeseburger Deluxe$6.99
Served w/ lettuce, tomato & French fries.
1/2 lb. Cheeseburger Deluxe$7.99
Served w/ lettuce, tomato & French fries.
Grilled Cheese w/ Bacon & Tomato$6.99
Served w/ French fries.
Grilled Chicken on Bun Deluxe$6.99
Served w/ lettuce, tomato & French fries.
Hot Teriyaki Grilled Chicken$6.45
Served over tossed salad.
Philly Style Grilled Chicken or Beef$6.45
Served w/ sauteed peppers, onions & cheese. Can be prepared as a wrap or hero.
French FriesSmall$2.99
Onion RingsSmall$2.99

Hot Dinners‎

Comes w/ two side dishes.1pc.$7.99
Breaded Chicken Cutlet
Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana1pc.$8.99
Hunters Chicken in Mushroom Sauce$8.99
Served on Friday.
Large 1/2 Roast Chicken$8.99
Chicken Tenders in Gravy$8.99
Served on Wednesday.
Chicken Cutlet Cordon Bleu$8.99
Ham & Swiss.
Stuffed Chicken Broccoli & Cheese$8.99
Served Thursday-Sunday.
Spinach & Chicken Fillet$9.99
Served on Saturday.
Pot Roast$9.99
Served in gravy. (Tuesday only)
Corned Beef Brisket$9.99
BBQ Spare Ribs$11.99
Served Friday & Saturday
Loin of Pork$9.99
Served in gravy.
Roast Beef$9.99
Served in gravy.
Salisbury Steak$8.99
Served‎ on Wednesday.
2pcs. German Meatcake$7.99
6pcs. Meatball$8.99
Served in red sauce.
12pcs. Swedish Meatball$8.99
Served in brown sauce.
Pork Chop$9.99
Sweet Sausage$8.99
Served w/ onions & peppers.
Stuffed Cabbage1pc.$7.99
Flounder Fillet1pc.$7.99
Served on Friday.



German Potato Salad
Macaroni Salad
Pickled Beets
Health Salad
Cole Slaw
Garden Salad
Pasta Salad
Cucumber Salad


Mashed Potatoes
Home Fries
Mac & Cheese
Mixed Vegetables
Red Cabbage
Yellow Rice